Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1299

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While Ye Yu was thinking secretly, the Chu family battleship drove slowly to a huge platform.

“Brother Ye, our Chu family finally arrived safely.”

Chu Huiling’s voice came from the side, with a sense of relief.

Ye Yu nodded, immediately jumped, and got off the battleship.

Around it is a huge open-air platform.

At this moment, Chu Huiling was standing not far from the battleship with a gentle smile on her face.

“Hui Ling.”

Ye Yu walked over.

“Brother Ye, I will take you back to my territory later. There is a cultivation pool cast by the life source liquid. I think Brother Ye should be very interested.” Chu Huiling said suddenly.

“Many thanks.” Ye Yu suddenly nodded with a smile.

And just when the two were about to leave.

“Hui Ling, you have been out for so long and finally came back.” A man’s loud shout suddenly sounded.

At the next moment, a young man dressed as a black clothed martial artist, with several companions also dressed as a black clothed martial artist, moved towards here.

They seem to be the discipline of a certain cultivation academy in this technological civilization.

At this moment, the headed young man walked over and looked at Chu Huiling with a smile, but when his eyes turned to Ye Yu, the pupil light became gloomy for an instant.

“Hui Ling, who is this kid? Wearing this weird costume, could it be that you brought it back from the cultivation civilization?”

The young man’s mouth flicked with coldness, and he looked towards Ye Yu and said: “I have studied at Tianhe Academy for 3 years and have entered the level of quasi-martial artist. I am not talented. I want to ask you for advice.”


However, at the moment when the young man’s words fell, an extremely terrifying murderous aura suddenly spread from Ye Yu’s body and instantly enveloped the young man.


Almost at this moment, the young man’s expression suddenly showed boundless fear, and then suddenly spits out mouthful of blood, and flew out directly.

It seems to be instantly defeated by an invisible force.

“What? The big brother can’t even resist this kid’s imposing manner?”

“Big brother, but Tianhe Academy is the only powerful existence who has stepped into the martial artist this year.”

Around, each and everyone who followed the young man showed horror in expression.

They looked towards Chu Huiling side Ye Yu again, expressing unstoppable fear.

This mysterious boy is terrifying.

At this time, Ye Yu just glanced at the young man in the distance, indifferently said: “Your achievement, in the surrounding circles, may be very powerful and respected, but in the eyes of some people, it is nothing but ants. One.”

When the words fell, Ye Yu and Chu Huiling immediately moved towards the distance and stepped away.

Along the way, Ye Yu saw that many people looked at Chu Huiling with awe.

It seems that Chu Huiling’s status in the Chu family is still very high.

“These all are my subordinates.”

Chu Huiling seemed to have seen what Ye Yu was thinking, and suddenly said: “Our Chu family is actually very similar to the Imperial Dynasty in your cultivation civilization. The Patriarch is the largest. The bottom is that the children compete for power and various resources. , Including Star Territory, Foreign Domain slave, Star Industry, etc. The reason why I invited Brother Ye to the Heavenly River Star Department for 1000 miles this time is for the family ratio once every four years. This time family ratio is the result of each heir During the open strife and veiled struggle, other children must also be making various preparations.”

“I understand.”

Ye Yu nodded.

It seems that this technological civilization is also a highly hierarchical area.

Next, Chu Huiling seemed to have something to do, and she left early. She called a guard and took Ye Yu to arrange a place to live and lead Ye Yu to the cultivation pool of the Life Source Liquid.

After one hour, Ye Yu stood in front of a pool made of metal.

The pool water has a faint blue color.

Obviously, it is a diluted life source fluid, but this pool of water also contains a lot of abilities.


Ye Yu naturally wouldn’t let it go. He jumped directly into the water and started running the Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique and the Great Devouring technique, madly absorbing the terrifying life source power contained in the water.

3,000,000 gods and demons particles!

300 100000!

3.2 million !

300 300,000!

300 400,000!

3.5 million !


The terrifying breath is like an Immemorial Ferocious Beast slowly recovering within the body of Ye Yu.

At this time, Ye Yu finally opened his eyes.

Because the surrounding pool water has become colorless, and the blue disappears, which means that all the life source fluid in it has been absorbed by Ye Yu.

In just one minute, the life source liquid cultivation pool, which was enough for dozens of people, was drained.

If this scene were to be known to Chu Huiling and others, it would surely be so shocked that the eyes would fall off.

Step on!

But just when Ye Yu was about to go back to his residence to take a good rest, and then go out to stroll around the world of technological civilization.

“Who are you? Dare to use this cultivation pool privately?”

Suddenly, a coldly shouted sound rang not far away.

It was a man wearing a black clothed Battle Armor. However, the Battle Armor on his body was not a Martial Dao world armor, but a high-tech light armor with all kinds of incredible magical effects.

“I am a friend invited by Chu Huiling.” Ye Yu said suddenly.

“Eldest Young Lady’s friend?”

The black-clad man showed a trace of suspicion in his expression, but at the next moment, he suddenly seemed to have thought of something, and his eyes lit up: “Could it be that you are the peerless powerhouse invited by Eldest Young Lady from the cultivation civilization, invincible powerhouse? ?!”

Suddenly, the black-armored man stepped forward, with a fiery expression, staring at Ye Yu closely.

The fiery eyes made Ye Yu’s mouth twitch slightly, and said, “What’s your name?”

“It’s too dark in Xiachu, it’s the Captain of the Eldest Young Lady guard, the most loyal existence!” The black-clad man shouted immediately.

“Chu… Chu is too dark?”

Ye Yu looked at the man in front of him, his expression flashed silently.

This name is really amazing.

However, Ye Yu returned to normal in an instant. He slowly said, “That, Brother Chu, can take me to the city on the planet where your Chu family is located. After all, I come from a cultivation. Civilization is also very curious about your world of technological civilization.”

“Of course, I don’t know your name?” Chu Taihei said immediately.

“Just call me Ye Yu.” Ye Yu suddenly said.

“Brother Ye!”

Chu Taihei immediately smiled at Pats Ye Yu’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, brother Ye, I will take you around the city.”

“Then many thanks.”

Ye Yu immediately hugged cup one fist in the other hand.

Immediately, Chu Taihei directly took out a communicator and seemed to call for a special car.

But Ye Yu stopped it. Said with a smile: “Don’t be too high-profile, we just simply dress up and just go out for a walk.”

“Yes, Brother Ye is now the object of attention from all parties. Many people know that Eldest Young Lady is never far away from the starry sky millions and millions li. Bringing a powerful existence from a civilization civilization, naturally they want to harm Brother. Ye, we just pretend to go out.”

Chu was too dark and immediately nodded, and he was convinced.

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