Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1301

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At this time, looking at Ye Yu’s indifferent eyes, with a mockery.

For some reason, manager Liu felt a trace of panic in his heart.

He has a feeling that what he is doing at this time seems to bring him endless disasters.

However, looking at Ye Yu’s incomparable face, it’s not a nobleman from Heavenly River Star at all. He suddenly sneered in his heart, “A small cultivation and civilized untouchable, you have no matter how powerful you are, in Heavenly River Star is a technologically civilized society, and it is simply impossible to move a single step.”

At this time, although Chu Taihei was excited about Ye Yu’s fiercely exasperating expression, but deep in his eyes, he was worried.

Because, the background of this Tianhe Arena is extremely profound, not to mention that this Tianhe Arena itself hides countless powerhouses, it is said that the countless powerful slaves controlled in this Tianhe Arena are all a terrifying force.

“do not worry.”

Ye Yu expression is not afraid, pats Chu is too dark on the shoulder, and said: “Just wait for a good show later.”

“Seeing the show?”

The corner of Chu Taihei’s mouth twitched slightly.

Facing the persecution of the entire Tianhe Arena, I am afraid that only Ye Yu can say these words indifferently.

However, Chu Taihei also expressed expectation.

He knows that Ye Yu is the powerhouse invited back by their Eldest Young Lady from another cultivation civilization world. It is said that they possess the great ability of connecting to heaven penetrating the earth, just like the characters in Myths and Legends.

If Ye Yu really has this kind of power to destroy heaven extinguishing earth, then maybe it can really make the Tianhe Arena regress, or even be regarded as a guest!

Because once a person’s strength reaches a certain level, even a Great Influence like the Tianhe Arena, he dare not offend him.

Because once such a person is offended, the devastating consequences of its outbreak are absolutely comparable to a few 1000000 Star River troops.

“Boy, just wait to die!”

At this moment, Chu Yunxiao and manager Liu were standing together, and he stared at Ye Yu coldly, his eyes full of sternness and resentment.

He dignified the fourth young master of the Chu family, and he was very welcome and complimented everywhere, but today, he was beaten so badly by a savage boy from a cultivation civilization. It is simply an extraordinary shame and humiliation.

Therefore, Chu Yunxiao’s greatest wish right now is to be able to kill Ye Yu fiercely, and even make him worse than death and tortured continuously.

However, it seems that Ye Yu was beaten up just now. Chu Yunxiao brought an expression of fear and asked the manager Liu quietly, “Are you sure you can get rid of this kid?”

“Don’t worry about the fourth young master, I take action, absolutely no one can escape the hand of my death.” Manager Liu dark smiled and said suddenly.

And at this time, a violent voice suddenly came from not far away.

“You speak up, as long as I kill that kid, you will remove my slave status and let me go!”

This wild voice is filled with an endless Ominous Fiend Qi.

shua ~ shua ~ shua ~ ……

Everyone’s eyes were looking over. When they saw the burly silhouette with a height of more than 3 meters, the pupils of the disabled to bear shrank suddenly.

“Giant Spirit God?”

“It turns out that Tianhe Arena has the strongest existence in this planet branch?”

“Now that azure clothes kid is going to suffer. You know, this Giant Spirit God, but has torn a King-level starry sky ancient beast!”

Around, the sound of one after another suck in a cold breath suddenly sounded.

Giant Spirit God is the nickname of that burly silhouette.

He is extremely tall, with a rough face, horned dragon-like muscles all over his body, full of power.

Bang Dong!

At this moment, the Giant Spirit God stepped to Ye Yu’s not far away, bound with thick iron ropes, full of evil spirits.

His cruel eyes, full of wildness, with a strong oppressiveness, looked at Ye Yu, licked his lips, and said: “Boy, you better commit suicide by yourself, otherwise, wait for me to tear his body apart. Two and a half, it feels very uncomfortable.”

“Oh? You are so confident, can you tear my body apart?”

Ye Yu looked at the so-called Giant Spirit God with a hint of sarcasm across his mouth.

And this ridiculous laughter made the Giant Spirit God on the opposite side furious, and roared: “Boy, I am giving you a chance to die happily. Since you don’t know how to cherish, then I will tear you apart. Come, hahaha!”


Almost at this moment, the body of the Giant Spirit God bloomed with a blood-colored baleful qi, which condensed into a set of blood-colored battle armour outside of him. He stepped suddenly, like an Immemorial Ferocious Beast, full of oppressiveness, and suddenly flashed to Ye Yu. In front of.

During this whole process, Ye Yu stood there, motionless.

It seems that I was scared and stupid.

But at the moment when the giant Spirit God grinding disc’s palm was about to catch Ye Yu.


Ye Yu, finally moved.

He slowly stretched out a finger, moved towards the Giant Spirit God and clicked.

That’s right!

It’s simply, stick out a finger.

But just when the finger touched the Giant Spirit God’s palm, which was like molten iron.

Ka-cha! Ka-cha ……

There was no sound of collision, but only a sound of broken bones and flesh and blood.

“That is?!”

Among the countless people around, someone suddenly cried out in surprise.

In the horrified eyes of everyone, from the position of Ye Yu’s pointing, Giant Spirit God’s entire body began to split one after another bloodstain.


“oh la la !”

Giant Spirit God’s burly and powerful body, almost at the next moment, all shattered in an instant, burst into pieces, and turned into flesh and bones on the ground.



This scene caused everyone to fall into sluggishness.


Unbelievably strong!

At this time, let alone other spectators, Chu Yunxiao and manager Liu, their bodies trembled fiercely.

This Ye Yu, unexpectedly?

They killed the most powerful Giant Spirit God in their Tianhe Arena with a single finger?

What is this means?

What is this power?

Divine Spirit average!

To what extent has his fleshy body been developed?

At this time, manager Liu broke out in a cold sweat.

When he saw Ye Yu moved towards walking by himself, he was so frightened that his expression was extremely pale, and he trembled: “You…what are you going to do?”

“What do I have to do?”

A cold smile crossed the corner of Ye Yu’s mouth, and slowly walked to the front of the manager Liu, pinched his neck with one hand, coldly said, “What am I going to do, naturally I will kill you.”

“you you……”

Manager Liu was pinched by Ye Yu’s steel palms on his neck, and his face suddenly turned red. He was simply like a little chicken, without the slightest resistance.

But just in the next moment.

“Your Excellency, please keep your staff.”

Suddenly, a slightly cold female voice came from a certain direction in the depths of the Tianhe Arena, and it sounded in this area.

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