Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1294

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The terrifying array rising around is full of endless Qi of Slaughter.

Obviously, these black clothed persons seemed to know the horror of Ye Yu battle strength, so they all came prepared.

The killing array engraved in the jade slip is extremely expensive, but now it is thrown out by countless black clothed persons.




Suddenly, a large array of killers released 10000 and 1000 rays of light, deriving blade, spear, sword, halberd, full of endless edges, cutting the void, and moving towards the center Ye Yu suddenly killed.


A dark spear appeared in Ye Yu’s hand. The spear was sharp and nothing that cannot be broken. It was pierced out in an instant and directly shattered the large formation.

“What a terrifying war spear!”

Seeing that the massacres were crushed by Ye Yu with brute force, all the black clothed persons were all expressions of shock.

However, at this moment, they burst out with great power, holding various battle weapons shining with various divine lights in their hands, and moved towards the Ye Yu in the center and rushed away.


Ye Yu naturally did not show any mercy. Every time he rushed out of the Demon War Spear, he pierced the head of a powerhouse and directly nailed it into the void. Even the Primordial Spirit could not escape.

This scene was extremely terrifying, and scared many black clothed killers.

Bang bang bang!

The war was extremely fierce, countless black clothed killers were nailed to death in the sky by Ye Yu’s lance, and the night was dyed red, full of endless blood.


“This person is not something we can resist!”

Each and everyone black clothed person finally realized the horror of Ye Yu, their expressions were full of horror, backing one after another, spilling into the darkness.

But at this moment.

“xiu ”

“xiu ”

“xiu ”

One after another, icy arrows shot out from the darkness all around, shooting all the black clothed killers.

Death was extremely tragic.

Those arrows shot in the dark are naturally private soldiers owned by Ye Yu.

After becoming a viscount noble, Ye Yu naturally has the right to garrison soldiers in his mansion, which is his private soldier.

“Lord !”

“Lord, the thieves have been killed!”

each and everyone soldiers wearing black clothed armor walked out of the darkness, and one fist in the other hand said.


Ye Yu nodded, just about to wave.

But at this moment, a streak of divine light silhouette descended from the sky.

It was a woman with a graceful and perfect body and a devastatingly beautiful face, noble and elegant, full of the breath of a superior person.

“Linglong Princess!”

each and everyone black clothed the soldier immediately cup one fist in the other hand said.


Ye Yu also showed a hint of surprise in his eyes. Then he dismissed the group of soldiers and looked at Princess who looked like a 9-day Fairy not far away. He suddenly expressed doubts and said: “I don’t know why Princess is here, why?”

“A friend of mine was looking for you, but he found me.”

Linglong Princess smiled, devastatingly beautiful.

“Princess’s friend?”

Ye Yu expression showed a trace of doubt, but the next moment was nodded, and said: “Princess’s friend is looking for me, is there something wrong?”

“There is indeed something that needs your help, so you can go and meet that friend with me now.”

Linglong Princess said, and then rushed into the sky.

call out!

Ye Yu also jumped and followed Linglong Princess, but he was puzzled.

Because he simply didn’t know who in the Imperial Dynasty, the center of the ancient sky.

Who is this Linglong Princess’s friend, and how could he ask for himself alone?

However, I don’t even bother to think about it.

Ye Yu has always been like this, when the time comes, everything will be clear after meeting.

In less than a while, Linglong Princess took Ye Yu through countless Imperial Palace great halls and Qionglou Yuyu.

Ye Yu even saw the floating mountains floating above the ten thousand zhang high sky in the center of the Imperial Dynasty. Even at night, they also bloomed infinitely divine light.

The Imperial Dynasty, the center of the ancient Celestial Immortal world, was too huge and too powerful.

I am afraid it is a 5-star power, which has the most powerful Immortal Emperor Level invincible power.


Suddenly, Linglong Princess said.

At the next moment, Ye Yu looked over. They had already arrived in front of a vermilion water inlet pavilion.

“That friend of mine is in the pavilion below. I will leave first. Go down on your own. She will tell you everything. Please help her.” Linglong Princess said, as she walked away and turned into a stream of rainbow light disappeared into the sky in a blink of an eye.

At this time, Ye Yu shot down and walked into the pavilion.

Suddenly, he saw a tall woman with a graceful figure, standing there with a cold expression.

However, what shocked Ye Yu was that this tall woman wore not ancient costumes, but modern costumes. To be precise, modern costumes with technological civilization seemed to be a kind of clothing with special effects.

Could it be that this woman comes from a certain technological civilization?

In an instant, Ye Yu thought of a scene in the battleship of mechanical civilization that he had lurked in that day.

Could it be that this woman came from that battleship?

Are you here to ask your own teacher?

For an instant, Ye Yu’s eyes showed a trace of alert.

He could feel a dangerous breath from this tall woman.

This tall woman within the body gene was definitely transformed to be extremely powerful.

“Presumably, your Excellency is Mr. Ye Yu.” The tall woman turned around, her long black hair draped over her shoulders, slightly feminine.

Counting long hair loosely, showing a different style, suddenly turning from mature to cute, letting a new life love and pity, the white skin is like a freshly peeled egg, and the big eyes twinkle and twinkle as if will speak.

The small red lips and the white skin are more distinct. A pair of small dimples are evenly distributed on the 2 sides of the cheeks, with a light smile, and the dimples are faintly discernible on the cheeks, as lovely as Celestial Immortal.

This is a beautiful woman.

However, at this time, her beautiful eyes have a trace of coldness that has been at the top.

Mr. Ye Yu?

At this time, Ye Yu heard this familiar and unfamiliar greeting, his eyes flashed with a complex color, but next moment, his expression recovered as before, and said: “It seems that you have discovered that it is me, stealing you The life source liquid on the battleship.”

“But some life source liquid that’s all, if Mr. Ye Yu wants it, I can give it to you for free, but Mr. Ye Yu wants to help me do something.” The tall woman said with a smile immediately.

“what’s up?”

Ye Yu asked immediately.

Not to mention Linglong Princess’s command, that is the life source liquid, Ye Yu is also coveted.

If you can get more life source fluid and absorb the advanced Life Strength in it, the gods and demons particles within the body will awaken faster and faster.

For Ye Yu, the temptation of Life Source Liquid is not a small one.

“Okay, I promise to help you, but your request must be within my abilities.” Ye Yu said suddenly.

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