Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1308

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In the next few days, Ye Yu lived in a house in the Tianhe Arena under the arrangement of Ziyan.

It was an extremely modern community, Ye Yu lived and entered, there was a dreamlike feeling of returning to Earth.

But he knew that this was a technological civilization that was not much more advanced than Earth in his previous life.

It was night, Ye Yu cross-legged cultivation in the life source liquid pool of the room.

He ran the Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique, constantly absorbing the life source fluid in the surrounding pool water, and a wave of terrifying power surged in him within the body, which was very frightening.

If you listen carefully, you can even hear the sound of thunder in Ye Yu’s four-limbed 4 skeleton.

If some qigong masters from the Heavenly River Star series come here, the expression will definitely be shaken to the extreme.

Because, only some cultivators with inheritance since the ancient times can appear in the Tianmai Leiyin.

It’s terrifying!

Very scary!

At this moment, Ye Yu frantically swallowed the life source fluid in the surrounding pool water. He only felt that the gods and demons particles within the body were awakening infinitely.

And a wave of horror, as if from a desolate aura, suddenly radiated from Ye Yu’s body.


Three months later, Ye Yu and Zi Yan stepped onto a battleship and headed to the Tianhe Grand Bi site in the center of the galaxy.

Less than one hour, they traveled through the wormhole, and they had come to a deep universe.

This cosmic plate is a floating continent suspended in the endless starry sky.

Above, there is a huge competition platform.

Countless people around are standing on top of their respective battleships, seeming to be watching.

“Ye Yu, as long as you step into that continent, it means you have joined the Tianhe Grand Bi.” Zi Yan said suddenly.

“Step into that continent?”

Ye Yu looked over, and suddenly saw that there was one after another silhouette on that continent.

Each and everyone, is to diffuse this powerful breath.

“These people are all here to participate in the Tianhe Grand Contest?” Ye Yu expression was surprised.


Zi Yan nodded, said: “Everyone is together, fighting life and death, and the person who survives is the ultimate winner. It is very cruel. If you want to quit, I can agree.”

“No need to.”

Ye Yu shook the head, faintly smiled and said: “These people can’t threaten me.”

The words fall.


Ye Yu suddenly turned into a stream of light and rushed straight into that continent.

Around, towering ancient wood, green hills and mountains, standing on the vast ground.

And almost as soon as Ye Yu entered, a silhouette appeared.

It was a burly man. He stepped on a giant sword. At this moment, he saw Ye Yu, releasing the infinite killing intent, and suddenly said: “I can perceive that you within the body contain a kind of scary The power of, just right, I killed you and seized the good luck from you!”

Every word of this great man is sonorous and powerful, like a sharp sword, to pierce people’s hearts, full of sharpness.

A powerful self-confidence burst out of this big man’s body.

He felt that he must be able to kill Ye Yu.

“boast shamelessly !”

But Ye Yu just said coldly, with a cold expression, and stared at the big man immediately.

All the killing intents on the body were not retained, and all were released.

The air became cold and deadly in an instant.


At this moment, a golden ancient war chariot suddenly rushed out of the burly man, full of grandiose power.

In the ancient war chariot, there are imprints of one after another ancient patterns, including flowers, birds, fish, insects, and 10000 spirits of mountains and rivers, and even the plane imprint of All Heavens Myriad Realms, which is a terrifying ancient battle weapon.

“This golden ancient war chariot is not bad, I want it.” Ye Yu said suddenly.

“act recklessly !”

The burly man expressed angrily soaring to the sky, he stepped forward violently, the ancient war chariot rumbling, and instantly crushed in the void, full of terrifying power.

Around, many powerhouses that are also fighting in this continent are all expression shocks.

They felt a kind of king’s breath from the burly man, and they couldn’t disobey.


At this time, the burly man came driving the golden ancient war chariot, surrounded by turbulent clouds, like a fairy descending, his eyes were cold, his thick hair draped over his shoulders, full of a wild imposing manner.

“When I kill you brat, you won’t speak big words anymore.”

The burly man coldly smiled, he reached out with one hand, and immediately grasped the giant sword that had stepped on it, and directly turned into a Shocking Heaven Sword Qi, which was instantly cut from the sky, full of endless sharpness.

Oh la la !

But next moment, Ye Yu punched out, Single Fist Breaks Myriad Laws, a golden light burst out in an instant, and the sword light was wiped out in an instant.


The burly man coldly shouted, he strode down from the golden ancient war chariot, his whole body was filled with a strong mountain-like heavy oppression, approaching Ye Yu’s location, the space was crushed and collapsed in an instant.

The sight is extremely terrifying!


At this moment, Ye Yu did not hesitate, and stepped out suddenly, and the power of the gods and demons burst out.


Behind him, a stalwart illusory shadow suddenly rose from the ground, full of boundless dominance and heaviness, making the surrounding powerhouses watching this battle change their colors.

They all felt an irresistible will from the illusory shadow.

As if, the gods once again descended on this land.

“What is that? Fighting a natural phenomenon?”

“It’s not like it, it seems to be the terrifying will of inheritance in Bloodline, too terrifying!”

“What is the origin of this kid? How can he have such a terrifying Bloodline.”

Around, each and everyone powerhouse expression said with a shock.


Ye Yu was full of demonic flames burning at this moment, he descended like an ancient War God, stepping out, a very heavy lance appeared in his hand, completely dark, like a black divine iron casting.


Ye Yu came down with a spear, as if a large mountain crashed down.

Repress the heavens!

Over 10000 ancient!

At this time, the imposing manner on Ye Yu’s body was too terrifying, making everyone’s heart beat wildly.

On the opposite side, the burly man also felt a breath of incomparable horror. He was full of golden light and turned out to be a True Golden Battle Body, which was inspired at this moment and suddenly became an ancient Golden God, possessing unparalleled power.




There was a violent collision between the two people.

These powerhouses from the major Tianhe arenas, each and everyone have the power to overwhelm an era.

However, Ye Yu’s power of the gods and demons was too terrifying. His demonic lance pierced the head of the burly man, and directly wiped out his entire Primordial Spirit.


Seeing this scene, many prying eyes around are shocked to the extreme.

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