Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1321

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After half a month, Ye Yu took the black robed man of the ultimate universe and came to the starry sky somewhere in the fairy civilization universe.

This black robed man, Ye Yu also knows his name at this time, is called Toss, it seems to be a Great General of the unification Divine Kingdom of the ultimate universe.

However, at this time, although Ye Yu cultivation base is only at the Immortal Monarch level, its battle strength is definitely comparable to an Immortal King, or even Immortal Sovereign Level.

In the Heavenly River Star system, Ye Yu got a large amount of life source liquid, and awakened the gods and demons particles in his fleshy body by a few 1000000 million. At this time, even Ye Yu didn’t know how much his battle strength was. powerful.

Ye Yu himself estimated that his current battle strength should be able to fight an existence of about 3 Heavenly Layer.

And this comes from the so-called Great General Toss of the Ultimate Universe, which is said to be the Great General that the Ultimate Universe sent to this fairy and demons civilization universe to lurk and investigate, but in fact, it’s just a little guy that’s all.

Speaking of imagery, this kind of exploration of another universe is dirty and tiring. Simply not who wants to do it. Only the people with the lowest status will be sent to another universe.

Therefore, his cultivation base is not high, otherwise Ye Yu would not be able to capture it.

At this time, Tos’s 2 arms have been repaired by Ye Yu.

Because Ye Yu thinks this Toss is a pawn that can be used.

Maybe, I can use this Toss to break into the unification Divine Kingdom in the ultimate universe, and then plan to rescue the white clothed beauty.

And this Toss saw Ye Yu’s horror and powerful methods, and he did not dare to have any disobedience.

“Lord, in that planet, there is a cosmic battleship where I came to your fairy and demons civilization universe.” Toss took Ye Yu to a starry sky, and suddenly pointed to a planet floating in the starry sky.

Ye Yu nodded, looked towards the planet, and found that the planet is not at all, what traces of life, is a small moon white planet.

“hong long”

Ye Yu grabbed it with a big hand, a big hand of magic flame covering the starry sky, traversing out from in the sky, and suddenly smashed the moon-white planet directly in a terrifying vibration.

Oh la la !

A planet was simply crushed by Ye Yu with one hand, which made the side Toss expression reveal a faint horror.

For Ye Yu, his sense of fear at this moment is even stronger.

And at the next moment, the planet shattered, and an incomparable gigantic cosmic battleship appeared inside the exploding planet in the distance.

“who is it?!”

“Thief, dare to break the battleship habitat of my ultimate universe!”

One after another roar suddenly sounded.

Those were the soldiers on each and everyone battleship. At this time, they shot out, glaring at Ye Yu not far away.

“impudent !”

Suddenly, a coldly shouted.

It was Toss, he stepped forward immediately, looked at the soldiers of the ultimate universe on the battleship, and ranted: “This is a friend of this General, you dare to impudent too!”

“Huh? Great General?”

“The Great General is back, welcome to the Great General!”

All the soldiers on the battleship have changed their expressions, and they cup one fist in the other hand respectfully.

Just now because the starry sky was dark and deep, they did not see that beside Ye Yu, there was the Toss Great General commanding them.

At this time, all the soldiers showed shock in expression.

Who is this boy?

Why let their Toss Great General take so seriously?

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