Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1293

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“Great Devour!”

Ye Yu coldly shouted and swallowed the vortex and swallowed the corpses of the two powerhouses.

The powerhouse of the fairy King level, within the body contains the majestic Life Source, which makes Ye Yu unable to bear want a long roar.

boom ~ boom ~ Bang …

A wave of powerful life Source Power exploded in Ye Yu within the body, rushing into his 4 limbs and 100 skeletons.

At this moment, Ye Yu’s cultivation base is growing at an incredible rate.

Because, fat and thin 2 old life cultivation essence, all have to become Ye Yu’s nourishment.


A tyrannical new breath suddenly spread from Ye Yu’s body.

Immortal Monarch 5 Heavenly Layer!


Another powerful breath spread out from Ye Yu’s body.

Immortal Monarch 6 Heavenly Layer!

2 The Life Source of the powerhouse of the immortal king, let Ye Yu break through 2 times.

Extremely scary!

You know, the Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique of Ye Yu cultivation, the more energy it needs in the later stage.

However, although Ye Yu is the cultivation base of Immortal Monarch 6 Heavenly Layer, he awakened 3,000,000 gods and demons particles within the body.

This is an extremely terrifying number!

In terms of comprehensive battle strength, Ye Yu can definitely fight a powerhouse of Immortal Sovereign 1 Heavenly Layer.

At this time, Ye Yu waved his hand and immediately destroyed the surrounding Aura Isolation Array.

The fat and thin old man thought he would eat himself, but he didn’t expect, but he was buried in his own hands.

Looking at the direction, Ye Yu immediately moved towards the distance.

And shortly after Ye Yu left, a prince with expression surprised and angry stepped right here, but he sensed Death Aura, a fat and thin man under his command.

“Ye Yu, good! You are good! How dare you kill this Imperial Prince’s men, courting death!”

This prince is not someone else, but the Fourth Prince.

Earlier on the competition stage, Ye Yu strongly suppressed and killed the Dragon Race monster he sent out to fight. Under his hatred, he naturally sent his mother to give him the fat and thin 2 old 2 gods 9th Layer powerhouse, come here Assassinate Ye Yu.

But didn’t expect, but all in vain, even having given away a bride, to lose one’s army on top of it.

All his three powerhouses died, but Ye Yu was unharmed, even plundering the majestic Life Essence.

After one hour, Ye Yu returned to the battle stage of Bidoutaiguan where Duan Lieyang was.

“Brother Ye.”

Duan Fierce Yang God showed a trace of vibration, he could feel that Ye Yu’s breath was much stronger than before.

“Slightly earned.”

Ye Yu nodded, smiled and said.

This time, he not only broke the cultivation base for 2 consecutive days and stepped into the Immortal Monarch 6 Heavenly Layer, but the most terrifying thing was that he awakened a full 1,000,000 gods and demons particles within the body, the total number reached a terrifying number of 3,000,000.

Although it is far away from Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique Great Success Realm, the awakening of 9 100000000 90 million gods and demons particles is still far away.

But you have to know that if it is Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique Great Accomplishment, it means that Ye Yu is already a dominating existence beyond the ancient gods, invincible in the world.

Therefore, awakening 3,000,000 gods and demons particles now is extremely terrifying.

So at this time, Duan Lieyang sat next to Ye Yu and felt the most profound.

After his physique was transformed into Divine Physique by Ye Yu, he didn’t know how much stronger his perception of the outside world had become.

At this moment, he could perceive that Ye Yu’s within the body, like an Immemorial Great Desolate Vicious Beast lurking, could burst out with an incomparable power at any time.

This made Duan Lieyang look in awe.

Brother Ye, whom I met accidentally, is a godlike existence, incredible.

And at this time, the competition underneath was almost coming to an end.

“Brother Ye, this time your battle strength is definitely enough to Ranked 1st. My Imperial Dynasty ancestral land is opened. When the time comes, every Eldest Prince will enter, and I will also enter, looking for opportunities. Therefore, when the time comes, please brother Ye take care.” Duan Lieyang stood up and said to Ye Yu.

“Naturally, for a while, I may stay in this area for a while, so I will try my best to help you, and you must continue to look for opportunities for me.” Ye Yu smiled and said suddenly.


Duan Lieyang smiled and said immediately.

It was night, Ye Yu returned to his mansion.

However, at the moment he just stepped into it, an extremely terrifying murderous intention, suddenly hiding the sky and covering the earth, surging from all around.

“It seems that I have offended many people today.”

Ye Yu faintly smiled, he is not afraid.

At this time, as long as he does not appear in the powerhouse in Immortal Sovereign, there is absolutely no danger.

“Come out.”

Ye Yu looked at the darkness around him, and then faded out.

Shua! Shua! Shua…

Almost as soon as Ye Yu’s words fell, one after another black clothed silhouette shot out from the surrounding darkness.

It was a black clothed person with an extremely deep and terrifying breath for each and everyone. They seemed to be the weakest one with the strength of an immortal king, and the most powerful one was a half-step Immortal Sovereign.

These people, if they are in some low-level Immortal World Plane, can already become the masters of the dominant side.

But now, it’s just each and everyone Dark Night Killer, shameless.

“Ye Yu, even though you are the Viscount that Linglong Princess personally canonized, you have offended too many Lord things today, and they all want you to die, so tonight you better obediently surrender, otherwise, you will die very ugly!”

A black clothed person stepped forward and said suddenly.

In the tone, with a cold killing intent.

“Oh? It seems that you are really going to break into my mansion, even you think you can kill me?” Ye Yu glanced at the black clothed persons, and then coldly said: “Go ahead, don’t you know who you are? Killer, the biggest taboo is not to talk too much nonsense?”

When Ye Yu finished speaking, all the black clothed persons looked angry.

“Boy, how do we do things, it’s not your turn to tell.”

“Go together, kill this kid, and we can get rich rewards.”

“Took out that big array, and cover all this mansion. Tonight, there can be no one living in this mansion.”

Each and everyone black clothed person said, the voice was full of killing intent, icy.


Almost as soon as the words of these black clothed persons fell, a black clothed person stretched out his hand and waved, and a piece of jade slip suddenly exploded in the sky.

Immediately, a large array of divine light suddenly fell like a big mountain, covering the entire mansion.

Moreover, the moment this Formation appeared.





Accompanied by the sound of one after another sword cry, a sword with a handle soaked in blood, instantly appeared in this huge array of space.

myriad swords simultaneously go out, dispersing the void, extremely cold, pointing to Ye Yu in the center.

This is not only a large array of isolation, but also an extremely terrifying killing array.

Among them, Qi of Slaughter is tragic and bloody, as if an ancient giant creature in Formation will be suppressed and killed by force without leaving a trace of life.

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