Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1316

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At this moment, looking at the three young men coming from the end of the river, Zi Yan’s expression changed slightly.

She recognized these 3 people.

It turned out that they were all members of their Tianhe Arena family.

“The three of you, what do you want to do?” Ziyan said suddenly with a sense of fear.

These three people are all very famous in the Tianhe Arena, and they are Seed Junior with great potential in the family.

At this moment they gathered around, naturally wanting to seize the inheritance that should belong to Ziyan.

“What do we want to do?”

A young man stepped forward, his expression sneered with a sneer, and said: “Ziyan, although you are the Eldest Young Lady of my Tianhe Arena, you have no real rights at all. You are the only one who is still thinking about it. It’s ridiculous to find what inheritance is found on this civilized land of Foreign Domain.”

When the voice fell, another young man also showed a hint of coldness in his eyes. He suddenly said: “Ziyan, tell the position where your Bloodline sensed, and I can spare your life.”

“Hehe, Ziyan, if you don’t say it, we will catch you directly, and then use some indescribable means to make you not have the will to live and be unable to ask for death.” The third young man said The voice, with a gloomy sneer, looked extremely evil.

Step on!

Step on!

Step on!

All 3 people moved towards Ziyan, they saw Ziyan side Ye Yu.

However, Ye Yu seems to be harmless to humans and animals, and simply is a kid who can’t waste anymore. Their three people simply didn’t take Ye Yu seriously.

“Zi Yan, hurry up and tell us where your Bloodline is sensing, otherwise, we will let you die!” A young man no longer bears, a kind of horrible murderous aura blooms on his body, and instantly moved towards Zi Yan, and he shrouds him. , To force a shot.


But at this time, a terrifying pressure that is 1000 times 10000 times stronger than that kind of murderous aura, instantly dissipates the murderous aura, and then disappeared.

“What? This kid turned out to be a powerhouse?”

The three men suddenly looked towards Ziyan side Ye Yu, and their expression revealed a surprised look.

They didn’t expect that this kid who has always been unknown can release this powerful imposing manner, and immediately disappeared their murderous aura.

“Who are you?” The young man stepped out, pupil light as cold as a knife, staring at Ye Yu not far away, with a terrible murderous intention surging.

“You are not qualified to know who I am.”

Ye Yu said, with an overbearing tone, and said, “Within 3 seconds, all will disappear before my eyes, otherwise, you will all die.”

“You? Boy, you are too arrogant, three of us, you also have the oil bottle of Ziyan on your side, you want to resist us too, it is ridiculous.”

“That’s right, the kid is more acquainted, so he should get out of front of us and don’t hinder our plan.”

The three young men all shouted coldly.

“Get lost!”


Accompanied by Ye Yu’s coldly shouted sound, a majestic force burst out instantly, a violent breath like a vast ocean, directly blasting the three young men into the air.




Each and everyone of them spurt a mouthful of blood suddenly, and the expression is extremely pale.


Deadly silence!

3 people looked towards Ye Yu, all of them expressed fear.

What is that power?

At that moment, they didn’t even have the slightest right to resist.

This kid, who are you in the end, has such a terrifying cultivation base!

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