Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1306

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At this time, feeling the coercion of that terrifying hand, the black robed man was terribly terrified.

That dark monstrous big hand, like a towering mountain suppressed, the terrifying heaviness and simplicity, is the Great Divine Ability that black robed man has never encountered before, possessing great power.

At this time, the black robed man suddenly roared: “Boy, what is the inheritance in you, how do you have such terrifying power and Magical Powers, this is simply not the power that this universe can nurture, what kind of kind are you? exist?!”

At this moment, hearing the screaming roar of the black robed man, Ye Yu coldly smiled and said indifferently, “What are you, you are also entitled to know my identity, you simply don’t deserve to know!”

You simply don’t deserve to know!

When a sentence fell, everyone around was shocked by the expression.

This Ye Yu is so arrogant.

However, looking at Ye Yu’s hidden power with one hand, and the terrifying power, everyone trembled, and their hearts felt an irresistible feeling.

At this time, no one dared to say a word.

And the Eldest Young Master showed fear for the first time. He prayed silently in his heart, hoping that the mysterious black robed man could fight Ye Yu, and killed Ye Yu, and even extracted Ye Yu’s Primordial Spirit. Come out and plunder the great good fortune and inheritance from Ye Yu.

What Eldest Young Master thought was not vicious.

But the black robed man is powerless at this moment.

Under the coverage of the Heaven Covering Demon Hand, he felt that he had no right to resist at all.

crack crack ……

Naked eye can be seen, in the horrified gaze of countless people, when Ye Yu’s demonic energy hand fell from the sky, the huge black skeleton behind the black robed man suddenly shattered.

“Do not?!!”

The black robed man screamed in horror, but to no avail.

And seeing that Demon Flame hand is about to wipe out the black robed man together.

But at this time.


A group of golden divine light suddenly rushed out of the black robed man’s within the body, blooming with endless brilliance.

It was a huge shield made entirely of gold. At this time, the shield expanded and formed a huge divine light shield, which directly shrouded the black robed man under the power, as if no stronghold one cannot overcome .

This is a golden shield with incomparable ancient power.

“Hahaha, boy, I have this inheritance treasure within the body, indestructible, you brat is impossible to break through my defenses.”

The black robed man finally felt a sense of security. He immediately expressed sarcasm and looked towards Ye Yu abruptly, his tone full of ridicule.

“Oh? No stronghold one cannot overcome?”

A cold smile crossed the corner of Ye Yu’s mouth.

Almost at the next moment, a huge war sword came to his condense, which cut it down, and instantly tore through the space, standing directly on the huge golden shield.

铿 clang!

铿 clang!

dang ~ dang ~ dang ~ dang ~!

one after another The sound of metal fighting resounded throughout the beacon.

At this moment, Ye Yu inspires a kind of martial arts and inheritance of kendo that he once plundered, and starts to play the edge of Supreme.

The sword energy is terrifying to the extreme, the endless sword light ravages the void, perpetually penetrates the sky, and continuously slashes and kills the golden shield underneath.

dang ~ dang ~ dang ~ dang ~!

dang ~ dang ~ dang ~ dang ~!

Along with one after another terrifying rumbling sound, naked eye can be seen, that golden shield is about to shatter and turn into pieces, all torn apart, a very terrifying sight.

“How is it possible! How is it possible! How is it possible that you brat has such a sharp kendo Magical Powers?”

The black robed man looked terrified. He tried desperately to roar, but to no avail, he could only watch the golden shield begin to shatter.

Oh la la !

Finally, a sword light tore the golden shield, and instantly cut the black robed man into half.

Blood was thrown into the sky, dyeing the entire Bidoutai red.

This scene is very shocking!

At this moment, no one dared to speak out, all of them dare not speak out.

This Ye Yu is too powerful.

It is so powerful that everyone is desperate to the extreme.

“How could it be that he was killed so easily by this kid.”

At this time, Eldest Young Master expression is hard to see the extreme.

But his face was also pale.

He knows that he is simply not Ye Yu’s opponent now, and he is basically impossible to fight Ye Yu.

Because Ye Yu’s strength is too strong.

This makes this Eldest Young Master who often experience outside, all expressions show incomparable fear.

But at this time, Ye Yu suddenly looked towards the Eldest Young Master, with a cold expression, and suddenly said: “Just now, did you reveal the killing intent to me?”

“Why kid, could you dare to kill me in front of everyone?”

The Eldest Young Master expression said suddenly with a gloomy feeling.


However, at the moment when Eldest Young Master’s threatening words fell, a lance of burning flames instantly tore through the void, directly penetrating his entire head, and directly nailed to the ground.

Eldest Young Master was killed by Ye Yu in an instant.

There is no hesitation, no fear.

In this way, simply use a spear and nail it to the ground.

“Boy, you dare to openly kill my Chu family heirs in my Chu family, it is act recklessly!”

Almost at this moment, each and everyone expression furious old man shot from a distance one after another, trying to kill Ye Yu.

“Get lost!”

But Ye Yu suddenly roared loudly and directly gave all these old men to Zhenfei. Each and everyone old man vomited blood, and his expression was extremely pale.

Ye Yu glanced at these old men coldly, and said, “If you dare to stop me again, I will slaughter your entire Chu family.”

“Oh, this little friend is really amazing, dare to let go of such rhetoric.”

Suddenly, a cold voice rang from the depths of the Chu family not far away.


Naked eye can be seen, a blood-colored silhouette, a few flashes, has stepped to the peripheral zone of the Bidoutai.

This scarlet silhouette is an old man in a blood robe.

He is the Old Ancestor of the Chu Family!

Possessing an extremely long life essence and extremely powerful strength.

“What I said is not rhetoric, but fact.”

However, Ye Yu was fearless at all. He stared at the blood-robed old man coldly, with a smile across his mouth, and said: “What? You are coming to die too?”

“Boy, don’t flash your tongue in the wind, your real realm, but Immortal Monarch level, you are not qualified to act wilfully in my Heavenly River Star department!” A trace of anger suddenly appeared in the old pupils of the blood-robed old man. Shouted coldly.

“Hahaha, if I am qualified, it is not your turn to judge.”

Ye Yu said, then turned around and left.

But at this time, the blood-robed old man burst into an extremely powerful aura, and instantly locked Ye Yu.

“courting death !”

Ye Yu turned his head abruptly, a trace of hostility between his eyebrows, and suddenly coldly shouted.

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