Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1310

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At this moment, the golden eagle little Prince roared and shook Star River.

The expressions of countless people around were shocked. They watched the battle in the center, and they felt that the blood was about to boil.

It was horrible, the battle was really horrible.

Make countless people's faces shocked to the extreme.

"108,000 sword!"

At this time, the golden sacred sword in the hands of the golden eagle little Prince suddenly cut down. Suddenly, a golden sword ran across the void, forming a huge river of swords, and a golden sword was trembling violently. , As if it had become a sword net, moved towards Ye Yu suppress and kill underneath, and crashed down.


An extremely terrifying big explosion was born in the sky, and the aftermath of that terrifying wave caused countless ancient mountains and huge trees around the sky to burst, full of boundless terror.

And almost at the next moment, a silhouette stepped forward, holding the demon lance in his hand, burning monstrous flames all over his body, like an ancient Old Demon who stepped from ancient times, possessing unparalleled power, and instantly Countless sword nets were torn apart, and even killed directly in front of the golden eagle little Prince.


Lance was so sharp that he pierced through one of the golden eagle's arms in an instant.


Golden Eagle Little Prince angrily roared.

He was covered in extremely terrifying rays of light, and when he roared, the whole piece of Star River seemed to sway in his mouth.


The golden eagle little Prince escaped from Ye Yu's assassination range.

"Myriad Swords Faces the Sect!"


The golden eagle little Prince roared, and his whole body suddenly surging out from in the sky 10000 1000 golden sword, each sword made a sound of clank, just like Heavenly Sword humming together, countless golden sword Tearing the Void, instantly moved towards far Ye Yu burst away.


The horrible murderous intention, dispersing the void, and full of a Supreme Power of Slaughter, shocked and shocked the people watching the battle.

At this time, Ye Yu is coldly smiled.

He ran the Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique and urged the lance in his hand. In an instant, the lance began to swell, and then it turned into a black mountain, directly resisting the fight of the 10000 1000 golden sword.


The 10000 swords neighed, making the whole piece of Heaven and Earth resemble breaking apart. The big floor pieces were up and down, and the 10000 golden long swords were inserted on the huge black mountain peak, forming a sword forest.

"Too terrifying, these two powerhouses, are they stepping into the legendary realm? No matter how they move, they all provoke the power of Heaven and Earth. This power almost destroys heaven and extinguishing earth."

"After the battle between these two powerhouses is lonely, I am afraid that the most powerful existence on this continent is about to come out. Their two battle strengths are probably the most tyrannical existence among us, and I don’t know where it came from. The two perverts from the Ministry have fought to such an extent, it is simply too terrifying. If I enter their battle group, I am afraid I will be killed by that aftermath in an instant."

Around, each and everyone spectators all had expressions with a sense of horror, and they whispered to themselves immediately, the expression was full of shock.

And this time, on the battlefield not far away.

"Clang clang clang ..."

Accompanied by the sound of one after another kendo neighing, everyone was surprised to find that the golden eagle little Prince once again rushed out of 10000 1000 golden swords, moved towards the black mountain in front of Ye Yu, and rushed away, almost about to kill it. The black mountain was destroyed for life.


But at this time, Ye Yu suddenly withdrew the black mountain and turned into a lance of burning black flames. In an instant, Tearing the Void, his whole body bloomed with immense divine light, almost turned into a human-shaped rays of light, going straight through. In those countless golden swords, the moved towards the golden eagle little Prince burst out.

"What? This boy with azure clothes, should he fight the golden eagle little Prince fleshy body?"

"The really strong horizontal fleshy body, the golden sword of the golden eagle little Prince, can't hurt the azure clothes young fleshy body, it's too scary."

"Yeah, these two powerhouses, not to mention our technological civilization, but the real cultivation civilization, I am afraid they are extremely powerful existence."

Around, many people are discussing spiritedly. They looked at the battle on the central battlefield, and their expressions were shocked to the extreme.

“weng! ”

Suddenly, the little golden eagle Prince watched Ye Yu rushing towards him. He immediately shook his palm and pulled out a black spear from in the sky.

The euphorbia is simple and vicissitudes of life, and the whole body is engraved with complicated lines. The tip of the euphorbia is dyed with blood, and it is full of endless brutality. It is full of bloodthirsty aura, and it dyes the surrounding void into bright red.

His expression was brutal, the black spear was full of endless sharpness. At this moment, the void was suddenly shattered, full of endless killing, and Ye Yu who moved towards the bottom instantly rushed away.


The terrifying collision sounded suddenly, turning the void into nothingness.

The two figures retreated one after another, and everyone expressed horror. With this blow, the two of them turned out to be uncomfortable.

"You are indeed very strong. At this age, you are worthy of being a young King!" The golden eagle little Prince said, with a very ruthless tone, and said: "However, you are very unlucky, and you actually met I, and I, will suppress and kill you today on this barren land, and I will make you bloody the whole wasteland!"


Almost as soon as the words fell, the black big halberd in the hands of the golden eagle little Prince radiated endless black Ray of Death, and the entire void was shining into death in an instant.


The black halberd, full of endless killings, set him off like an emperor from the same kingdom of death.

His eyes are like knives, staring at Ye Yu, and gloomily said in a cold voice: "Next, I will suppress and kill you, or even swallow your Primordial Spirit. You, with the human body, can burst into such a terrifying battle. Strength, and my golden sword, even your body can’t be pierced. You must have great opportunity and great good fortune in your body. I will seize all the secrets of your body to create my Supreme battle strength!"

The golden eagle little Prince said, his tone was extremely domineering.

Just like, he is the king of aloof and remote, and Ye Yu is a courtier, and the courtier cannot resist his own king.


Ye Yu coldly smiled, and said: "Golden Eagle Little Prince, what are you, you are qualified to try to steal my good fortune? It's ridiculous!"

"Hmph, when you die, you have to be stiff, or, I'm here to kill you, and see if you can talk after you die." The golden eagle little Prince expression was full of hostility and wildness, he Cruel in nature, at this time attack for a long time without any success, immediately use the most powerful battle strength, to fight Ye Yu life and death.

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