Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1317

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“Get off.” Indifferent glanced at the three young men, Ye Yu said coldly.

“Yes Yes Yes!”

At this time, the three young men were already shocked by Ye Yu’s imposing manner. When they saw Ye Yu not at all killing intent, they all screamed, all immediately moved towards the distance and fled frantically.

At this time, Ye Yu was only coldly snorted about it. He pulled the purple smoke and walked straight towards the bottom of the river.

Oh la la !

The huge divine sense spread, Ye Yu suddenly sensed that under the big river, there was a small independent space hidden.

This gave his expression a hint of surprise.

It seems that Zi Yan’s induction is still very accurate, this seemingly ordinary under the river is indeed weird.

Expression With a curiosity, Ye Yu brought purple smoke straight to the bottom of the river.

“hong long”

With a big hand, Ye Yu immediately condense a spirit strength big hand, directly evaporating all the water of the big river, and in an instant he dug an underground ruin.


Under Ye Yu’s stalwart power, the Guardian Spirit formation of the underground ruins was instantly shattered by strikes, and the entire core was revealed.

In an instant, both Ye Yu and Ziyan saw it. In the center of the ancient vestige, there was a huge stone forest. In the center of the stone forest, a bronze altar was placed on it.


However, beside the altar at this time, there was an extremely huge ancient beast, which seemed to be guarding the ruins.

Originally, this ancient beast should be a test of the descendants who came here to find inheritance.

But now, feeling the breath of the ocean overflowing from Ye Yu’s body, this ancient beast immediately stared with surprise.

“What a terrifying cultivation base, is this person a great person who can not succeed?”

This ancient beast expression showed fear and suddenly said: “Senior, I don’t know, what’s the matter with you here?”


Hearing the respect in the ancient beast’s words, Zi Yan couldn’t help but glance at side Ye Yu in surprise.

It seems that this ancient beast has long known Ye Yu’s powerful cultivation base, which he cannot resist.

The thoughts got to this point, Ziyan’s beautiful eyes showed a slight movement, and said: “My Bloodline sensed the inheritance here.”

“Oh? You little girl doll, it seems that I’m the one I’ve been waiting for.” The ancient beast said, with a faintly discernable kindness.

Originally, it wanted to release its mighty majesty and put Ziyan to the test, but seeing the boy with Azure Clothes standing with Ziyan, maybe it was a Taikoo power that had lived for 10000 years, and it immediately dispelled this. thought.


And it seemed that he had sensed the breath of purple smoke. Above the altar guarded by the ancient beast, a group of divine light suddenly rushed out, immediately enveloping the entire body of purple smoke, and then inhaled it into the altar.

Ye Yu see this, not at all.

He stood quietly in the air, waiting for Ziyan to accept the inheritance.

“Lord.” At this time, the ancient beast expression came to Ye Yu’s side with a faint flattery.

“What’s the matter?” Ye Yu looked at this ancient beast, and his expression flashed with surprise.

“I don’t know where Lord comes from? Is Lord the ancient power like legendary? Lord’s hometown…” Ancient beast said, chattering, making Ye Yu’s mouth twitch slightly.

This ancient beast that guards inheritance shouldn’t be all majestic and lonely.

Why now, this ancient beast looks like a conversation.

What Ye Yu didn’t know was that his powerful cultivation base had long caused all the shit, majesty and expert demeanor in this ancient beast’s heart to disappear, and some were just to please and fear.

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