Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1292

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Ye Yu looked at the fat and thin 2 old, his expression was cold.

These two old man should be the worship of a certain prince or Princess. Seeing that they are so powerful and have unlimited potential, they naturally want to kill themselves.

After all, he is considered a young genius under Duan Lieyang.


The terrifying power of the gods and demons flows in the 4 limbs and 100 skeletons.

At this moment, Ye Yu only felt that he could fight an Immortal Sovereign.

This fat, thin, 2 old, is the existence of 2 fairy kings 9th Layer, Ye Yu is not afraid at all.

Especially, swallowing a tube of life source fluid just now made Ye Yu within the body’s power, like a long dragon roaring in the body.

At this time, the fat and thin 2 old man not far away showed a dark smile on his expression.

As they waved their palms, a blood-colored flag shot out from the cuffs, instantly forming an array Domain that cuts off any breath, shrouding it in another space.

What kind of battle they have, will not attract the attention of outsiders.

“You guys are really thoughtful.” Ye Yu smiled coldly.

Fat and thin 2 old expression with a gloomy expression, suddenly said: “In order to kill you brat, we naturally have to be prepared for 10000. You know, you are now the Viscount of Linglong Princess, if we kill you and be someone else Understood, the consequences would be unimaginable, so boy, now that you are enveloped by Formation, you will die obediently, maybe we can leave you a whole body.”

“Hahaha, what are you talking about nonsense, come to fight, let me see, who gave you the courage to cause trouble to my head!”

Ye Yu suddenly laughed heartily.


A dark and deep magic flame suddenly burned on his body.

At this moment, Ye Yu black hair danced wildly, his eyes were like cold electricity, and his breath was terrifying. A war spear more than 3 meters long appeared in his hand, full of sharp edges.

“Fast, get together!”

Fat Thin 2 always looked at each other, and instantly burst of power, murderous-looking, and flew away in the direction moved towards Ye Yu.


Ye Yu naturally has no nonsense. He holds a war spear in his hand, and his fighting intent is monstrous, as if an ancient War God is resurrected, full of endless horror, rushing turbulently in Ye Yu’s 4 limbs and 100 skeletons, making Ye Yu There was a long scream.


Between the 3 people, a terrifying battle broke out.

The powerful aftermath made the surrounding void begin to shatter.


Suddenly, Ye Yu shot the spear directly to the Void, piercing the thin old man’s chest.

But, not at all blood is flowing out.

“Hahaha, boy, that is my Avatar, my real body is here!”

Suddenly, a voice rang behind Ye Yu.

The thin old man appeared, holding a blood-colored long knife in his hand, the sword’s intent rushed into the sky, and instantly slashed down at Ye Yu.


Ye Yu waved the spear in his hand and instantly blocked the bloody long sword from attacking and killing.

But at this time, Elder Pan stepped out from the side in the sky.

Holding a big golden mace in his hand, he fiercely fiercely cut Ye Yu’s head instantly.

“The year passed!”

Ye Yu yelled, blasted out with a palm, and instantly a grandiose river of time, a piece of whiteness, rushed out, traversing the void.

This white and vast river is a long river of years, and it is filled with time power of terror to incomparable, as if it can wash away all vitality and wither 10000 things, making Time Flow Speed ​​extremely fast.


Almost at this moment, the Elder Pan screamed in horror.

Because he was about to inspire the power in the golden mace to resist the long river of time.

But in the end, the golden edge that rushed out of that golden mace was washed away by the elapsed time that Ye Yu shot out in an instant.

Even the long white river covered the golden mace, causing the golden mace to be instantly scrapped and turned into a pool of scrap iron without any luster.

Even the long white river was stained with a fat old man’s arm. His arm was instantly wiped out and turned into a boned arm, pale.

“Not good, this kid actually possesses such Magical Powers means, we directly sacrifice and kill the killer!”

Both the thin old man and the fat old man have severe expressions.

They stood together abruptly, then raised their hands together.

Bang! bang!

2 A terrifying force roared out of their bodies.

That is an incomparable gigantic mountain.

The whole body is chilly as if molten iron is poured.

At this time, the two mountains merged into one, becoming a ten thousand zhang mountain, which runs across the void and is full of endless air.

At this moment, Ye Yu felt an extremely heavy breath, which was instantly suppressed on his body and on his spine.

It is like, a piece of Heaven and Earth is pressed down, full of unparalleled pressure.

“Hahaha, boy, this sacred mountain, called Buzhou Mountain, has a weight of 100000000 10000 kilograms. You are just a small Immortal Monarch. No matter how vast the Magical Powers are, it is impossible to withstand the pressure of our sacred mountain.”

Fat and thin 2 The old man suddenly said with a big smile in the distance.


The horrible mountain, towering to the sky, was suppressed from the sky at this time, full of endless air.


Ye Yu yelled, all the power surging out, the war spear in his hand burst with divine light, and instantly moved towards the suppressed mountain and rushed away.


The extremely terrifying sound of collision resounded through the void, causing the surrounding Aura Isolation Array to shake violently and almost collapsed.

Ka-cha !

Suddenly, a cracking sound suddenly sounded.

At this moment, the overwhelming fat and thin old man in the distance suddenly stiffened.

This broken sound, isn’t it?

“Ka-cha! Ka-cha! Ka-cha …”

one after another cracks appeared on their sacred mountain.

Their sacred mountain was smashed to pieces by Ye Yu!

“impossible !”

Fat and thin 2 The old expression was horrified to the extreme.

They felt unbelievable. The hardness of that mountain was very clear to them.

But now, it seems that there is no resistance at all, and he is directly smashed by Ye Yu?

How can this be!

For an instant, Fat and Thin 2 always felt a chill, rising from his body.

This looks very ordinary and ordinary kid, too terrifying.

How did he cultivation? This sacred mountain is broken when it is broken. It is not fancy at all.

“Next, it’s your turn!”

Suddenly, a cold voice exploded in the void.

It’s Ye Yu.

He rushed out of the shattered ruins of the sacred mountain, holding a pitch-black war spear, with the pressure of Supreme.



After 2 consecutive spears, the fat and thin 2 were old, and the head was immediately pierced, and the Primordial Spirit was instantly destroyed by the boundless will of the magic prison in the spear.

2 The 9th Layer powerhouse of the fairy king, fell!

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