Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1309

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At this moment, Ye Yu was full of horrible divine light, and the unparalleled powerful imposing manner diffused into the void. Many spectators around were trembling in fear.

“I am going to kill you!”

Suddenly, a tall man with golden light all over his body stepped out from in the sky, cold like a knife-like pupil light, staring at Ye Yu, his eyes full of ferocity.

“It’s the little Prince of the Golden Eagle!”

“It is said that he is the most powerful genius of this generation in the Golden Eagle family, and possesses the power of the world.”

“That human azure clothes boy, I wonder if I can beat this golden eagle little Prince?”

Around, each and everyone spectators’ expressions were shocked and talked.

“You’re shooting at me?”

Ye Yu glanced at the golden eagle little Prince and said, “Don’t you know that if you can’t kill me, you will be killed by me?”

“arrogant and conceited !”

The golden eagle little Prince expression sneered, and said: “Who wins or loses is not necessarily true. Although you are strong, the cultivation technique is also unpredictable, but I know that it is me who will stand on this land in the end. And you will be torn to pieces by me.”

The golden eagle little Prince was born full of wildness and very ruthless. He said at this time, a kind of powerful confidence, surging between his eyebrows, just like he is a aloof and remote, judging the fate of Ye Yu.

“Come on!”

Ye Yu didn’t have any nonsense, spit out two words coldly, and stepped directly above the sky, like a world-famous god, full of endless power.

Many spectators around, all expressed excitement.

These two powerhouses are all possessing great battle strength, and their collision must be unprecedented and full of passion.

At this moment, over the mainland, a round of golden sun shone down, setting off the golden eagle little Prince as if he were a golden god.

His whole body is made of gold, with golden hair, golden pupils, and a tall body made of gold, full of vigor and stalwart.

At this moment, his eyes were full of coldness, wild and boundless, staring at Ye Yu on the opposite side, revealing a powerful fighting intent.


At some point, a golden long sword appeared in the hands of the golden eagle little Prince, with a Dragon Mark engraved on it, a faintly terrifying dragon prestige, which diffuses the void, making people fearful and trembling.

This yellow golden sword is definitely a terrifying battle weapon, containing great power.

On the other side, Ye Yu stepped above the sky, dancing wildly with black hair and hunting in clothes. Although the whole person seemed calm and waveless, there was a breath that made countless people faintly fearful.

“You take the shot first, otherwise, you won’t have the chance to take the shot.”

The little Prince of the Golden Eagle said, with a powerful conceit.

But Ye Yu didn’t move, he just stared coldly at the little golden eagle Prince.


At this moment, an invisible imposing manner seemed to spread from the two people. It was an extremely terrifying killing thought, grandiose, surging like a vast ocean, dispersing the void, flooding the sky, covering the sky and the sun, and the world is magnificent. , 2 things are withered.


Suddenly, everyone was shocked to find that under the confrontation between the two, a towering ancient wood exploded and turned into sky debris, then dissipated invisible.


Another big mountain cracked, and the whole mountain turned into rolling rubble, crashing to the ground, smashing countless forests.

This is an invisible confrontation!

This is a clash between two young powerhouses!

Incomparable horror and shock.

“What kind of level have they reached?”

“How the hell is this cultivation, so that I can have such a terrifying Great Divine Ability!”

“These 2 statues exist, too terrifying.”

Countless spectators around, all expressions shudder, and their eyes are full of disbelief.

The confrontation of invisible killing thoughts already possesses such terrifying destructive power.

Unimaginable, if they really fight with their hands, they don’t know what the collision will be.


At this time, Ye Yu and the golden eagle little Prince continued to face each other invisibly. Under them, the earth began to break into one after another crack, and the surrounding air was flooded by killing thoughts, and even formed a lore field.

If a creature enters it, it will definitely be strangled clean in an instant.

In the endless barren forest below, all kinds of ominous beasts are fearful roars, crawling on the ground, not daring to move at all.

“Killing sword technique!”

“Kill 10000 swords!”


The golden eagle little Prince finally made the move impossible to bear. As soon as he came up, he displayed the extremely terrifying Kendo Magical Powers.

It can be seen from naked eye that a piece of golden divine light blooms from the golden eagle Prince, and the brilliance floods the entire sky. At this moment, the golden eagle Prince has become an incomparable god. He cut it down with a single sword, and the entire Star River instantly Condense A piece of Great Sun Sword light, Tearing the Void, is like a long river of swords, surging with terrifying murderous aura, instantly tearing it to Ye Yu below, to destroy both body and soul.


At this time, Ye Yu suddenly roared loudly, and the terrifying murderous aura was released from his body. The murderous aura rushed into the sky, and a shot of the lance burned the flames, pierced the void, and instantly moved towards the golden eagle on the sky. Kill Prince.




The terrifying matchless collision occurred. In the void, Ye Yu and the golden eagle little Prince were like two gods, fighting in the dark. A wave of powerful fluctuations spread out, making everyone watching the game shocked by expression.

These 2 powerhouses are horrible.

It was not something they could resist at all. They had no doubt that if they entered the battle group, they would be torn apart by the terrifying Qi of Slaughter in an instant, and even the Primordial Spirit would be destroyed, which was extremely terrifying.


The golden sacred sword in the hands of the golden eagle little Prince was hacked again and again, as if it could split heaven and earth apart, cutting and splitting the void.

But the lance in Ye Yu’s hand did not fall in the slightest. Every spear pierced the void instantly. The sharp and terrifying edge was no less than the gold sacred sword in the hands of the golden eagle little Prince.


The golden sacred sword and the magic prison lance collided violently, shaking the heavens, shaking the Star River, crushing 10000 ancient times, and annihilating the era.

“Where did you get the lance in your hand, you can actually shake the inheritance Divine Weapon from my ancestor Golden God!” The golden eagle little Prince expression was shocked, his pupils full of disbelief.

“Hmph, Divine Weapon thought it could shake the sky? It’s really ridiculous.”

Ye Yu responded indifferently, with sarcasm in his tone.

“Kill!” The golden eagle little Prince roared, his whole body was golden divine light burning like endless flames, and the void was burned into nothingness.

His gaze is like a knife, full of fierce aura, Tearing the Void, full of surging power, moved towards Ye Yu suppress and kill, he seems to not kill Ye Yu, swears not to give up, the Qi of Slaughter is simply terrifying.

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