Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1322

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However, these things are not what they are qualified to understand.

Therefore, seeing their Toss Great General treat Ye Yu so respectfully, these soldiers from the ultimate universe also show respect.

However, at this time, a coldly snorted sound suddenly sounded.

“Thos, why did you bring a person from the fairy and demons civilization to our base battleship? What is your intention?” It was a handsome young man with a tall stature, but at this time, the handsome young man looked at Ye. Yu’s eyes showed suspicion.

“This kid is a nobleman in our unification Divine Kingdom. This time he followed me to this fairy and demons civilization universe to supervise me.” Toss whispered in Ye Yu’s ear.

“It seems that you, Great General, are not worthy of the name.” Ye Yu faintly smiled.

“This, hehe.” Toss expression flashed a little embarrassingly.

“Then I will let you do the truth.”

Ye Yu suddenly made a noise and moved towards the handsome young man.

“Boy, what are you going to do?” As if sensing Ye Yu’s cold pupils, the handsome young man suddenly said.

At the end of the speech, he brought a ferocious expression with him, and said: “Also, today, I will come and see, Tos, you brought back this untouchable of the fairy and demons civilized universe, what’s so powerful?”

In the cognition of these ultimate universe nobles, except for the unification Divine Kingdom of their ultimate universe, people in other universes are lowly creatures.


Ye Yu murmured, the expression suddenly passed a trace of coldness, and said: “What are you, you are qualified to say that I am a pariah?”

“I am the nobleman of the Unification Divine Kingdom of the Ultimate Universe. When you are in front of me, you are naturally a pig-like humble thing.” The handsome young man said, his expression was aloof and remote, overlooking Ye Yu.

“Oh, really?”

The corner of Ye Yu’s mouth suddenly swept across a cold arc.


A terrifying breath burst out from Ye Yu’s body. A lance appeared in his hand, burning flames, and instantly Tearing the Void, like a black lightning, and arrived in front of the handsome young man.

“Hahaha, untouchable, I expected you to make a move a long time ago.” The handsome young man sneered, and a crystal-cast shield appeared in his hand, but when he was terrified, the lance of burning flame instantly penetrated his The crystal shield pierced his body directly.


Destruction Will, a very terrifying god and demon, suddenly bloomed in his body.

“You?! Impossible…” The handsome young man’s expression solidified, and his whole body suddenly stiffened to the ground in the endless horrified eyes.


Very quiet!

At this moment, looking at the handsome young man who was killed by one move, the soldiers of the ultimate universe, all expressions showed deep amazement.


A burst of suck in a cold breath sounds one after another.

The entire field fell into deathly silence.

“Sure enough, powerhouse is respected everywhere. Only with strength can you speak.” Ye Yu felt the one after another awe-inspiring gaze around him, and an inexplicable smile crossed his mouth.

“Okay, everyone is dead, everyone is gone, we moved towards the hometown of the ultimate universe and return.” Toss stood up and said suddenly.

Ye Yu’s killing of that handsome young man was tantamount to helping him get rid of a major problem. Toss naturally became more loyal to Ye Yu.

Ye Yu’s terrifying power was not something he could resist at all. Toss naturally knew what to do.

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