Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1327

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There is no change in the white clothed beauty in my memory.

She is still so peerless grace and elegance, unpredictable and unclear.

However, everything Ye Yu did was to save the white clothed beauty.

And now he did it.

“You…” Ye Yu wanted to say something.

But the white clothed beautiful lady made a sound and interrupted his words, “I will tell you everything you want to know, but your primary goal now is to unify the entire three-sided universe and use the energy of the three-sided universe. The power of luck, breakthrough this prison.”

“it is good.”

Ye Yu did not refute the white clothed beauty. He was noded, the emperor Avatar who communicated with the fairy and demons civilization universe, summon various ancient creatures army, began to conquer the three universes.

For a whole 100 years, under Ye Yu’s orders, countless army of demons and ancient angels were dispatched one after another to completely control the Ultimate Universe, Immortal Demon Civilization Universe, and Earth Universe.

Moreover, all the top ten domain portal users of the High Realm were searched and refining by Ye Yu, namely Hell, Heaven, Nether World, Blood Realm, Celestial Demon World, God World, Buddha Realm, Tao Realm, Holy Realm and Evil Demon Realm.

The entire three-party universe is almost completely included in the unification empire established by Ye Yu.

At this time, Ye Yu also swallowed all the Emperor Avatar, and the cultivation base skyrocketed, directly surpassing the Immortal Emperor and stepping into the legendary level of the gods.

With a wave of his hand, 10000 and 1000 stars are shattered, and in the three universes, they are already invincible.

In a pavilion.

“Your current cultivation base surpasses the Immortal Emperor. It is only called the so-called gods in this three-sided universe, but on the real cultivation continent, it is just a cultivator of the Shinto 3 Heavenly Layer that has just entered the gate of cultivation. “The white clothed lady said aloud.

“Shinto 1 Heavenly Layer?”

Ye Yu murmured, and then disabled to bear asked: “Is the world outside the prison of these three universes called Desolate Flood Continent.”

“Yes, it seems that you have learned a lot of news.”

The white clothed lady was nodded, with a sigh of expression, she stretched out her bare hand, touched Ye Yu’s face, and said, “Neither did I expect that Little Brat back then has become the existence it is now.”


However, at this moment, a terrifying rumbling sound suddenly sounded in the sky.

Oh la la !

Countless people saw it. That day, there was a gap in the vault. Among them, a tall young man in an imperial robe stepped out.

“Bloodline the Destiny, finally found in this small prison space.”

The young man pupil light was indifferent, full of aloof and remote, overlooking the common people. He grabbed it with a big hand, and immediately imprisoned the white clothed beautiful woman, and then he was about to leave.


Ye Yu suddenly roared loudly, he grabbed it with a big hand, 10000 1000 Grand Dao mingled together, condense a master hand that covered the sky and sun, and immediately moved towards the young man to grab it.

“The law in the prison space? It’s ridiculous to want to stop His Highness the Crown Prince in a delusion!”

A black clothed person appeared beside the young man wearing the imperial robe. He cut out with a single sword, teaching the world, and directly slashed the countless laws.

Ye Yu’s attack, in front of him, was impossible to withstand a single blow.


Ye Yu yelled angrily. He watched the Sky-Cracking Crown Prince snatch the white clothed beauty over, and shouted violently: “When I kill Desolate Flood Continent, you will surely crack the Crown Prince’s body for 10000 pieces! “


Half a year later, somewhere in the 3rd universe, Ye Yu stood there.

Behind him, all the old people looked at him with expressions.

“I’m going to Desolate Flood Continent, I don’t know how long it will take to return. These three universes will be handed over to you.” Ye Yu said, with a calm expression, he jumped and disappeared directly into the endless Starry sky.

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