Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1329

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“Invisible power?!”

“Your Excellency isn’t the vicious and cannibal Barbarian Race untouchables in Great Desolate? It’s a Shinto expert in my human race!”

2 soldiers expression big hack.

They watched carefully at this time, and suddenly saw the dirty silhouette, not Barbarian Race, but a human teenager.

Such a young Shinto expert?

The two soldiers all showed shock in expression. They looked at Ye Yu, unconsciously showing awe.

Step on!

Ye Yu ignored the horrified gazes of these two soldiers. He walked straight to the town and disappeared into the crowd in a blink of an eye.

Walking in this lively town, many people are mortals, but Ye Yu can feel that they are just mortals that’s all on Desolate Flood Continent.

If they are all sent to the world of the 3-party universe, I am afraid that each and everyone will instantly become peerless powerhouses.

Their Life Sources are extremely powerful and terrifying.

But on this land, they are just mortals, struggling in the bottom.

Ye Yu found an Inn and moved in.

It was night. In the Great Desolate outside the town, there were countless roars and roars of savage beasts, which made it difficult to sleep peacefully.


And just when Ye Yu is hazy, it is time to fall asleep.

Outside, there was a horrible rumbling sound.


Ye Yu stepped out and saw it immediately.

Under the dim sky, a thousand zhang giant dragon full of flames, soaring from the Great Desolate, is full of endless power.

“Damn, this land has 4 crises!” Ye Yu cried out “unable to bear” as he watched the burning flames of the thousand zhang giant dragon soaring from the depths of the Great Desolate.

“Gā gā gā, kid, kill this giant dragon and give the god some food to replenish his body.” Shang said with a smile in his mind.

“This blazing giant dragon is definitely more tyrannical than me. Look, there should be a powerhouse guard in this town.” Ye Yu said, staying in the Inn, not at all panicked.

Because he saw that this visually stunning giant dragon leaped from Great Desolate, and many residents in the entire town were doing what they were supposed to do. There is no sense of panic at all.

In other words, the residents in these towns have become accustomed to this scenario.

“oh la la !”

And sure enough, just as the fierce and mighty flame giant dragon came to town, a blood-colored lance instantly Tearing the Void, and directly penetrated the flame giant dragon.


With a tragic scream, the blazing giant dragon instantly fell from the sky, smashing the ancient wood in countless Great Desolate.

“What a terrifying means of killing!”

Ye Yu stood in the Inn, his heart was slightly shocked.

Sure enough, this World seems calm, but true powerhouse, every move, is capable of erupting monstrous power.


But at this time, a black shadow suddenly emerged from the Great Desolate and instantly stepped into the sky.

That is a great monster with a leading body.

At this moment, he expressed a low sneer, looked towards the depths of the town, and said: “Zhan Potian, are you still not showing up? This time it is not just me coming alone, I also have a powerful help, you I’m afraid this small town can’t be guarded! Hahaha!”

The voice fell, and a group of incomparable gigantic black shadows appeared behind the big demon.

The blood-colored eyes of the big lantern suddenly lit up from the darkness, filled with endless Ominous Fiend Qi.

“It’s the Old Demon clan in the depths of Great Desolate, that’s the Demon Race!”

In the town, some residents finally showed an expression of horror and shouted.

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