Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1324

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“Lord, these are the people from the edge guard of the Divine Kingdom.” Toss looked at the armored soldiers coming by, with a slight shock of expression, and suddenly said to side Ye Yu.


Ye Yu expression moved slightly and looked at the armored soldier who came by.

“Thos, long time no see, haven’t you been sent to the low-level universe? Why, are you back now?” The leader of this group of armored soldiers is a burly man who seems to know Thoth. At this time, he said with a ridiculous tone.

Hearing this, Tos showed a faint ugliness in his eyes, but he didn’t say much, and directly took Ye Yu moved towards the distance.


When the burly man saw that Toss ignored him, his eyes were dark and he suddenly yelled.


The burly man stretched out his hand and blasted Toss into the air, violently said: “Toss, you are only a lowly-born uncle. Don’t think you really are a Great General. You are still just a untouchable in front of me!”


When the voice fell, the burly man didn’t even look at Ye Yu who was standing beside him. He pulled out the long knife at his waist, looked towards Toss, and said, “Today, I will kill you as a pariah!”


However, before this burly man could do anything, a huge force suddenly blasted the other whole body directly.

Bang Dong!

With a burly body, fiercely fell to the ground.

“Boy, what are you doing?!”

Almost as soon as this burly man landed, the soldiers who followed this burly man shouted and looked towards Ye Yu who shot.

That’s right!

It was Ye Yu who shot just now.

At this moment, when they looked at the azure clothes boy, there was a murderous intention in their eyes.

“Kill him!” The burly man lying on the ground suddenly shouted coldly, his eyes killing intent monstrously.

“Yes, Captain!”

“Yes, Captain!”

A group of soldiers responded, they loudly roared, a powerful murderous aura burst out of their bodies, moved towards Ye Yu and killed them.

“Fuck off!”

But Ye Yu didn’t move at all, just loudly shouted.


In an instant, naked eye could see that Ye Yu’s shouting formed a mass of muffled thunder in the sky, which blew up, causing the dozens of soldiers who rushed over to be blown out and fell to the ground, wailing. more than.


The Captain who fell to the ground suddenly uttered in horror. He immediately got up and looked at Ye Yu, whose expression was indifferent in surprise, and said, “Your Excellency, who the hell is it?”

“It’s someone you can’t mess with!”

Tos also stood up abruptly from the ground, walked to Ye Yu’s side, and looked at the burly man and said, “Lord is the great power I invited from a mysterious area. You are not qualified to know Lord’s identity. “

After that, Toss immediately said to Ye Yu: “Lord, please here, I will take you to where I am.”

“Okay.” Ye Yu glanced at the burly man coldly, then nodded.

If in the past, this big man dared to threaten to kill himself, Ye Yu would have let him die long ago.

But this time, Ye Yu is secretly lurking into the ultimate universe. It’s better to keep a low profile.

Ye Yu and Tos left, and disappeared at the end in a blink of an eye.

“Captain, did we just let them go?” A soldier walked over with an expression of unwillingness.

“That youngster, not simple.”

The burly man didn’t say anything else, just shook the head and said, “We still don’t want to provoke.”

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