Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1295

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“Naturally, Mr. Ye Yu is the most powerful General of Linglong Princess, even being conferred as a nobleman. I am naturally impossible to put Mr. Ye Yu in danger.” The tall woman said, she stretched out her hand and said with a little a smile: “My name is Chu Huiling. I am honored to meet you, Mr. Ye Yu in the cultivation civilization.”

“Hui Ling Young Lady is serious.”

Ye Yu also extends the hand, and gently squeezed Chu Huiling’s white and smooth jade hand, then put it down.

Seeing this, Chu Huiling’s beautiful eyes showed a strange color, and said: “I thought Mr. Ye Yu would call me’Girl Huiling’.”

“Follow the locals, I am naturally called according to your technological and civilized habits.” Ye Yu smiled and said, seemingly profound mystery.

This Chu Huiling might not have imagined that Ye Yu’s true identity is the backward technological civilization world from another universe.


On the second day, Ye Yu and Duan Lieyang explained, and then they came to the Imperial Dynasty center and entered the huge battleship held by Chu Huiling.

Ye Yu first saw the man whose heart was pierced by his spear last time.

However, he seems to have his body repaired now.

Of course, this man looked towards Ye Yu at this time with a cold expression on his face.

Ye Yu didn’t care about this at all, he walked directly to the core area of ​​the battleship and found Chu Huiling.

However, at this moment, beside Chu Huiling, there was a young man wearing a black clothed shirt.

This young man, with an evil expression on his face, was talking to Chu Huiling at this time.

“Hui Ling Young Lady.”

Ye Yu said aloud and walked over.

And at this moment, the black clothed young man suddenly looked at Ye Yu and said violently, “Hui Ling, isn’t it this kid? You just invited this kid to participate in the race? You are too silly.”

The black clothed young man said, with a dark expression in his expression, and said, “How nice it is to let me go, I will absolutely let you Chu family not be threatened by any forces, as long as you marry me.”

“Yu Xiaonan, keep your mouth clean.” Chu Huiling said suddenly.

“Okay, Huiling, don’t you believe me? I’ll prove it to you, this kid is a scum in front of me!”

With a gloomy expression, Yu Xiaonan suddenly looked towards Ye Yu and said: “Boy, those who are more acquainted, just let Ben Shao go back, don’t disturb my time with Huiling here, what qualifications do you have, let Huiling go? Invite you to join her family’s race.”

“You know, many people have used this tone to talk to me. In the end, guess what happened to them?” Ye Yu suddenly said, faintly smiled.

“What happened to them?”

Yu Xiaonan asked immediately.

“They… are all dead.”

Ye Yu faintly made a sound, and then shot directly.


His palm swelled suddenly, becoming a big black hand with burning flames, instantly crushing Yu Xiaonan’s whole body into a blood mist.

Before Yu Xiaonan even had time to let out a miserable cry, his whole body suddenly burst into a piece of flesh and bone.

“You, did you kill him?”

Chu Huiling said in shock.

“I don’t like someone who keeps talking in front of me. If this kind of person is not killed, then they will use all kinds of treacherous means to discredit me, or even assassinate me, so I kill it now, death ends all one’s troubles, picture a quiet.”

Ye Yu said, then asked: “Please arrange a room for me.”

“it is good.”

Chu Huiling nodded, and immediately pats her hands, and a charming maid suddenly walked out of a battleship channel on the side.

“Xiang’er, take Mr. Ye Yu to the room.”

Chu Huiling said immediately.

“Yes, Young Lady.”

The pretty maid Xiang’er suddenly nodded, and then moved towards a certain direction.

Ye Yu nodded with a smile to Chu Huiling, and then followed that pretty maid moved towards a certain direction.

On the spot, looking at the broken corpse on the ground, Chu Huiling frowned and said, “Come here, clean this pool of minced meat.”

“It’s Young Lady.”

each and everyone the guards in aviation suits enter the cabin here and start cleaning.

“It seems that my choice is right. This person is not only horrible in the cultivation base, but also very ruthless at a young age.” Chu Huiling thought, with a smile across her mouth.

At this time, Ye Yu, led by Na Xianger, came to a room in a battleship.

“Gā gā gā, boy, where are you going this time?” Shang’s voice sounded in his mind.

“Go to another galaxy, Heavenly River Star system!”

Ye Yu suddenly said with a smile.

It is a galaxy of technological civilization, with countless planets and continents.

Above, the people who live are all technologically civilized humans.

When technology has developed to a certain level, the shackles of human breakthrough this planet begin to move towards the era of the universe.

Heavenly River Star Department is such a human civilization.

“hong long”

However, just when Ye Yu was about to be secluded cultivation in the battleship, a rumbling sound suddenly sounded outside.

With this rumbling sound, the entire battleship is shaking violently.

“what happened?”

Ye Yu walked out of the room and suddenly saw many soldiers on the battleship walking fast.

Ye Yu quickly grabbed a soldier and asked, “What happened?”

“On our way back, we ran into star pirates. Now, these star pirates are blocking the path of our battleship and threatening that if they don’t give all their wealth to them, they will destroy our battleship.”

The soldier finished speaking in a hurry, holding a mechanical gun, moved towards the distance and ran away.

“Star Pirate?”

Ye Yu nodded, immediately jumped and turned into a streak of divine light, rushed out of the battleship, and came to the Universe Starry Sky outside.

At this time, in front of the huge battleship, more than a dozen equally huge battleships blocked the Chu family’s battleship.

On the dozen or so battleships, they were all standing one after another very ruthless silhouette.

They are the starry pirates in this area, with no taboos, specializing in looting the cosmic battleship.

I didn’t expect that Chu Huiling was so bad luck that he encountered so many star pirates.

At this moment, Chu Huiling was standing in front of the Chu family battleship, and many clansman soldiers of the Chu family followed behind her, all with a ugly look at the dozens of pirate battleships not far away.

“Naughty little girl, hand over all the babies on your battleship, we will let you go!”

Above the dozen or so battleships floating in the starry sky ahead, a burly man in a black robe walked out, holding a blood-colored long knife in his hand, and suddenly roared fiercely.

“Impossible, my Chu family enjoys the protection of the Heavenly River Star Alliance. You dare to hijack our battleship. Are you afraid that people from the Heavenly River Star Alliance will come and wipe out you star pirates?” Chu Huiling asked Screamed, with a surprised and angry tone.

“Hahaha, what is the Chu family? What is the Heavenly River Star department? No matter how long their hands are, they can’t reach here. Obediently hand over all the wealth to me, otherwise, my brothers will rush up later. Not only your wealth, but also your people!”

The headed black robe burly man said, his eyes scanned Chu Huiling’s graceful figure, full of lewdness.

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