Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1314

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Covered by Ye Yu’s huge divine sense, he brought purple smoke to an ancient tribe.

That’s right.

It is the tribe.

Under the cover of the towering mountains and rolling green mountains, in the dense jungle, a tribe resembling an ancient age appeared in the eyes of two people.

However, just as soon as the two people arrived at the tribe.


Accompanied by a terrifying roar sound, a giant beast the size of a hill suddenly appeared in front of the two people.

It was an extremely huge ominous beast, covered in pitch-black scale armor, shining with an extremely cold metallic luster under the sunlight.

That giant beast, born with Three Heads Six Arms, within the body should inherit Immemorial Ferocious Beast Bloodline, full of a terrifying murderous aura. At this time, when you step on it, the mountain collapses, and countless ancient giant trees are all inches. Cracked open.

At this time, in the tribe, each and everyone of the tribe was full of expressions with fear, looking at the ancient giant beast that suddenly descended.

They live in this Great Desolate wild forest. It is normal to encounter this kind of giant beast. They also have many powerhouses.

But at this moment, this giant beast is too huge and terrifying, it is not something they can resist.


Suddenly a powerful ancient aura rose from the depths of this tribe.

That was an old man in animal skins!

At this moment, he was holding a scepter in his hand, and his expression brought a killing.

“Evil creature, dare to destroy my tribal territory, die for me!”

The animal skin old man roared, his whole body actually began to swell, turning into an extremely burly Little Giant, the muscles outside his body were like horned dragons, and in an instant he changed from a small and skinny old man to a world-famous one. The giant of power.


The scepter in his hand was now the size of a giant peak, and he directly began to fight with the giant beast.




The terrifying breath is full of Heaven and Earth, full of boundless murderous aura.

At this time, Heaven and Earth were in solace, the sky was dimmed, the earth collapsed, the mountains and rivers were broken, the water flow was cut off, the mountains were broken, the veins rushed, and the volcano erupted, full of endless disasters.

Just like, the whole earth is going to be destroyed in an instant.




The ancient giant creature roared, because it found that every time the scepter in the old man’s hand hits it, it feels boundless pain.

However, this made this ancient giant creature more violent and ferocious. It roared, and its voice was full of ferocious killing intents.

“pa ta !”

Suddenly, the giant beast stepped on it, crushing the scepter in the old man’s hand.

Immediately, a terrifying breath made the old man spit a mouthful of blood like a wild Little Giant animal skin, and the breath wilted in an instant.


The animal skin old man was beaten back to its original shape, and turned into that skinny old man again.

His old face was full of bitter smiles, and he couldn’t resist this ancient giant beast at all.


Among the tribes, each and everyone clansman, men and women, old and young, looked at the Old Patriarch who was vomiting blood, all expressions revealed lose one’s head out of fear.

They knew that if Old Patriarch, the most powerful in their hearts, couldn’t resist that too ancient giant creature, I’m afraid that their tribe would really disappear in the Great Desolate.


However, just when the animal skin old man expression showed a bitter smile and everyone in the tribe was desperate, a big hand that covered the sky suddenly appeared above the sky.

The big hand that covers the sky, the whole body is pitch black, like a black gold casting, with one after another magic pattern imprinted on it, like a condensed Space, Time, Vast, Desolate.

Moreover, above the big hand that covers the sky, the demon flame is still burning fiercely and supremely, full of endless power.

At this time, it was covered with one hand, as if a towering mountain was suppressed, full of unparalleled power.


The heavy and vast aura is full of endless majesty, as if the god of the same aloof and remote shot, grabbed from the Great Desolate of the ancient times, and crushed the ancient giant creature.


At this moment, that too ancient giant creature finally felt an unstoppable force, heavy, vast, and full of unparalleled power.

This too ancient giant creature made a terrifying roar, and the expression was full of fear, and the blood-colored eyes were full of despair.

But at this moment, the big hand stopped, and a divine light of change something rotten into something magical bloomed in the big hand, which instantly sealed the ancient giant creature and became a jade stone.

As long as the jade stone is crushed, you can summon this ancient giant creature to fight for yourself.

This is an incomprehensible method that can be described as unpredictable and unpredictable by ordinary people.

It is simply, as if a god is making a move.

“Give it to you, it’s a gift for seeing you for so many days.” The person who shot it was naturally Ye Yu. At this time, he sealed the ancient giant creature into a jade stone and gave it to Ziyan.

This made Zi Yan’s beautiful face full of joy. She took the jade stone and felt the powerful force in it. The pretty face slightly red said: “Thank you, Ye Yu.”

“Between us, what else do you say thank you.” Ye Yu laughed, touching Zi Yan’s beautiful face, smooth and white, without the slightest flaw, Zi Yan did not resist, let Ye Yu take advantage of her.

At this time, the clansman from the Great Desolate tribe not far away, including the old man with the animal skin, all reacted.

The directions they looked towards Ye Yu and Ziyan were expressions of awe.

The two people in their eyes are like gods descending to the earth at the moment.

But at this time, Ye Yu slowly descended from the sky with a smile on his face. He looked at the people in the tribe, said with a smile: “My wife and I are lost in this wild forest. I don’t know, how many days can I stay in your tribe to rest?”

“of course can!”

The animal skin old man, including those tribe clansman, all have a simple smile on their faces.

Ye Yu’s strength is so powerful, and, just now, they inadvertently saved their entire tribe, they are naturally extremely welcome.

Even many clansman tribes took out each and everyone their tribe’s food to offer to Ye Yu and Ziyan.

In response, Ye Yu and Zi Yan looked at each other and both smiled blankly.

It seems that the people in these tribes are natural and simple, and Ye Yu originally had some caution.

But now it seems that there is no need to be so nervous.

These generations are all residents living in this Great Desolate. They are all extremely simple, without the scheming and plot against in the common world.

In the next few days, Ye Yu and Zi Yan lived in this tribe.

Ye Yu is also an understood. This tribe is called the “Thunder Beast Tribe”. His ancestors once captured a Thunder Beast King in Great Desolate, so the tribe was named the Thunder Beast tribe. It inherited the original treasure of the Thunder Beast King for generations.

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