Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1311

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Ye Yu and the golden eagle little Prince are still in a terrifying battle.

At this time, the wide spread of the war has begun to arouse the attention of everyone who observes this continent.

Many people are shocked. These two powerhouses, which division brought the contestants, actually possessed such great power.

This kind of powerful Divine Ability and power, I am afraid that even some Lord objects of the Heavenly River Star series are very appreciated, or even concerned.

“The azure clothes boy seems to be the powerhouse from the Gamma Planet branch, didn’t expect, that small place, there is such a powerful existence.”

“Is this azure clothes boy really a human race? The golden eagle little Prince, who is an inheritance of Ancient Ominous Beast, possesses an unparalleled fleshy body, within the body contains ancient power, but now it seems that this azure clothes teenagers still have the upper hand, it’s too terrifying.”

Around, each and everyone on the universe battleship, each and everyone are all talking.

When they watched the battle, they all started to pay attention to the impossible to bear.

However, the most excited at this time is naturally Ziyan.

She originally thought that Ye Yu could be in the top ten is already very good, but now it seems that it is not impossible to achieve the top 3, or even the first place in this competition.


In the distance, above the mainland, the little Prince of the Golden Eagle was no better than Ye Yu’s Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique. He roared roar, and his expression was full of unwillingness.


But at the next moment, Ye Yu’s lance in the hands of the devil rips everything apart, and directly pierces the entire body of the golden eagle little Prince, and directly picks it on the lance.

This scene is extremely shocking!

Countless people around are all expression shocks.


The golden eagle little Prince was picked up by Ye Yu lance. He didn’t die, but felt humiliated.

He roared angrily, but to no avail.


A destructive power of the gods and demon suddenly burst out of the demon lance in the hands of Ye Yu, and directly destroyed all the vitality of the golden eagle little Prince.

The little Prince of the Golden Eagle fell in an instant!

“I am the king, who dares not follow?”

Suddenly, Ye Yu said, with an irresistible overbearing tone.

After all, all powerhouses on the entire continent show terrified expressions.

They didn’t expect that Ye Yu was so domineering and powerful, directly calling himself the king, and he was still in front of everyone.

However, although Ye Yu is definitely too domineering, no one dares to speak.

Ye Yu suppress and kill the golden eagle little Prince just now, the strength displayed is too tyrannical, no one dares to disobey.

“Boy, you are too arrogant. Don’t think that you suppress and kill the little Prince of the golden eagle and think that you are invincible in the whole world. True powerhouse is still lurking in this continent. If you are so arrogant, we will join hands sooner or later. Kill!”

Suddenly, a sarcasm sounded, resounding somewhere in this continent.

When the words fell, everyone’s eyes lit up.


If they are all united together, I don’t know whether this Ye Yu can be killed.

“oh la la !”

But at this time, Ye Yu expression moved, he grabbed it with one hand, and suddenly a flame-burning master hand, an incomparable gigantic, instantly shattered the void, and directly caught a black clothed man hidden in the sky.

The voice just now was the black clothed man who was secretly provoking.

However, he absolutely did not expect that Ye Yu was so terrifying in divine sense, and he caught his breath in an instant. Even he couldn’t resist Ye Yu’s move, and was directly captured by Ye Yu and imprisoned. Up.

“What do you want to do? Are you going to kill me?” the black clothed man yelled in horror.

However, all to no avail.

“hong long”

Ye Yu didn’t say a word, and squeezed the black clothed man directly with a big hand.

Oh la la !

The blood was thrown into the sky and the whole land was dyed red.

At this time, countless people around were expression fiercely shocked. They didn’t expect Ye Yu to have such terrifying strength.

“Now, who else wants to disobey?”

Ye Yu spoke out indifferently, with great majesty in his tone.

“Don’t dare!”

At this moment, each and everyone powerhouse bowed.

They felt the pressure of hiding the sky and covering the earth, and their expression revealed a deep fear.

This Ye Yu, can’t mess with it.

Otherwise, the end will be a strong kill.

Next, all powerhouses have acknowledged allegiance. Therefore, Ye Yu won the first place this time.

“Unbelievable, such a terrifying powerhouse can be produced in such a small place!”

“Ye Yu, I’m afraid this time will be completely famous for the Heavenly River Star series!”

“I don’t know, where exactly did Ye Yu come from? Could it be that he is an inheritance of the ancient human race Supreme, and now he has inspired the inheritance of within the body, so at such a young age, such horrors erupted battle strength!”

Everyone was talking about it.

At this time, Ye Yu has come to Ziyan’s battleship.

“Ye Yu, congratulations, you won the first place in the Tianhe competition. Didn’t expect, your strength is so powerful that all the contestants are willing to surrender.”

Seeing Ye Yu stepping forward, Zi Yan flashed a hint of surprise in her beautiful eyes. Her peerless appearance was full of excitement, and suddenly said “unable to bear”. ‘

At this time, on this battleship, many guards and maids all expressed awe, looking at the azure clothes silhouette.

Originally, they felt that Ye Yu was just a commoner that’s all, and he deserved to be treated like that by the chief of Zi Yan.

But now it seems that this treatment is simply correct.

They saw the war that broke out on the mainland just now.

so horrible!

They were shocked in their hearts.

They didn’t expect that this ordinary azure clothes boy would have such terrifying strength.

Little Prince of the Golden Eagle, they have heard of it.

His battle strength is definitely in the top ten in the Heavenly River Star series.

But now, he was killed by Ye Yu, a human teenager, strongly suppress and kill!


Unbeatable shock!

If it weren’t for Ye Yu who seemed very cold, these guards or maids might have been crowded up to sign.

At this time, Ziyan invited Ye Yu into the battleship.

At this time, the two people stood opposite each other.

“Ye Yu, 3 days later, you followed me to attend the awards ceremony of the Tianhe Grand Competition. You won the top spot, and you definitely have an extremely rich reward.” Ziyan’s graceful posture moved lightly, and a smile flashed through beautiful eyes. Yidao.

This time Ye Yu won too many honors for it.

“Well, I will come to Tianhe Arena in 3 days.”

Ye Yu nodded said.

“Next, Ye Yu, you will rest in this battleship. After 3 days, our battleship should have arrived at the real headquarters of our Tianhe Arena.” Zi Yan said with a smile.

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