Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1298

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After obliterating all the starry pirates, Ye Yu walked directly back to the battleship of the Chu family.

Around, countless Chu family guards all expressed respect, even a trace of fear.

However, it doesn’t matter if Ye Yu has an expression. He did not make the move this time to show the limelight, but to resolve all the troubles so that the Chu family battleship can safely reach the destination of Heavenly River Star.

Apart from this, Chu Huiling is Linglong Princess’s friend. If you don’t help out in a critical moment, it’s not justified.

Obviously, as long as he has a strong strength, he is in awe of countless people everywhere.

Even if these people come from technological civilization.

But at this time Ye Yu showed his tyrannical means, and they naturally felt extremely in awe.

After all, the scene just now was too scary and too shocking.

Ye Yu stretched out a hand and grabbed an incomparable dark magical hand directly from in the sky, grandiose, covering the sky and the sun. This Universe Starry Sky is shaking and trembling.

Regarding this, these Chu family guards were naturally in awe. When Ye Yu came, they all unconsciously gave way, as if they were welcoming the return of their great king.

“Mr. Ye, many thanks for your help, otherwise, our Chu family battleship, this time, I am afraid that these starry sky pirates will really be wiped out.” Chu Huiling walked over at this time, her graceful posture looked very lithe and graceful. Very tempting.

“It’s okay, Chu Young Lady is Linglong Princess’s friend, and the transaction between me and Chu Young Lady is to maintain the safety of the Chu family. I will naturally not just sit back and watch.” Ye Yu suddenly smiled and said.

“So, then many thanks. After returning to the family this time, I will try my best to apply for more life source liquid to give Mr. Ye Yu as a reward.” Chu Huiling thought through her mind and naturally knew what Ye Yu wanted.

“Life Source Liquid is naturally the more the better, then I would like to thank Chu Young Lady in advance.”

Ye Yu hugged cup one fist in the other hand and suddenly said with a smile.

“If Mr. Ye Yu doesn’t mind, can the little girl call Mr. Ye Yu “brother Ye”?” Chu Huiling blinked suddenly, changing her cold expression before.

“Naturally.” Ye Yu nodded.

“Then I will call Brother Ye. By the way, Brother Ye, you can call me Huiling. The name Chu Young Lady is really too raw.” Chu Huiling smiled charmingly and said suddenly.

“Good, Huiling.”

Ye Yu knew that Chu Huiling wanted to get close to herself.

But Ye Yu doesn’t care about this.

He and this Chu Huiling were originally a deal, helping her go to the clan by herself, while she gave herself more life source fluid to help her awaken the gods and demons particles, and martial arts made great progress.

Ye Yu spent the next few days in the battleship cabin.

This day.


There was a rumbling sound from outside.

Ye Yu expression moved and jumped directly onto the metal deck outside the battleship.

Suddenly, he saw a piece of technological civilization.

The planets are connected by a starry sky bridge. The starry sky bridge seems to be cast from an extremely precious starry sky ore. The whole body exudes ten thousand zhang divine light, shining the entire Universe Starry Sky, as bright as daylight.

Around, each and everyone is floating in the cosmic battleship in the starry sky, incomparable gigantic, just like towering mountains, floating above 9 sky, surrounded by cables, one end is connected to the huge cities on the big planet, the other end , It extends infinitely to the end of the universe, the edge of darkness.

each and everyone Modern high-tech city, standing on each planet, even some huge continental plates suspended in Universe Starry Sky, there are battleships and high-tech airplanes wandering all over the city, parade and guard.

“Those are the guardian battleships of our Heavenly River Star Alliance, because there will be some ancient starry beasts in the starry sky from time to time, even some of the ancient Great Desolate Giant Beasts in ancient Myths and Legends, and occasionally even from those starry black holes. It may cause huge devastating damage to the civilization of our Heavenly River Star system. Therefore, these battleships are used for patrols, but the ones that really deal with the ancient beasts and cosmic crises are still extremely powerful. The Martial Dao powerhouse.” Chu Huiling came to Ye Yu’s side at some unknown time, and said softly.

“In the technological civilization of your Heavenly River Star department, there is also Martial Dao powerhouse?”

Ye Yu expression showed a hint of surprise, and the impossible to bear continued to ask: “What kind of existence does your Heavenly River Star system’s cultivation system exist?”

“I haven’t come into contact with this, but it is roughly divided into two types, one is the cultivation fleshy body, which becomes a martial artist, that is, Martial Dao Road, and the other is the cultivation soul and the spiritual power, which we call the spiritual person. “Chu Huiling thought slightly, then said.

“Fleshy body and Spiritual Power?”

Ye Yu nodded.

No matter where they are, people of cultivation are generally divided into these two categories.

However, Ye Yu is very interested in the Martial Dao cultivation of the Heavenly River Star series. According to Chu Huiling, it seems that in scientific and technological civilization, it seems that only a small number of people can enhance themselves through genetic modification. Most of them rely on ancient Martial arts to temper the Fleshy body, to truly rely on cultivation to enhance their strength.

Because, just by constantly modifying genes, it may become very powerful in an instant.

However, this means that the person has lost the qualification to set foot in the real Peak powerhouse.

“Have a chance, must see it.”

Ye Yu laughed, and then stopped talking.

The huge battleship of the Chu family slowly moved towards a planet.

On the way, Ye Yu saw the entire landform of the planet, with towering high-rise buildings everywhere, and various high-tech trains everywhere.

This scene made Ye Yu’s eyes slightly blurred.

He thought of the Earth of his previous life, where there is also a technological civilization, but it is not as prosperous as the Heavenly River Star system.

“I don’t know when I will be able to return to Earth again.”

Ye Yu was slightly silent.

The fairy and demons civilization universe he was in at this time, the universe where Earth was, and the ultimate universe that was a huge threat to him.

According to the white clothed lady, these three universes are a prison and are inseparable.

Therefore, Ye Yu has a faint feeling that one day, he still has to return to Earth.

Apart from this, in the words of the Flame Emperor, some news is also faintly revealed. As long as you can finally break through these three universes, you are eligible to contact the true core secret of the transmigrator alliance.

All these are to let Ye Yu know that he needs to increase cultivation base as soon as possible, and strive to step into the real Martial Dao Peak, and then he has the ability to break through the so-called three-party universe and explore the details of the mysterious area outside.

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