Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1313

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After one hour, Ye Yu came to his residence.

It was an extremely luxurious house, but Ye Yu also knew that he should be considered a VIP at the Tianhe Arena now.

Three days later, Tianhe Arena sent the prize that won the top spot, which was a precious spiritual medicine cultivated from the seeds of external civilization.

Although this spiritual medicine is extremely precious, in Ye Yu’s eyes, it is just some ordinary spiritual medicine that’s all that complements the original strength, but it is better than nothing.

Therefore, after swallowing the spiritual medicine, Ye Yu has been lurking in the residence for cultivation.

Seven days later, Zi Yan brought a group of followers to visit.

“Ye Yu.” Now that I am acquainted with Ye Yu, Zi Yan knows that Ye Yu is not as cold as it seems.

“Purple smoke.” Ye Yu also gave a slight polite.

And then, Zi Yan let her followers leave and she entered Ye Yu’s residence.

“I came here this time to inform Ye Yu that there is going to be an ancestral inheritance battle among my family. This is extremely important to me. I hope Ye Yu can help me.” Zi Yan directly He pointed out his intention and said immediately.

“Ancestral land inheritance competition?”

Ye Yu expression showed a trace of surprise and asked, “Where is the ancestral land?”

“The ancestral land is controlled by the upper echelons of my family. The ancestral land seems to be connected to a foreign domain civilization, so it is 10000 points dangerous, but at the same time it is full of opportunities. Therefore, I asked Ye Yu to be able to interact with you. Me together.” Zi Yan immediately explained.

“Connected to Foreign Domain civilization?” Ye Yu expression moved, his eyes faintly showing a strange color.

You know, in the ancestors of these legends that are connected to the Foreign Domain civilization, there may be many horrible opportunities hidden. If you enter by yourself, you may be able to use your own Great Divine Ability to win some precious treasures. If it is, it is not a waste of time to come to this Tianhe Arena headquarters.

“Gā gā gā, kid, you can go and see, maybe you will be able to come across something worthy of action. If you can find something that restores the power of the god, that would be great.” Shang laughed. The sound suddenly said in his mind.

“Okay, I promise you.”

Ye Yu looked at the purple smoke in front of him and suddenly laughed.

“So very good.”

Purple smoke is also an expression of joy, a trace of to be wild with joy on the beautiful face.

She knows how terrifying Ye Yu is. In the technological civilization, he is definitely a god-like figure. If he can help himself, it is definitely a gift.

Therefore, even though he has always been extremely reserved at this time, Zi Yan is also unable to bear and kissed Ye Yu’s slashed face.

Immediately, her beautiful face was slightly blushing, and she whispered: “Sorry, I was excited for a while.”

“It’s okay, I’m very welcome to kiss such a big beautiful woman.” Ye Yu laughed, jokingly said.


After half a month, in front of the ancestral land of Tianhe Arena.

In an old channel entrance, Ye Yu walked directly in with purple smoke.

In the same place, the old man expression under Zi Yan’s command was relieved and could not help but muttered: “With the protection of Ye Yu, Eldest Young Lady is definitely not in any danger. I hope Eldest Young Lady can find her own inheritance. “


A new piece of Heaven and Earth.

Here, the great mountain flies horizontally, the green hills stand, the silver waterfall flies over 9 days, and the big sun floats ten thousand zhang high in the sky.

This is a piece of Heaven and Earth that is completely different from technological civilization.

Here, is a completely unfamiliar Taikoo Great Desolate land.

At this time, the void trembles suddenly.



The two figures suddenly appeared.

It is Ye Yu and Ziyan.

At this time, two people appeared, both with a trace of doubt in their eyes.

But immediately, Ye Yu said: “It seems that we have come to the ancestral land of your Tianhe family, and it turns out to be such an ancient Heaven and Earth world.”

Listening to this, Ziyan is also nodded.

She looked at Heaven and Earth around her, with an expression of joy on her beautiful face, and said: “It’s been a long time since I saw such a magnificent wild mountain and river.”

Ye Yu listened to this, smiled and said: “This kind of landform is very common in cultivation civilization. This land looks magnificent, but it is full of dangers. You must be careful and follow me closely.”

“That’s for sure, I have that many competitors in the family have entered this Foreign Domain civilized world, I will naturally follow you closely, to never leave each other.” It seems that there is a little coquettish, Zi Yan Immediately he put the curvaceous lithe and graceful figure on Ye Yu’s back.

Immediately, a trace of crafty flashed in her beautiful eyes and said: “Ye Yu, don’t you abandon me.”

“With such a big beauty as you, I will naturally not abandon it.” Ye Yu laughed, extend the hand and touched the purple smoked black hair in front of him, then said: “Let’s go, take a look at this land first. Are there any aborigines, etc., and then look for the so-called family inheritance.”

This time, many young children of the Tianhe Arena family have entered the foreign domain civilized land connected by the ancestral land.

They have the same purpose, first, to survive on this foreign domain civilized land, and second, to find all kinds of luck and powerhouse inheritance left by their ancestors.

If they find some powerful inheritance, after returning to the Heavenly River Star system from this foreign domain civilization, they will definitely be reused in the Tianhe Arena, and even won the Patriarch position.

Therefore, the competition is extremely fierce.

But Ye Yu doesn’t care much. After all, for him, to enter this world, it is enough to help Ziyan find an inheritance. The other thing is to see if he can encounter some powerful luck.


Half a day later, Ye Yu and Zi Yan came to the top of a big mountain.

When they looked around, they suddenly saw this magnificent Great Desolate land, which was so vast that it was impossible to see at a glance.

This makes Ziyan beautiful eyes full of excitement, very excited in her heart.

She has always been the Eldest Young Lady of the Tianhe Arena. She grew up in a closed room since she was a child. She simply never went out, let alone came to this very ancient Great Desolate land.

Therefore, she is very curious about everything.

For example, a green hill in the distance trembles and rubble rolls down. As a result, the green hill is not a green hill. It turned out to be a huge azure dragon. After waking up from the ground, it took off for 9 days, full of shock.

All of this, for Ziyan, the Eldest Young Lady from the technological civilization, is almost dreamlike.

“I found an ancient tribe with divine sense. I went there first to see if I could detect the existence of this land.” Ye Yu suddenly said.

“it is good.”

Ziyan suddenly nodded, and here she is naturally Ye Yu.

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