Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1300

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After one hour, Chu Taihei took Ye Yu to the Great City of the planet where the Chu family was located.

Around, there are a dazzling array of commodities, and there are countless high-tech cars walking on the road.

This scene makes Ye Yu feel like a dream.

“By the way, Brother Ye, we still have a black market here. Among them, there are powerhouses where other civilizations live here. They were relegated to slaves by our Heavenly River Star system. They competed in the arena below. Brother Ye should be interested in going there. Take a look.” Chu Taihei said suddenly with a smile.

“Underground arena? The powerhouse in other cultivation civilizations?”

Ye Yu’s eyes flashed slightly, and suddenly nodded, said with a smile: “Also, go and see.”

After one hour.

Outside a arena, Ye Yu and Chu Taihei walked slowly.

At this time, Ye Yu looked at the tall buildings in front of him. It didn’t look like the underlying black market full of dark transactions, but rather like a formal Commerce District.

However, Chu Taihei just smiled mysteriously and opened the door and walked in.

Ye Yu is also followed along.

But the moment Ye Yu just stepped into this high-rise building, he suddenly revolved in front of him, and the inside was not as spacious and bright as he imagined, but turned into a huge underground city.

In the ancient city, there is each and everyone arena, and there are cheering people everywhere.

“There is an array of small spaces engraved in it?”

Ye Yu expression showed a hint of surprise, then smiled slightly, and said, “Interesting.”

“Brother Ye, come here.”

Chu Taihei had already contacted a VIP room at this time.

Inside, just like a huge auction house, distinguished guests have separate rooms.

At this time, Chu Taihei naturally booked a VIP room for Ye Yu.

However, just when the two of them walked to the VIP room.

“You stand for me!”

A loud shout suddenly sounded from behind.

It was a young pampered young master in brocade clothes.

At this moment, there were several big men with fierce auras beside him, all with fierce faces, looking at Ye Yu and Chu Taihei not far away.

“Chu Yunxiao, this is the fourth young master of our Chu family. It’s the opposite of Eldest Young Lady, and it may be a stumbling block for us.” Chu Taihei immediately whispered in Ye Yu’s ear.

“The fourth young master doesn’t know what’s the matter?”

Chu Taihei greeted him and asked with a smile.


But at the next moment, Chu Yunxiao slapped Chu Taihei into the air, coldly smiled and said, “What are you, dare to stand in front of me.”

At the end of the speech, Chu Yunxiao walked directly in the direction of Ye Yu, with a cold intent saying in his expression: “Ye Yu? Are you the untouchable Chu Huiling found from a savage cultivation civilization?”


However, before Chu Yunxiao could react, a sturdy slap hit his face directly.

It’s Ye Yu.

At this moment, he didn’t even bother to talk nonsense, and directly slapped Chu Yunxiao into the air.


With a horrible howl, Chu Yunxiao’s originally handsome face swelled into a pig’s head, and his face was blue and purple.

At this moment, blood and broken teeth flew in his mouth, and Chu Yunxiao’s expression carried a deep disbelief. He stared at Ye Yu who was standing with his hands not far away, and screamed: “You! How about you?”


Ye Yu slapped it again and slapped Chu Yunxiao again.

At this moment, even the fierce-looking big men standing behind Chu Yunxiao had expressions of dullness.

They seemed to be shocked by Ye Yu’s sudden attack. At this time, even the bullets did not move, just watching Chu Yunxiao being beaten up.

“You rubbish, hurry up and give it to me! Kill this kid!”

Finally, Chu Yunxiao’s miserable howl awakened the four big men who were in a daze.

They watched that Chu Yunxiao was almost beaten into a pig head, and their expressions changed drastically.

“Kid, stop!”

“Quickly let go of our fourth young master, or we will kill you and feed the dog!”

each and everyone The fierce big guys are all Martial Dao powerhouses. At this time, powerful forces burst out and moved towards Ye Yu and rushed away.

But next moment.

Pa pa pa ……

But then…

One after another applause sounded, a total of 4 big men, all of them were fanned, howling miserably.

“What? Four Level 4 martial artists, just like this?”

“Too terrifying, this kid, who are you?”

“That young pampered young master seems to be the fourth young master of the Chu family. He has a noble status. Didn’t expect to be beaten like a dog now, so miserable!”

“That kid really has no taboos, the fourth young master of the Chu family dare to fight like this!”

The movement here naturally attracted the attention of many people in the arena below.

When they saw Ye Yu’s bold behavior, they were all expressions with surprise.

Many people admire Ye Yu’s courage, but there are also many people who sneer in their hearts, thinking that Ye Yu will definitely suffer.

The power of the Chu family is still extremely tyrannical on this planet, and the fourth young master of the Chu family is not that easy to bully.

“How is that possible! How is it possible!”

At this moment, Chu Yunxiao watched his four powerful subordinates were all slapped and slapped by Ye Yu, his eyes showed an expression of extreme horror.

However, Chu Yunxiao seemed to have thought of something, he suddenly roared in a certain direction behind him: “manager Liu! Manager Liu! Give me less!”


Almost at the next moment, a young man with a slender figure suddenly rushed out from one direction and instantly came to Chu Yunxiao’s side.

The manager Liu, seeing the injuries of Chu Yunxiao’s body, especially the face swollen into a pig’s head, immediately expressed shock.

He stood up abruptly and looked towards the only one standing azure clothes silhouette around, that is, Ye Yu, and suddenly coldly said: “Boy, are you courting death? The fourth young master of the Chu family, would you dare to fight? And, do you still do it in our Tianhe Arena? Don’t you want to live anymore!”

Obviously, this manager Liu had a secret collusion with Chu Yunxiao, the fourth young master of the Chu family, and was an alliance.

At this time, the manager Liu was indiscriminate, and directly addressed the managers of the Tianhe Arena at the rear: “You guys, go and call some powerful slaves in the arena. I’m in charge, this time I have to give some lessons. The kid who knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth dared to make trouble in my Tianhe Arena, it was act recklessly!”

“Oh? Are you sure, you want to do this?”

Ye Yu suddenly looked towards the manager Liu, a trace of coldness flashed in his eyes.

“What? Boy, what do you think you are? I have some brute force, I just want to go against the sky? It’s ridiculous! Just wait to die!” Manager Liu stared at Ye Yu, smiling coldly.

“Okay, I will see today, how did you make me die.”

Ye Yu lifted Chu Taihei not far away and looked at the manager Liu coldly. There was no fear in his eyes. Some were just a mockery of an emperor overlooking an ant.

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