Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1315

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After staying in the Jinglei tribe, Ye Yu learned a lot about this strange land.

It turns out that this land is really a civilized continent of Foreign Domain.

It seems that it is a Great Desolate land in the ancient period.

Each and everyone Great Influence, apart from this, is standing on the vast expanse of the vast land, and there are countless ancient and powerful Great Desolate ominous beasts and Great Desolate alien species.

Once an ominous beast of that level gets angry, I am afraid that the ten thousand li will be destroyed. There will often be some Great Influence. The previous day was extremely prosperous, but the next moment, because of the anger of a terrifying ominous beast, the Great Influence will be destroyed. It’s all possible.

The Thunder Tribe has been standing in the Great Desolate for hundreds of years. They inherited from the Great Desolate. Despite the dangers, they still stick to it because their ancestors have always existed here and originated here. Therefore, their descendants, naturally Don’t want to leave.

And Ye Yu lived in this thundering tribe, and slowly, he also began to understand the simplicity and kindness of clansman in this thundering tribe.

They have lived in the Great Desolate for generations, and naturally there is no intrigue or intrigue from the outside world.

Therefore, whether it is Ye Yu or Ziyan, those who live in this tribe are very happy.

But on the third day, an unstoppable force suddenly descended on the entire Thunder Tribe.

It was a group of black robed man, full of black energy.

“The space-time hunters of the ultimate universe?” Ye Yu expression shuddered. He didn’t expect that these space-time hunters had found this place.

However, these black robed man is not strong, Ye Yu directly beheaded them.



Accompanied by a few miserable howls, these black robed men screamed in horror that could not be resisted.

However, what makes Ye Yu expression happy is that he found a lot of good things from these black robed man.


Seven days later, before the Thunder Tribe.

Ye Yu was standing there, and Ziyan’s expression was reluctant to give up, and said: “I noticed the inheritance direction of my Bloodline, Ye Yu, we are going to leave this tribe after all.”


Ye Yu sighed softly, then grabbed it with a big hand, and killed many ominous beasts in Great Desolate, sealed them up, and gave them to the clansman of Jinglei tribe.

“Many thanks little brother Ye!”

“Many thanks little brother Ye!”

“Many thanks little brother Ye!”

The clansman of the thundering tribe all expressed sincere gratitude. Looking at Ye Yu standing in the center, the expression was full of respect.

Because Ye Yu is extremely powerful, but not at all, like other powerhouses, will only plunder and destroy. Ye Yu brings them safety and food.

In a blink of an eye, another 3 days passed.

On this day, Ye Yu and Ziyan finally came to the edge of a big river.

“The inheritance of your Bloodline induction is just under this big river?” Ye Yu looked at the beautiful lady on the side, with a question in expression.


Ziyan was nodded, with a slight movement on her beautiful face, and suddenly said: “When I get here, my feeling is stronger. My ancestors inheritance is definitely under the river.”

“Okay, but before that, I think it is necessary to get rid of some flies.” Ye Yu suddenly said, expression with a faintly discernable sarcasm.


Zi Yan’s expression was startled, and it seemed that she had discovered something. She suddenly moved towards and looked not far away, and suddenly saw that at the end of the river, a few silhouettes came slowly.

Those were three young men, all wearing the technological and civilized costumes of the Tianhe Arena.

These three people are the children of the same family as Ziyan.

They followed Ye Yu and Ziyan, and they had long been discovered by Ye Yu.

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