Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1297

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At this time, the entire field was quiet.

Countless people remained silent, speechless.

Not to mention the Chu family battleship side, the starry pirates on the opposite side, and even the pirate boss, all expressions are unbelievable.

This Ye Yu is too powerful.

The trick just now should be Legendary Magical Powers.

This Ye Yu, from a cultivation civilization, is an ancient and powerful cultivator, not relying on stimulating genes to increase cultivation base.

At this moment, even Chu Huiling’s beautiful eyes vibrated.

No matter who it was, thinking of the big hand that seemed to be able to traverse 100000000 10000 Star River just now, it was shocking to the extreme.

That big hand, like the only ruler between Heaven and Earth, under that palm, contains the Heaven and Earth universe Grand Dao, all power, creatures and laws will be wiped out.

As if legendary speaks out the law!

This kind of amazing Magical Powers shocked everyone present. Are the Divine Ability martial arts in the cultivation world really so powerful and incredible?

The power of technology cannot be resisted at all.

“Really strong 横 Divine Ability and strength!”

Chu Huiling’s pretty face showed a hint of excitement. Unable to bear said: “No wonder the Linglong Princess, who has never scorned a man, personally canonized this Ye Yu as a noble noble. With such a tyrannical existence, one can fight in the battlefield. Arrived at 1000000 soldiers!”

“Damn, how could this kid be so powerful, this little family Chamber of Commerce battleship, unexpectedly came out a powerhouse of this level, damn it!” In the distance, the star pirate leader looked at his powerful subordinate Gu Hai, Ye Yu was squeezed by one hand, and his expression immediately showed fear and rage.

At this moment, the pirate leader stared at Ye Yu abruptly, a grandiose spirit strength, and suddenly swept away, full of endless violent power.

In the eyes of the pirate leader, there were numerous disaster scenes such as violent thunder and lightning, storms and tsunamis, the end of the world, and so on.

“Spiritual Plane’s attack?”

Opposite, Ye Yu had a cold smile at the corner of his mouth, he suddenly coldly shouted, and the spiritual world stood up in China with a ten thousand zhang high illusory shadow, the majesty of Supreme, that instantly dissipated the pirate. The Power of Slaughter.


Almost at this moment, the pirate boss expressed fear, suddenly spits out mouthful of blood.

At this time, he looked towards Ye Yu, his expression was full of surprise, because just now, he saw an incredible existence in Ye Yu’s spirit, like the gods of aloof and remote, overlooking 100000000 10000 people.

At this time, a burly man, carrying a huge scarlet axe, suddenly walked to the side of the pirate leader, and said: “Leader, let me meet this kid for a while.”

“Quite strange, okay, you go kill this kid!”

The pirate leader was nodded immediately.

This is quite strange, because he recruited a powerful cultivator from a Great Desolate World. In the Great Desolate World, he used to fight giant dragons and feed on the golden roc, which was terrifying.


That strange step stepped into the center of the starry sky, his majestic body made him look like a Giant Spirit God. He screamed, “You just used Divine Ability, but lesser dao, I can kill you with an axe!”

At the moment of speaking, the strange surprise attacked instantly.



But at this moment, Ye Yu expression did not move, just spit out a word.

Almost at this moment, this word, billowing like thunder, burst into pieces in the sky and turned into a terrifying sound wave, sweeping through the sky, and directly shattering the giant axe in Manqi’s hand.


This scene caused countless people around him into a sluggish state.

What means?

Speaking of words to kill, it is incredible to the extreme.

“You are insulting me!”

In the distance, the strange roar uttered a terrifying roar. He stimulated within the body, the ancient Bloodline, and his entire body instantly swelled to 100 meters tall, Heaven and Earth’s Law Manifestation, a horned dragon-like arm, instantly Tearing the Void, and moved straight. Kill towards Ye Yu, tearing Ye Yu apart.

But at this moment, Ye Yu jumped forward, and a demon spear burning with magic flames suddenly appeared in his hand. With a direct “pu”, he pierced that strange chest.

Oh la la !

The broken blood splashed down the starry sky, staining a small planet underneath.

At this moment, in that savage and wild eyes, there was boundless fear: “Impossible, impossible! I inherit the blood of the Great Desolate Giant Spirit God lineage of the ancient Great Desolate Giant Spirit God lineage, and possess the unparalleled fleshy body, peerless barbaric body, unexpectedly. Your little lance pierced your body and wiped out your vitality! What the hell is going on? Your power, what is your lance forged, there is a destructive will in it, even me within the body Giant The remnant thoughts of Spirit God are indelible. What kind of cultivation technique did you inherit? How could you have such a terrifying Power of Slaughter? I don’t believe it, I’m not reconciled…”

“There is so much nonsense!”

Ye Yu smiled coldly, and lance in his hand was assassinated again.


That very frightened head was directly pierced by a spear, spraying blood and brain slurry.


The strange Giant Spirit God Primordial Spirit wants to escape.

“Gā gā gā, this kind of delicacy, it is a pity not to eat it!”

The voice of Shang, the Old Demon dragon rang in Ye Yu’s body.


Suddenly, everyone saw that a dark magic dragon rushed out of Ye Yu’s body in an instant, took a big mouth, and swallowed that strange Primordial Spirit in an instant.

“Gā gā gā!”

The Old Demon dragon let out a happy roar, then burst into Ye Yu’s body, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

And this scene deeply shocked countless people around.

In Ye Yu’s body, there is still such a terrifying dragon.

On the opposite side, the starry sky pirate leader expressed with a panic, suddenly surprised and angry said: “Boy, do you dare to kill the strange?!”

“Why not dare!”

Ye Yu stared at the pirates on the opposite side suddenly, coldly said: “I am too lazy to talk nonsense, now, immediately disappear before my eyes, or I will let you disappear!”

“Boy, who do you think you are? Killing our two brothers and dare to speak such a falsehood, it’s act recklessly!”

This group of starry pirates are extremely ferocious, and one after another burst out at this time to kill Ye Yu.


Ye Yu coldly smiled and covered it with one hand.




The Hand of Domination is full of endless power, shaking the starry sky, shattering the universe, time and space, all broken and reorganized in it, full of infinite power.

At this moment, the battleships of the dozen star pirates were all shattered and turned into sky debris.




one after another howl, resounding across the starry sky.

Countless starry pirates were wiped out by Ye Yu.

At this moment, many Chu family guards, even Chu Huiling, looked towards Ye Yu with a trace of awe.

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