Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1323

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For the rest of the time, Ye Yu and Toss spent in battleship.

The battleship, start to return, shuttle through the barriers of the universe, and enter another ultimate universe.

At this time, Ye Yu also learned a lot of common sense about the ultimate universe from Toss.

The ultimate universe, it is said that the entire universe is covered by an unification Divine Kingdom.

However, a universe is really too big, countless densely packed galaxies, planets, starry continents, etc.

Therefore, unification Divine Kingdom, equivalent to the kind of central imperial power in the ancient age, under its command, are various enfeoffed princes and princes, etc., Three Sects 9 stream, Dragon-Tiger circling, countless forces, intertwined, forming a huge The ultimate universe.

Therefore, Toss told Ye Yu that there is no need to worry about being identified and so on by the Divine Kingdom Center.

Every year, there are various nobles to other universes to capture various slaves. The unification Divine Kingdom may seem to be very unified on the surface, but in fact it is extremely mixed, and the princes are fighting for hegemony.

“Going back to the unification Divine Kingdom this time, you help me lurking into the center of the unification Divine Kingdom, or under the influence of some nobles and princes, I want to investigate the whereabouts of a person.” Ye Yu said from birth.

“Who’s whereabouts, maybe I can help Lord refer to it.” Tos said immediately.

“A woman wearing white clothed.” Ye Yu said suddenly.

“A woman wearing white clothed?”

Toss expression was puzzled, and then said with a bitter smile: “Lord, your range is too wide. There must be countless women wearing white cloth in our unification Divine Kingdom.”

“Don’t worry about this for the time being, when the time comes, I will check it out myself. What you have to do is to let me blend into the unification Divine Kingdom without being detected or discovered by anyone.” Ye Yu said suddenly.

“Yes, Lord, please rest assured Lord, I will definitely arrange it.” Toss said immediately.

At this time, Ye Yu is not afraid of Toss betraying himself.

Because he was the one who brought him into the ultimate universe, and also helped him kill the handsome young man. Toss was already on the same boat as himself.

Apart from this, Ye Yu also discovered that the people of this unification Divine Kingdom have no sense of belonging to their own universe or Divine Kingdom at all.

This is what makes Ye Yu the happiest.

Because of this, he can mix into the unification Divine Kingdom without having to worry about doing something all day long.

As long as there is interest, Ye Yu can buy people’s hearts.

Even Ye Yu can create his own forces in the ultimate universe through various means to fight against the Imperial Family of the unification Divine Kingdom.

Weng weng!

The huge universe shuttles through the battleship unimpeded in the starry sky.

I have to say that the people in this unification Divine Kingdom, whether it is self-cultivation or technology, have all developed a Peak.

It’s like a combination of fairy civilization universe and Earth universe.

It can be seen that people in the ultimate universe naturally look down on the creatures of the other two universes.

A full six months passed.

On this day, finally, with the shaking of the universe battleship, Ye Yu and Tos finally arrived in the true ultimate universe.

Entering this more expansive and expansive universe, Ye Yu feels that Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique is faintly moving faster.

In this ultimate universe, there is more energy than any other two universes.

Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique was swallowed, it was a qualitative leap.

In this regard, Ye Yu is slightly happy.

It seems that choosing to come to the ultimate universe is correct.

Whether it is to save the white clothed beauty, or to quickly strengthen one’s own strength, there are huge benefits.

However, when their cosmic battleship first entered a starry sky harbor, they were stopped by a team wearing armor.

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