Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1318

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At this moment, feeling the favor of the ancient beast next to him, Ye Yu also ignored it.

After all, he just wanted to wait for Zi Yan to obtain that inheritance as soon as possible, and then leave.

He is in another cultivation civilization, and there are still many things that he has to go back and solve.

For half a day, Zi Yan accepted the inheritance in the altar. Ye Yu divine sense probed and found that Zi Yan’s body was undergoing a mysterious power transformation in the altar.

Suddenly, at a certain moment.

“weng! ”

The void was slightly trembled, Zi Yan’s entire body became holy and noble, as if the power in the altar transformed her from a mortal body into a noble immortal physique.

At this moment, feeling the power in the body, a hint of joy flashed through Zi Yan’s pretty face.

However, the moment she saw Ye Yu, she felt that Ye Yu’s cultivation base was even deeper and unmeasurable.

Just like, Ye Yu is like a bottomless pit, the stronger you are, the more he feels deep and unmeasurable.

This made Zi Yan’s heart secretly shocked.


Ye Yu looked at Ziyan, and the current cultivation base is probably about to reach the Immortal Monarch level, he laughed suddenly.


Ziyan nodded, said with a smile: “Thanks to Ye Yu this time.”

“It’s okay, this time I accompany you to this land. It was originally to help you win the inheritance.” Ye Yu smiled indifferently and said immediately.


At this time, the ancient beast suddenly uttered, his tone seemed to be hesitant, considering whether to say something.


Ye Yu faded out.


The ancient beast hugged cup one fist in the other hand and said, “In fact, this cultivation land is a fragment of the legendary Desolate Flood Continent.”

“Desolate Flood Continent?”

Ye Yu expression was a little surprised, he heard the name for the first time.

Next to him, Zi Yan also showed surprise with beautiful eyes. Obviously, she hadn’t heard of Desolate Flood Continent either.

The ancient beast looked at the puzzled expressions of the two people, and suddenly explained: “In the legend, there is a Desolate Flood Continent that overrides all universes, in which there is a powerful existence from each prison universe.”

“Prison the universe?”

Ye Yu eyes flashed and said: “You also know that our universe is a prison?”


ancient beast nodded, said: “I used to break through this universe prison with my master under the command of my master, but at the moment of breakthrough this prison universe, I will enter another whole New World, that is, the legendary Desolate Flood Continent, but it was suppressed by a mysterious force. The master died on the spot, and I fell asleep.”

“What? You and your master had a breakthrough in this universe?” Ye Yu expression gave a slight shock.

At the moment, he was a little shocked.

The owner of this ancient beast was able to break through this prisoner universe. One can imagine how its cultivation base should be connecting to heaven penetrating the earth, but it was still at the last juncture and was suppressed by a mysterious power.

That mysterious power, what on earth is it to prevent these powerful creatures in the prison universe from entering the Great Desolate universe.

In other words, this “stop” is just a test, but the people who are still locked can’t leave these three prisons in the universe?

10000 1000 thoughts in my mind for a moment.

Ye Yu nodded, said: “I understood, in the future, you will follow Ziyan, after all, she accepted your master’s inheritance.”

“This is inevitable.” The ancient beast suddenly nodded.

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