Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1312

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After the fight, Ye Yu returned to the battleship.

He entered his room and began to cultivation silently.

Ye Yu spent the next few days in his room.

During the period, Ziyan sent people to send a lot of life source liquid, after Ye Yu swallowed it, the gods and demons particles within the body awakened a lot.

On this day, the battleship finally arrived at the real headquarters of the Tianhe Arena.

Here, all kinds of huge battleships stayed everywhere, and Zi Yan took Ye Yu to the headquarters.

At this moment, on a huge observatory in the headquarters, an old man in a robe was smiling, looking at Ye Yu and Ziyan who came by.

“Congratulations to Ziyan Eldest Young Lady, who was able to get the help of Mr. Ye Yu and won the top spot in the Tianhe Grand Competition. This time, I am afraid that even Patriarch can’t decide your marriage.” The old man in the robe said Then, let Ye Yu expression reveal the color of doubt.

“Is such that.”

With a copy of sorry on Ziyan’s beautiful face, he explained:’Ye Yu, sorry, I didn’t tell you before. In fact, I am not simply the principal of the Tianhe Arena branch of Gamma Planet, I am Tianhe Gladiator. The daughter of the field headquarters family, but Patriarch gave me a marriage. I didn’t want to marry someone I didn’t know. So in my anger, I fled to the gamma planet and bet with Patriarch if I could find strange people to help me, To win the top spot of the Tianhe Grand Competition, you can escape the marriage. “

“No wonder.”

Ye Yu was also slightly stunned at this, no wonder this Ziyan was so concerned about the Tianhe Grand Competition.

“Escape from marriage is just a small matter.”

The robe old man said with a smile, said with a smile: “The most important thing is that this time Eldest Young Lady won the top spot, and her position in the Tianhe headquarters will be greatly improved in an instant. This time, thanks to Ye Mr. Yu.”

This old man in the robe seemed to be an old slave on the side of Ziyan. As he said, he moved towards Ye Yu and bowed.

But immediately, the old man expression showed a trace of dignity and seriousness, looking at Ye Yu and said: “However, Mr. Ye Yu came to our headquarters in Tianhe Arena. Please always pay attention to some potential enemies of Ziyan Eldest Young Lady. Will secretly attack you, Mr. Ye Yu.”

“I know.”

Ye Yu nodded, the expression flashed a smile, and said: “I will pay attention.”

“So good.”

The old man in the robe laughed, and then said: “Next, Mr. Ye Yu, please stay in my Tianhe Arena headquarters to watch. The reward for the top of the Tianhe Competition will be delivered to Mr. Ye Yu in a few days.”

“Then it will work.” Ye Yu also hugged cup one fist in the other hand.

Immediately, a waiter came over and took Ye Yu moved towards the distance to arrange a place.

On the spot, only the robe old man and purple smoke remained.

At this time, the old man in the robe looked at the purple smoke in front of him, unable to bear said with a smile: “It seems that Eldest Young Lady is expecting a lot from this Mr. Ye Yu, otherwise, Eldest Young Lady, you are impossible to let an outsider know Your identity, moreover, personally brought him to the headquarters.”

“Lao Zhang, what are you talking about, Ye Yu and I are just ordinary friends that’s all.” Zi Yan’s beautiful face showed a hint of blush.

Immediately, she looked slightly solemn and asked: “How is the situation of other factions?”

“Many people have already begun to stir, but there are also many people lurking secretly. They are waiting for our Patriarch to open that ancestral land and enter it to capture the good fortune of the Foreign Domain civilization, thereby enhancing the heritage and strength of their faction.”

The old man in the robe said, and then his old eyes flashed with a smile, and said: “Eldest Young Lady, you brought Mr. Ye Yu back, I am afraid it is also for the trial of the ancestral land this time, after all, Mr. Ye Yu, A cry of azure clothes should be a person in a cultivation civilization, and the ancestral land where our Tianhe Arena is about to open, the Foreign Domain civilization connected to it is a cultivation civilization.”

“I do have this plan.”

Zi Yan was nodded, but then gave a wry smile and said, “However, all of this still needs Ye Yu’s consent. If he doesn’t want to go, I can’t force him to go.”

“Yes, but this Mr. Ye Yu doesn’t seem to be that difficult to talk about. As long as he is given enough benefits, I think he It shouldn’t be rejected.” said the old man in the robe, his tone of voice was so sophisticated. taste.

“Yes.” Ziyan nodded, sighed softly, “Everything, only benefits.”


Ye Yu followed the waiter and walked for nearly one hour before arriving at a very high-end residential area.

Here, it seems to be the place where the distinguished existence in the Tianhe Arena can only enter.

“Sir, your residence is in Building 85.” The waiter smiled politely, handed Ye Yu a crystal room card, and then turned and left.

After all, she is just a waiter and is not qualified to enter this high-end residential area.

“Building 85?”

Ye Yu looked at the crystal room card in his hand and moved towards this high-end residential area.

However, just as Ye Yu stepped into this high-end residential area, a coldly shouted sound suddenly sounded not far away.

“Kid stop, who are you? What qualifications do you have to step into this residential area?”

It was a young man wearing a security uniform. He stared at Ye Yu not far away with a arrogant look. He looked at Ye Yu’s plain clothes, and suddenly a trace of contempt flashed in his eyes, and said: “This Residential area, kid like you is not qualified to enter, get out.”

“Look at this before talking.” Ye Yu suddenly said, the crystal room card in his hand swayed in front of the young man’s eyes.

“How can it be!”

When the young man saw the crystal room card in Ye Yu’s hand, his expression suddenly showed a hint of horror, but next moment, it seemed that he didn’t believe that a rustic kid like Ye Yu actually had the room card in this residential area. Suddenly coldly said: “Where is the wild boy, dare to steal a card, I think you have no intentions, now immediately follow me to register your identity, and see if you are from my Tianhe Arena.”


Rank status?

Ye Yu’s eyes showed a hint of coldness, he didn’t have time to delay with such a small security guard.

Step on!

Ye Yu ignored the young man and moved towards the distance.

“Boy, you dare to ignore me!”

The young man saw Ye Yu turn around and left, and his expression immediately showed a trace of hideousness. A strange force gushing out of him within the body, and he instantly moved towards Ye Yu and grabbed it.

“Get lost!”

Ye Yu suddenly shouted coldly, with a strong vigor, immediately blasted the young man into the air, and fell into the distance with a bang.

“If you dare to make trouble unreasonably, I will kill you directly.”

Ye Yu left a word indifferently, and disappeared directly into the distant building in the ugly eyes of the young man.

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