Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1320

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“Oh my God, what kind of existence is this youngster?”

“Do you have this kind of operation?”

“Too terrifying, a godlike operation!”

All the people around were expressions showing deep shocks. They looked at the incredible scene in the distance, and their bodies trembled.

This is too terrifying!

This is incredible!

This is simply Divine Spirit-like means!

It seems that everyone’s shock had been expected long ago, so after Ye Yu returned to the fleet, he directly Closed Door Politely Declining Visitors.

Otherwise, his threshold may be crushed by everyone.

Three days later, the fleet finally traveled through the universe and re-arrived in the ancient Celestial Immortal world.

Before leaving, Ye Yu thanked the Captain of the fleet, and then returned to his mansion.

However, at the moment Ye Yu just came back, Linglong Princess gave the order that all Generals under her command must follow her to suppress the Demon Race in a place.

In this regard, Ye Yu thought for a while, but declined.

Because, he suddenly discovered that what he needed to do was to enter the final universe, find the white clothed beauty, and rescue him.

Therefore, Ye Yu didn’t tell anyone, he left directly from the ancient Celestial Immortal realm.

Six months later, Ye Yu returned to his Celestial Court.

He saw many old people.

The Emperor Avatar has inherited countless luck and managed the entire Celestial Court in an orderly manner.

After all, when casting the Emperor Avatar, Ye Yu simply didn’t incorporate any emotions or the like. What the Emperor Avatar had was all rationality and strategy.

After staying in Celestial Court for a while, Ye Yu set out for the ultimate universe.

The Emperor Avatar sits in the Celestial Court and strives to expand until he takes control of the entire Immortal World civilization universe.


Ten years later, Ye Yu came to Spirit Realm.

His terrifying divine sense spread out, covering almost the entire Spirit Realm land in an instant, and countless supreme powerhouses on the Spirit Realm land were all shocked.

But they don’t know what the existence of that kind of terrifying divine sense resembling the mighty divine sense is actually distributed.

In less than half a month, Ye Yu was the one who discovered some ultimate cosmic civilization.

Reincarnation God Palace, this is a terrorist force on the land of Spirit Realm.

But this day, suddenly.


A big hand that covered the sky and the sun descended from the sky, blasted down, and directly destroyed the entire reincarnation God Palace.

The huge explosion sound resounded through the sky, shaking the entire Spirit Realm earth.

Next, a silhouette wearing a black robe was grabbed by that big hand.

“Who is it? Dare to catch this seat!” The black robed sillhouette roared.

But the big hand covering the sky was too terrifying, he couldn’t resist, and was directly caught out of ten thousand li.

There, Ye Yu is standing on the top of the approximate.

He looked down at the embarrassed black robed sillhouette, indifferently said: “Tell me how to enter your ultimate universe.”

“You? How did you know that I am a person in the ultimate universe?” The black robed sillhouette expression was shocked, and there was a kind of fear in his pupils.


However, at this time, a sharp light cut through the sky and directly cut off the arm of the black robed sillhouette.


This black robed sillhouette suddenly uttered a violent howl.

“I don’t have time to talk nonsense with you and tell me that this is how you can enter the ultimate universe.” Ye Yu said indifferently, without any look of pity in his eyes.

“Boy, dare you…”


Another beam of light tore through the sky, cutting off the other arm of the black robed sillhouette.


The black robed sillhouette let out a terrible howl, and he immediately shouted: “Don’t kill me, I tell you!”

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