Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1328

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Intense dizziness!

It seems that a century has passed, and it seems only a quarter of an hour.

Finally, Ye Yu opened his eyes.

“Is this Desolate Flood Continent?”

Ye Yu looked at the surrounding green hills, not at all, and couldn’t help but wonder slightly.

However, at the next moment, Ye Yu expression changed abruptly.

His eyes flickered, and he fisted at a mountain not far away.


But as a result, Ye Yu found that his fist collided with the mountain, unable to break the mountain at all, but made a metal rumbling sound.

“When I was in prison in the three universes, the stars shattered with my hands, but here, I couldn’t even break a mountain, and I felt that the power of my within the body was not at all disappearing, but this The space of Desolate Flood Continent is too stable. The power of cultivation in those three cosmic prisons, even Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique, is considered to be a relatively low-level power.” Ye Yu murmured, expression with a shock And guessing.

“That’s right kid, Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique, can only help you break through the three cosmic prisons. When you enter the real Desolate Flood Continent outside here, you need to look for more advanced cultivation techniques and martial arts, and, You have reached the so-called God Realm in the three-party universe cultivation. In fact, on this Desolate Flood Continent, it is called Shinto 3 Heavenly Layer, which is not weak, but not strong.” Shang’s voice sounded in his mind.

Shang was created by the white clothed lady, he naturally inherited the memory from the white clothed lady.

“The white clothed lady was arrested by the Crown Prince. It seems that there is something precious Bloodline in the body. The Crown Prince is terrifying. I need to strengthen myself as soon as possible. Otherwise, let alone save the white clothed lady. It is a question whether it can survive this Desolate Flood Continent.” Ye Yu murmured, his eyes revealed a trace of determination.

When the words fell, he turned straight and moved towards the distance.

First of all, Ye Yu wants to find the gathering place of human race on this land.

Although it is a legendary Desolate Flood Continent, there is no human existence that is impossible.

And sure enough, just after Ye Yu crossed a green hill in front of him, he instantly saw a town, not at all different from the human gathering place in his mind.

Ye Yu expression took a look of joy, and immediately moved towards the ancient town.

Less than one hour, he had already arrived at the gate of the town.

But there, there are 2 powerful soldiers guarding.

“Shinto 1 Heavenly Layer, on this Desolate Flood Continent, it should not be too low.” Ye Yu was able to sense that the two soldiers guarding the door, power within the body were not very powerful.

However, as soon as Ye Yu was about to step into the town, two strong murderous auras rushed towards Ye Yu.

“The untouchables from the Great Desolate, can’t enter the town!”

“Leave quickly, otherwise, kill without mercy!”

The two goalkeepers were all expressing sternness and killing intent, and suddenly shouted.

“Untouchables from Great Desolate?”

Ye Yu was indifferent, and immediately moved towards the town.

“impudent !”


When the two soldiers saw Ye Yu, they didn’t even bother to pay attention to them. They held the long knives in their hands and moved towards Ye Yu and killed them.


But at this moment, an invisible energy directly formed a wall of air, blocking all the attacks of the two soldiers.

The long knives in the hands of the two soldiers slashed on the air wall, as if they were on a large mountain, and the terrifying counter-shock force made the long knives in their hands almost instantaneously.

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