Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1305

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At this time, the voice of the negative test sounded, and everyone focused their eyes on it.

Many people were puzzled, because they seemed to have never seen the black robed man in the Chu family.

“Mr. Black Robe came from a cultivation civilization that is extremely prosperous. He has tremendous strength. I think it will not be a problem to deal with Ye Yu.”

A voice sounded.

It was a young man wearing a big golden robe. His expression was disdainful and cold. He stared at Ye Yu not far away and said: “Boy, you are in the hands of Mr. Black Robe, absolute death is fixed!”

“It’s Eldest Young Master!”

“Eldest Young Master returned from outside experience?”

“Very good, then Ye Yu is too rampant, Eldest Young Master can definitely suppress his arrogance!”

Around, all the Chu family disciplines shouted.

In their hearts, Eldest Young Master is a Legendary character.

This Eldest Young Master, since he was a child, likes to go out inside, and often shuttles among the various relics in the starry sky to win some terrifying inheritance or treasures.

In the eyes of the Chu disciples, Eldest Young Master is synonymous with mysterious and powerful.

At this time, their Eldest Young Master’s evaluation of the black robed man was so high, which made many Chu disciples excited about expression.

However, Ye Yu had no expression at this time, and slowly said: “Since you are so confident, let’s take the stage to fight.”

Ye Yu’s voice is still calm and indifferent.

Just like, everything is in the heart, everything is without any threat to him.

This scene made the Eldest Young Master expression reveal a gloomy look.

He felt that in Ye Yu’s eyes, he seemed to be just an ant. Ye Yu simply didn’t bother to pay attention to what he said.

This made the killing intent of the Eldest Young Master boil.

However, he knew that the black robed man he had invited back came from that place, and had terrifying strength.

But thinking that Ye Yu will be trampled under the feet by the black robed man, fiercely tortured and killed, this Eldest Young Master suddenly feels happy.


The black robed man silhouette flashed, and his body appeared directly on the Nabi platform.

Through the black robe, there seems to be a pair of blood-colored hideous eyes, staring at Ye Yu underneath, and a gloomy voice comes from the black robe, “Boy, come up and die, I have heard The qi and blood on your body are too strong. If I can plunder them all, I am afraid that my cultivation base will not know how many times it will increase in an instant.”

“Pillaging my blood?”

A trace of coldness crossed the corner of Ye Yu’s mouth, and he slowly said, “A thing that hasn’t been seen all day, dare to threaten to rob my blood.”

Seen shamelessly all day.

After a word, the whole body of the black robed man was trembling. His black robe let out a stern roar, and roared: “Boy, you are too impudent! You dare to insult me ​​like this in front of me, you are simply In courting death!”


A horrible and evil aura immediately spread from the entire body of the black robed man.

Naked eye can be seen, a group of terrifying black air began to surround the black robed man, in the sky behind him, forming an incomparable gigantic black skeleton.

The black skeleton, standing upright at this time, with a height of nearly 100 zhang high, standing behind the black robed man, makes people fearful.

“What does this mean ?!”

“It’s so scary and evil, I feel my blood is almost frozen at this moment!”

“Unbelievable, unbelievable! Which race in the starry sky is this black robed man actually possesses such terrifying means.”

“Now, it seems that the kid named Ye Yu is really going to die!”

Around, each and everyone Chu’s discipline, expression with a sneer, talked.

At this time, even Chu Huiling was unable to bear cultivation base.

There was a trace of worry in her beautiful eyes.

After all, the black robed man’s methods really make people feel a strange feeling.

However, Chu Taihei has a calm face. Ever since he was amazed by Ye Yu’s finger in the Tianhe Arena, Chu Taihei has a blind and powerful confidence in Ye Yu.


At this moment, finally the black robed man moved.

He was enveloped in a group of black air, and as he stepped down, the black skeleton of the incomparable gigantic behind him also made a bang, and stepped down from the sky with one foot to crush Ye Yu.

But just in this brief moment.

Ye Yu suddenly burst out of an invincible imposing manner.


An incomparable gigantic illusory shadow suddenly appeared behind him in the sky.

That is an incomparably stalwart silhouette, majestic, full of Supreme’s Fiendgod Aura, like a master who can control the world.

At the moment when this stalwart silhouette appeared, everyone present, including the Chu Elders, had an expression of shock.

They felt a throbbing from in the depth of one’s soul.

That’s right.

It was a throbbing, full of boundless fear.

As if, that god-like silhouette is the king of aloof and remote, they cannot resist.

“pu pass!”

“pu pass!”

“pu pass!”

At this time, there are even a lot of weak Chu family disciplines with a weak cultivation base, which can’t bear the terrifying pressure emitted by the stalwart silhouette of the god and demon behind Ye Yu. Each and everyone directly knelt on the ground and then moved towards Ye Yu’s direction. Crouched down, began to bow down.

That’s right!

Just bow down!

This scene is extremely shocking!

And at this time, compare to the stage.

“Boy, what Bloodline Strength you are, why do I feel that my dark skulls are trembling?!” The black robed man let out a horrified roar, his voice full of fear.

“Hmph, what are you, you are not qualified to know this.”

Ye Yu coldly smiled, blasting out with a punch, instantly bursting the surrounding air.

“Jié jié jié, even if your Bloodline Strength contains stalwart strength, your realm is not high at all, and you will not be my opponent at all. Next, I will kill you completely, wipe out your vitality, and leave you alone. I swallow all my blood and qi, so that my cultivation technique will definitely improve, hahaha!” The black robed man’s tone was full of viciousness.

“Hmph, kill me first.”

Ye Yu expression showed a hint of deep sarcasm, and then he pressed his big hand.


Suddenly, a large black hand that burned magic flames blasted directly from in the sky, and then moved towards the black robed man, suppressed it, like a vast and heavy mountain, forcibly suppressed, to wipe out all vitality.

“So terrifying pressure!”

At this moment, the black robed man screamed in horror, with an incredible tone of voice.

He felt that he had no room for resistance at all under that palm!

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