Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1296

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In addition to the huge battleship, dozens of star-sky pirate battleships and Chu family battleships surrounded them.

At this time the star pirate leader said, his eyes were full of threats, and he was carrying a ***.

Chu Huiling looked at the starry sky pirate leader’s gaze, beautiful eyes flashed with undisguised disgust.

But she is also a browse frowned, because the starry sky pirates surrounding their Chu family battleship are extremely powerful. If they don’t plan well, they might really fall into the hands of the starry sky pirates.

“Arrange me!”

And at this moment, the starry pirates on the opposite side suddenly roared loudly.

In an instant, countless pirates flew out from the battleships surrounding the Chu family’s battleship, and lined up into teams, like soldiers, hiding the sky and covering the earth, and the weakest one had True Immortal cultivation base. .

These starry pirates have robbed the battleship and the Chamber of Commerce in Universe Starry Sky for many years. Therefore, each of them is vicious and extremely powerful, and they are not comparable to those of the Chu family.

All in all, the overall strength of this group of pirates is countless times stronger than the battleship power controlled by Chu Huiling.

The situation became extremely severe in an instant.

The pirates of Star Pirates, each and everyone are vigorous and fierce, full of baleful qi.

At this time, they glare like a tiger watching his prey, Chu Huiling and others on the Chu family’s battleship, but the guards on the Chu family’s battleship also regard death as home and want to guard their battleship.

Therefore, the two men and horses are facing each other at the moment, and they have not taken any action. The murderous aura and the imposing manner are as fierce as a tiger, and they collide in an instant. In the surrounding starry sky, waves of terrifying void vortexes are rolled up, terrifying.

At this time, the aura was extremely tragic, and the iron-blooded Qi of Slaughter was revealed on the group of pirates, which made many guards on the Chu Family battleship look ugly.

Although this group of starry pirates are extremely fierce, their strength, indeed, each and everyone are extremely tyrannical.

咚dong dong!

Suddenly, the starry sky pirate battleship uploaded waves of drum beats, which blew like thunder in the starry sky.

Although the starry sky is a vacuum, no sound can be transmitted.

But at this time, the sound of the beating of war drums, or a kind of sensory power, really blasted in everyone’s ears.

At this moment, a group of starry pirates heard the sound of the drum beating, and they all seemed to be enchanted. Their expressions began to become fiery, their blood surging, and it felt like they had been blessed to increase their power, making them impossible to bear to roar. towards the sky, fight the enemy well.

“This is the’thundering drum’ that blesses the soldiers’ battle strength.” On the Chu family’s battleship, Chu Huiling’s expression was ugly.

She didn’t expect that in this group of starry pirates, there were some’thundering war drums’ used by the ancient Imperial Dynasty when the army was fighting to increase the battle strength of soldiers.

At this time, the entire starry sky was stained with iron and blood red.

And at this moment, Ye Yu suddenly leaped to Chu Huiling’s side, looked at the starry pirates opposite, and said, “Huiling Young Lady, it seems you are in trouble, do you need me to take action?”

This Chu Huiling is Linglong Princess’s friend, Ye Yu naturally has plans to make a move.

But the most important thing is that if the battleship held by Chu Huiling is destroyed by this group of starry pirates, then Ye Yu himself will probably be lost in this vast starry sky.

“Many thanks Mr. Ye!”

Chu Huiling’s beautiful eyes lit up, and immediately said with great happiness.

For Ye Yu, she is very clear that this person’s strength is deep and unmeasurable, and perhaps, can solve the huge crisis in front of her.

At this moment, Ye Yu’s body moved, and instantly he flashed into the central starry sky of the battleship between the two sides.

“This person is only at the Immortal Monarch level, so he dared to step forward as the first person to send the dead.” Around, many of the Chu Family’s guards expressed surprise.

“Gu Hai, you step forward to fight, kill this kid, remember, kill him with one move, don’t embarrass our starry pirate group.” Not far away, the head of pirate said suddenly.

“Yes, Chief!”

A young man wearing black clothed but a blue long knife embroidered on his chest flew out.

He stepped to Ye Yu’s not far away, with a gloomy expression, staring at the opposite Ye Yu, Yin said with a smile: “jié jié jié, kid, I have to say, you are very courageous, but , Now you are dying.”


Almost at this instant, a terrifying matchless breath burst out of this Gu Hai’s body, full of endless murderous aura.

This person, turned out to be a powerhouse, at least, also has 3 Heavenly Layer.

No wonder, the pirate leader has such a strong self-confidence, saying that Gu Hai killed Ye Yu with one move.


Na Gu Hai looked at Ye Yu expression not far away with a sense of indifference, as if he didn’t put him in his eyes at all. He suddenly expressed furious, his body exploded with a powerful aura, and there was a divine light on his body surface.

“Crack crack…”

In the sound of metal stretching, a set of extremely huge Mecha suddenly appeared outside that Gu Hai’s body.

He not only owns the 3 Heavenly Layer cultivation base of the fairy king himself, but also has a set of Mecha with incomparably powerful defensive ability, which is invincible.

This scene changed many of the guards on the Chu Family battleship.

Even Chu Huiling’s beautiful eyes showed a hint of hesitation.

Can Ye Yu survive this ancient sea?

“The Master’s Hand!”

But next moment, Ye Yu told everyone the answer.

In the depths of his hand, he immediately grabbed an extremely large palm from in the sky. That palm seemed to grasp 100000000 10000 Star River. At this moment, a horrible fear that rose from in the depth of one’s soul appeared. The hearts of everyone present rose up.

“hong long”

Almost at this moment, the big hand directly held Gu Hai’s Mecha and began to crush and deform the Mecha.


Gu Hai suddenly howled miserably in Mecha and roared: “What power is this?! What power is this, impossible! Impossible!!!”

However, his roar was of no use.


Almost at this instant, a surging force erupted from Ye Yu’s big hand, and the huge Mecha was instantly pinched.

Ka-cha !

Along with the sound of flesh and blood breaking and tearing, Gu Hai and his proud Mecha turned into a powder, drowned in Ye Yu’s big hand, and burned into nothingness.

A fairy king powerhouse in a starry sky pirate was killed in this way.

Gu Hai, fall!


At this moment, countless people trembled, and their expressions showed incomparable vibration.

They didn’t expect that Ye Yu, the little-known Immortal Monarch kid, was able to directly kill that Gu Hai with one move. Skeleton doesn’t exist.

Gu Hai didn’t even have a trace of resistance.

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