Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1304

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At this moment, hearing the big laugh of Shang, the Old Demon dragon in his mind, Ye Yu looked at the blue clothed disciple, and also showed a cold smile on his expression.

“Kid, you are dead!”

Looking at the smile on Ye Yu’s face that seemed to be disdainful, the blue clothed disciple of the Chu family suddenly expressed surprise and angry to the extreme.


He loudly roared, and instantly moved towards Ye Yu and rushed away.

At this time, the ice crystal shield around him quickly rotated, and the ice crystal dragon from the Bloodline Strength condense behind him also roared and rushed towards Ye Yu, as if he was about to swallow Ye Yu directly.

“This kid is dead!”

Around, many people sneered with expression.

After all, Ye Yu comes from an unfamiliar cultivation civilization, an outsider brought back by Chu Huiling, not the Chu family’s discipline.

Therefore, all the Chu family’s disciplines have an exclusive mindset.

At this time, seeing the blue clothed disciple showing off, naturally these Chu disciples were cheering wildly.

However, Ye Yu, who stood there on the court, had no face, as if he didn’t care about the attack that came.

This makes many people sneer in their hearts.

At this time, if you still don’t avoid it, do you want to continue to pretend to be deep?

However, the most calm at this time are naturally Chu Huiling and Chu Taihei not far away.

Especially Chu is too dark, he has seen Ye Yu’s terrifying Power of Slaughter with his own eyes.

In the Tianhe Arena, Ye Yu’s shocking finger was deeply engraved in Chu Taihei’s memory.

At this time, on the court.


The terrifying ice crystal dragon finally arrived in front of Ye Yu. It opened a huge and hideous mouth to swallow Ye Yu in one bite.

But at this moment.

Ye Yu finally moved.

He held out a finger.

That’s right, it’s still a finger.

But at the moment he stretched out this finger, a power that scared countless people’s souls instantly diffused in the sky around him.


Ye Yu pointed at the ice crystal dragon body, and a terrifying divine light exploded on his finger.

And just in this moment.

Ka-cha! Ka-cha! Ka-cha ……

In the horrified eyes of countless people, the dragon body, which was originally a mighty dragon of ice crystal, shattered in an instant.

Moreover, it shocked countless people even more.

As the dragon body of the ice crystal dragon shattered, its corpse was also swallowed by a mysterious power, leaving no fragments behind.

“Gā gā gā, yes, this ice crystal dragon tastes not bad!”

Shang, the Old Demon dragon, laughed in Ye Yu’s mind at this time.

That’s right, at the moment Ye Yu killed the ice crystal dragon, Shang, the Old Demon dragon, instantly cast a large swallowing technique, swallowing the ice crystal dragon in an instant, without leaving a single fragment.

At this moment, Ye Yu expression was staring at a blue clothed disciple opposite.

At this time, this blue clothed disciple expression is simply hard to see the extreme.

Because, the Bloodline Strength he was so proud of was destroyed in an instant by Ye Yu, and even his Bloodline was swallowed.

This made the blue clothed disciple’s eyes gloomy to the extreme.

However, at this time he also knew the horror of Ye Yu. Therefore, he did not dare to hold a big one. Instead, he controlled each and everyone floating ice crystal shields around him. He immediately said: “My shield is from a Great Obtained from the ruins of Ancient Era, it can almost withstand the power of nuclear bombs. I don’t believe it, you kid can crush my shield guard.”

“Oh? Are you so sure, I am so weak?”

Ye Yu coldly smiled and said, “Your tortoise shell is actually nothing in my eyes. I can break it with one hand.”

“Boy, you are crazy.”

Even though the blue clothed disciple had a sense of fear in his heart, at this moment he saw the gazes of countless Chu disciples around him, and he naturally held it up.

However, for Ye Yu, this blue clothed disciple is indeed fearful.

After all, Ye Yu killed his ice dragon with that finger just now. It was too terrifying and shocking.


Ye Yu coldly smiled and jumped directly in front of the blue clothed disciple.


He jerked out his hand.


A lance of burning flames suddenly appeared in Ye Yu’s hands, and then a monstrous breath gushed from Ye Yu’s arms.


He held the lance of the demon prison, fiercely assassinated the blue clothed disciple and left.


Almost at the moment when Demon Hell Lance stabbed the rotating ice crystal shield, a terrifying force directly erupted at the collision.


crack crack ……

In the horrified eyes of countless people, the ice crystal shield around the blue clothed disciple shattered directly.

This so-called powerful battle weapon in the ancient vestige, simply cannot withstand Ye Yu’s spear at this time.

“How can this be?!”

“Why is this kid so powerful, what is the existence of the lance in his hand, how can he smash the 3rd brother’s shield in an instant?”

Around, each and everyone Chu’s Disciple almost stared down.

Ye Yu’s spear is too scary.

“Impossible! Impossible!”

At this time, the most frightened one should be the blue clothed disciple. He watched Ye Yu pierce out with a spear, shattering and tearing his powerful battle weapon.

Then, the icy spear’s edge directly touched his neck.


At this moment, a shadow of death immediately enveloped the blue clothed disciple, making his eyes show boundless panic.

For the first time, he felt that death was so close to him.


But at the next moment, Ye Yu coldly smiled, took away lance from the demon hell, and turned away.

Although this blue clothed disciple has a bad attitude, Ye Yu does not mean to kill him.

After all, the Chu family’s clan ratio, its own goal is to win, if it kills people, it is not suitable.

After all, I didn’t have any grudges with this Chu family, I was just a deal with Chu Huiling that’s all.

At this time, the blue clothed disciple seemed to be coming back to his senses, and he walked down the stage stiffly with an expression of fear.

Next, many people are afraid to challenge Ye Yu.

After all, the power that Ye Yu showed just now was really too tyrannical, and it was not something they could resist.

And this also caused Chu Huiling, who was standing not far away, to show a trace of excitement.

Because if you have not dared to challenge Ye Yu, it means that you have won the top spot in this race.

However, at this time, a cold voice suddenly sounded.

“I want to challenge that Ye Yu.”

It was a silhouette covered in black robe. He stood on the stage at this moment, with a sneer and sneer in his tone.

It seems that Ye Yu is just a joke in front of him, he can kill at will.

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