Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1319

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Next, Ye Yu took the purple smoke and the ancient beast across the space and returned to the Heavenly River Star system.

Despite the reluctance, Ye Yu still followed a Star River Chamber of Commerce fleet, left the Heavenly River Star department and returned to the land of the ancient Celestial Immortal world.

The Captain of the Star River Chamber of Commerce fleet seems to know Ye Yu’s horror from some sources.

He was naturally extremely excited about the existence of such a legendary primordial mighty presence on the fleet.

Because Ye Yu is here, he doesn’t even need to hire some guards from the Star River fleet, Ye Yu alone is enough to deal with all crises.

Therefore, when the Captain of the Star River Chamber of Commerce fleet has nothing to do, he comes to chat with Ye Yu, and even shares the wine and so on he has collected for many years with Ye Yu.

Although Ye Yu knew in his heart that this fleet Captain treated himself this way because of his own strength.

But the so-called not hitting the smiley face, Ye Yu is also happy, and talked a lot about the legend of the universe with the fleet Captain.

It is said that when their Star River Chamber of Commerce fleet shuttles through the vast starry sky, they often encounter some mysterious things hidden in the starry sky, such as a long Yellow Springs river suddenly flowing out of a black hole, etc. .

This day.

“Look at what it is?”

“A big tomb in the sky!”

“It’s incredible.”

The people of this Star River Chamber of Commerce fleet are all boiling.

Many people came to the battleship deck of this fleet to watch the starry sky somewhere outside.

Ye Yu also moved his expression slightly, he flashed, and he came to the deck of the fleet.

Ye Yu saw where his gaze could reach, a huge ancient tomb was slowly floating in the depths of the vast and boundless starry sky.

That’s right!

It is a huge tomb of Boss Gu!

who is it?

He had such a way to reach the sky, and buried his tomb in this form, wandering in the starry sky.

“Transfer direction, try not to get close to the tomb.” Captain of the Chamber of Commerce fleet immediately issued an order.

After all, the tomb floating in the depths of the starry sky is too shocking and too weird. No one wants to see what the tomb is.


But at this time, Ye Yu turned into a stream of light and flew directly to the tomb.

Because, Shang, the Old Demon dragon was yelling in his mind, saying that there might be a chance for the big tomb.

In this regard, many people in the Chamber of Commerce fleet are expression shocked.

Who is that kid?

He dared to be so unscrupulous and descended directly on the tomb of the starry sky.

Isn’t he afraid of death?

However, the Captain of the Chamber of Commerce fleet is shocked.

This youngster of the Primordial Power level was really messed up and went straight to the tomb.

Step on!

At this time, walking on the tomb, Ye Yu can feel that the exterior of the tomb is cast by a divine iron, and the immortal charm flows on it, which is indelible after 1000 years and 10000 years.

“Wow, good stuff, kid, take it, you can save it to explore the contents in the future.” Shang, the Old Demon dragon, naturally laughed and said in his mind.

“Yes, I can’t detect it now, let’s charge it first.”

Ye Yu smiled slightly, grabbed it with a big hand, and directly put the starry sky tomb into the storage space.

But the shocking scene caused countless people on the battleship in the starry sky not far away to almost drop their eyes.

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