Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1326

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“Thos, how many years have you followed me?” Ye Yu said faintly.

“Back to Lord, it’s been ten years.” Toss also sighed for a while. He looked at the azure clothes silhouette standing in front of him. He was already that young face, and there was no change from ten years ago.

“Tomorrow, you are sure to disintegrate the Guard army inside Divine Kingdom in an instant.” Ye Yu continued to speak, no one knew what he was thinking.

“Sure, Lord, rest assured!”

Toss said with a solemn expression.

“That’s good.” Ye Yu nodded.

On the second day, noon.

Hong long long !

Along with a terrifying rumbling sound, countless residents of Divine Kingdom suddenly saw it.

A big hand covering the sky, incomparably dark, burning flames, like Divine Spirit shot, grabbing directly into the Divine Kingdom, destroying countless buildings and the Divine Kingdom defense array.

“Who is it that dare to offend my Divine Kingdom majesty?”

A loud anger suddenly sounded, resounding through the entire ultimate universe.

“it’s me!”

Ye Yu stepped into the starry sky, his whole body majestic, like an ancient god descending to the world.

His eyes were divine light for 9 days, and he suddenly looked towards the center of Divine Kingdom and said: “God, you have been in the controller seat for so long, so you should move.”

“It’s you? Great General, how dare you be so impudent!”

The expression of the God Lord was surprised, but the next moment was horribly angry, and he screamed: “Marshal of soldiers and horses, kill this kid for me!”


But the answer to the Lord was a terrifying rumbling sound.

Naked eye It can be seen that in the center of Divine Kingdom, the countless Guard troops each and everyone died in a bombardment, without any reaction at all.

At this time, a man in silver armor stepped forward. It was Toss.

He looked at the god master, said with a sneer: “The god master, your age has passed!”

“impossible !”

The divine lord was covered with 10000 1000 divine light, but at this time his expression was extremely angry.

He didn’t expect that under his nose, there was such a big problem.

“boy, die for me!”

The god master suddenly yelled and shot violently. Suddenly, a sword appeared in his hand, a sword that could tear the sun and the moon and cut 10000 objects.


But at this time, Ye Yu was just coldly smiled and suddenly said: “You don’t know anything about real power!”


An extremely terrifying aura erupted from Ye Yu. In the past ten years of fighting and looking for opportunities, Ye Yu’s cultivation base has long surpassed Immortal Monarch, Immortal King, Immortal Sovereign and Immortal Venerable, and entered the most powerful universe in the legend. Immortal Emperor!

And this god is at best Immortal Emperor level.

Can’t resist Ye Yu who owns Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique.


Ye Yu grabbed it with a big hand and directly wiped out the sword in the hand of the god master.

“Impossible? You, how could you be so strong!”

The God Lord uttered a terrified roar, but it was of no avail.


Ye Yu’s body was divine light ten thousand zhang, he stepped away suddenly, and directly reached out to penetrate the heart of the divine lord, crushed the heart, and directly killed the divine lord.

“hong long”

Almost at the moment when the God Lord was killed, the ultimate universe 10000 1000 Qi Luck, all began to move towards Ye Yu.

However, Ye Yu didn’t want to bear the causality of luck in the three universes. He opened up a space tunnel and directly instilled endless luck to the Emperor Avatar in the other universe to receive.

“Ye Yu, you are finally here.” Suddenly, a familiar and unfamiliar woman’s voice sounded in the starry sky.

“White clothed lady.”

Ye Yu turned around abruptly and saw the familiar graceful shadow, the pupil light bloomed with an amazing color.

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