Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1307

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At this time, the blood-robed old man’s breath was terrifying, and he instantly locked Ye Yu’s position.

Feeling the unabashed killing intent on the blood-robed old man, Ye Yu expression also showed a trace of hideousness and hostility.

He didn’t want to kill him, after all, this Chu family was Chu Huiling’s family.

But now it seems that you can’t kill it.


Now that the killing intent has been determined, Ye Yu instantly moved towards the blood-robed old man and rushed away.


With one foot on, Ye Yu burned with magic flames, like an ancient Demon God resurrected, and directly moved towards the blood-robed old man and blasted away, completely shattering everything with the strength of the fleshy body.

Single man subduing ten !

Single Fist Breaks Myriad Laws!

At this moment, Ye Yu is perfect interpretation.

“You dare to directly compete with the Fleshy body and the old man. It’s a courting death, boy, even if you are powerful, it’s too big!” The blood robe old man expression gave a sullen sneer.

A bloody brilliance suddenly rushed out of his body, and he was in the sky condense with a bloody big sword, sword energy vertical and horizontal void, and instantly roared: “Blood Spirit Saint sword, cut 3000 times!”


Almost at the moment when the words of the blood-robed old man fell, a kind of terrifying majestic sword intent, instantly turned into a sky full of blood-colored sword glow, all condensed together, like a wave composed of blood-colored sword energy, Directly moved towards Ye Yu to cover it away.

“Kendo? Huh, I punched you!”

Ye Yu loudly roared, fleshy body blooms infinite divine light, like a True God, has entered the darkness and chaos, and supposes Supreme fleshy body divine force to suppress and kill all existence.




The terrifying fists, burning flames, appear dark golden, no stronghold one cannot overcome, punched out with one punch, crushing pieces of sword intent rays of light, the void will be torn apart, the scene is very terrifying.

“So scary fleshhy body!”

“I feel that Ye Yu no longer belongs to the fleshy body of a normal human being. His life essence has transformed to another great level.”

“Old Ancestor’s sword light can pierce those cosmic battleships in an instant, but now, it is shattered by this Ye Yu’s punch?”

Around, each and everyone Chu’s discipline expression was shocked, and suddenly cry out in surprise.

The scenes were too shocking, constantly impacting their vision.

At this time, the blood-robed old man himself, all expressions showing boundless horror, he shouted at the impossible to bear: “How is it possible, your fleshy body, impossible cultivation to such a terrifying point! My blood Spirit Saint sword, But is a saint weapon cast from the bones of is an Ancient Saint Sage! Moreover, my derived sword intent frenzy, every sword intent can easily tear anything indestructible, even for other battleships at the Universe level. I was torn into countless pieces with a sword, but you brat, how could it be harmless at all, and even shattered all the old man’s sword intent divine light with one punch. I don’t believe it, I don’t believe you have this Kind of power!”

Roaring wildly in his mouth, the blood-brained old man expression showed a hideous and crazy color. He seemed to start burning his original power to perform the most powerful blow.

“Blood Spirit Saint sword, sacrifice to the origin!”

“Hahaha, boy, with this sword, you will definitely die!”

“With one sword, the river of blood appears, killing 10000 spirits!”

The blood robe was old man loudly roared, and the whole void was turbulent.

He chopped it down with a sword, a tragic to the extreme sword energy, instantly tore everything, hiding the sky and covering the earth, like a bloody river of countless dead bones and corpses, instantly traversing the void, flowing down, to obliterate Everything is alive.

“Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique!”

“Divine spear!”

Ye Yu roared, and his whole body bloomed with endless divine light. Holding the devil’s divine spear, burning flames, he immediately stepped into the river of blood. The terrifying devil flames almost burned the surrounding vacuum into nothingness. .

Unbeatable horror!


A terrifying explosion occurred, and the void was torn out one after another rift, which was terrifying.

All Chu Clan people are going backwards madly and dare not be affected by the aftermath.

Otherwise, they will face death.

Hong long long !

Hong long long !

The terrifying rumbling sound resounded throughout the void.

Next moment.


A sound of broken bones and flesh and blood suddenly sounded from the aftermath.

“What is that sound?”

“What happened? Did Old Ancestor kill the kid named Ye Yu?”

“Old Ancestor’s ultimate move, but our planet executives are unable to follow. That kid should be dead.”

Around, each and everyone Chu’s disciples are expressions with a surprise, moved towards that Yubo and looked at it.


And at the next moment, a terrible howl suddenly came from the aftermath.

Everyone could hear this voice very clearly.

It’s the howls of their Old Ancestor!

Could it be that Ye Yu won.

“hong long”

The smoke dissipated, everyone suddenly moved towards that direction and saw the last scene.


Ye Yu stepped high in the sky, smashing the whole body of the blood-robed old man with a punch, and even swallowed the blood-robed old man directly with a hideous black air mouth, turning it into a pure Life Source and swallowed it. .


Almost at the next moment Ye Yu came directly to Chu Huiling’s side and said, “Reward.”

“Give you.”

Chu Huiling also felt a kind of fear for Ye Yu at this moment. She immediately took out a bottle of space container from her arms, which contained all the majestic life source liquid.

“many thanks.”

Ye Yu nodded, said: “The transaction is completed. From then on, you will become the Chu Clan leader. There should be no obstacles. If you want to find me, you can come to the Tianhe Arena. I will be there for a while.”

When the words fell, Ye Yu suddenly stepped into the void, turned into a streak of divine light and disappeared into the sky.

After one hour, Ye Yu came to the Tianhe Arena.

There, Zi Yan wore a long skirt and outlined a perfectly lithe and graceful body. She saw Ye Yu coming, and she suddenly moved lightly, Yingying said with a smile: “Mr. Ye Yu, you have arrived as scheduled. “

“Just call me Ye Yu. It’s too much to call him Mr.”

Ye Yu faintly smiled and said: “I will live in your Tianhe Arena for a while, and you will provide me with life source liquid as much as possible. Maybe I can help you win the top spot in the future Tianhe Competition. “


Ziyan’s beautiful eyes suddenly lit up, revealing a hint of excitement.

You know, if Ye Yu can really win the top of the Tianhe Grand Competition for her, his status can definitely be elevated to an extremely high level.

This is a huge deal!

“Well, Ye Yu, you can live in my Tianhe Arena in the future. You can use all the resources as you like, as long as you can help me win the top spot in the Tianhe Competition!” Ziyan said immediately, beautiful eyes full Is passionate.

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