Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1302

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At this moment, the moment the voice fell, the entire Tianhe Arena was quiet.

Ye Yu also turned his head slightly and looked towards the direction where the sound came from.

da da da!

Accompanied by the sound of high heels stepping on the ground, a tall and cold woman with a graceful and slender body, wearing a purple dress, appeared in everyone’s eyes.

Clear and bright pupils, curved willow eyebrows, long eyelashes trembling slightly, white and flawless skin revealing a tinge of pink, and thin lips are as tender as rose petals.

This tall purple clothed woman, like a peerless stunner, can definitely make countless men go crazy.

But at this moment, when everyone saw this purple clothed woman, a trace of awe flashed across her face.

Because this purple clothed woman is the real principal of this planet’s upper Tianhe Arena branch, and has the right to be incomparable.

“Master Ziyan, hurry…help me!” At this moment, the neck was clamped by Ye Yu’s palm, and manager Liu’s face rose to the color of pig liver. His expression was full of fear, and he shouted immediately.

“Your Excellency killed one of the most profitable and powerful slaves in the Tianhe Arena. It should be able to quell my anger.” Ziyan’s expression slowly said with a chill.

There was a chill in her voice, and there was a commanding tone in it.

“Sorry, what I say always counts, this manager Liu, I said, he is going to die, then… he must die!”

Ka-cha !

Almost as soon as Ye Yu’s words fell, his palm slammed hard, and the manager Liu’s neck in his hand was crushed to pieces with a ka-cha.


“Just kill it?”

Around, I suddenly thought of the sound of one after another suck in a cold breath.

At this time, even Chu Taihei’s mouth twitched slightly.

In front of the owner of Zi Yan, his brother Ye was really tough, and he broke the neck of Manager Liu directly.

At this moment, many people looked towards Ye Yu with a sense of awe.

You know, the person who doesn’t feel hot is such a master without taboos.

Obviously, Ye Yu is such a person.

The more you threaten him, the more ferocious he is, with murderous intentions everywhere.

“Boom dong!”

Ye Yu threw the corpse of manager Liu aside at random, pats hand, looked at the ugly purple smoke, and said: “Sorry Lord, this manager Liu too weak, didn’t expect me to try hard. He died.”

The sound fell, and the whole underground arena was quiet.

This Ye Yu is so domineering.

The faint tone, although calm, contained a kind of incomparable strength.

“Your Excellency, who is it?”

At this time, Ziyan was standing there, the expression that was all under control had long been disappeared.

She faintly understood that Ye Yu could be subdued without threats.

“Who am I? A nameless person that’s all.”

Ye Yu faintly smiled, and immediately showed a trace of coldness in his eyes, saying: “Master Ziyan, I am here this time just to take a look at the famous Tianhe Arena, but didn’t expect it because of what Chu Yunxiao Stopped for no reason, and manager Liu will kill me if he comes up directly without asking questions. Can I not kill him?”

“Chu Yunxiao?”

Zi Yan frowned, and suddenly looked towards Chu Yunxiao, who was standing there about to be frightened.

She knows Chu Yunxiao and is the fourth young master of the Chu family.

Listening to the words Ye Yu said at this time, Zi Yan thought about it a little, and then thought about it.

“Mr. Ye Yu, what is the relationship between you and Chu Huiling Young Lady of the Chu Family?” Zi Yan asked suddenly.

“Brother Ye is the distinguished guest invited by our Eldest Young Lady from outside.” Chu Taihei suddenly took a step at this moment and said abruptly.

“The distinguished guest that Chu Huiling invited from outside?”

Zi Yan’s expression moved, she thought of Chu Clan Bi who was coming soon, and suddenly had some guesses in her heart.

Almost at the next moment, Zi Yan suddenly smiled 100 Meisheng. She looked at Ye Yu not far away, with an expression of closeness, and said: “Hui Ling and I are close friends. It turns out that Mr. Ye Yu is Hui The distinguished guest of the spirit, that is my distinguished guest of Ziyan, come here, and reserve a ready VIP room for Mr. Ye Yu.”

The change in Ziyan’s attitude left many people secretly surprised.

It turns out that Ye Yu still has a relationship with Chu Huiling, the Eldest Young Lady of the Chu family. No wonder they rely on it.

In fact, they didn’t understand that Ye Yu’s support was simply not Chu Huiling, the Eldest Young Lady of the Chu family, but his own terrifying strength.

With Ye Yu’s current power, even if there is a Lord thing in the Heavenly River Star series who wants to kill him, Ye Yu can easily escape by asking himself.

And if the general powerhouse shot, Ye Yu directly raised his hand to suppress.

It can be said that Ye Yu simply didn’t put the rules here in his eyes when he came to the Heavenly River Star series. He has extremely terrifying strength. As long as he doesn’t offend the real top-level powerhouses, simply don’t worry too much.

At this time, in the envious eyes of countless people, Ye Yu came to a real VIP room under the respectful invitation of Ziyan and the others.

Along the way, Zi Yan was personally accompanied, causing many people to swallow their saliva in secret.

After all, this cold beauty is more than just a vase. She is also one of the real power figures of Heavenly River Star with real strength and brains on this gamma planet.

Only those with incomparably noble status can get her favor and respect.

At this time, Chu Yunxiao, who was not far away, had expressions of dullness to the extreme.

He thought that he could easily abolish Ye Yu, didn’t expect finally evolved into such a scene, the manager Liu he was proud of, just like that, was forcibly killed by Ye Yu, and, Still no consequences.

Originally, when Zi Yan appeared, Chu Yunxiao was filled with joy.

He felt that with Zi Yan’s power and wrist, Ye Yu would definitely be able to subdue Ye Yu, but didn’t expect, Ye Yu, a little-known kid, is still so powerful and domineering in front of the people of Zi Yan’s this level.

Even, directly in front of Zi Yan, he killed Manager Liu.

Moreover, Zi Yan dared not say anything, even finally changed his attitude and regarded Ye Yu as a guest.

This really made Chu Yunxiao very upset.

However, thinking of Ye Yu’s cold eyes just now, full of incomparable dominance and killing intent, he is slightly trembled.

Maybe, if Zi Yan doesn’t appear, he will be killed by Ye Yu himself.

Therefore, at this time, Chu Yunxiao was covered in dirt, took a few of his guards, and left in grief, not daring to provoke Ye Yu again.

At the same time, accompanied by Zi Yan, Ye Yu came to one of the most luxurious VIP rooms.

“Ziyan Young Lady, if you have anything, just talk about it.”

Ye Yu suddenly said.

He knew that this purple smoke accompanied him all the way, it was definitely not as simple as letting him calm down.

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