Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1330

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At the moment when the bloody eyes of the lantern appeared, an incomparable gigantic black figure suddenly appeared under the dim night sky.


The extremely terrifying Demon Race baleful qi, hiding the sky and covering the earth, suddenly covered the entire land. The residents of the town were all expressions of horror.

When they looked at the huge black shadow, they only felt that they were beginning to suffocate.

“What kind of land is this Desolate Flood Continent?” Ye Yu stood in the Inn, expression surprised.

It has only been half a day since he came to Desolate Flood Continent. It seems that he has encountered humans, demons, and demons. It is like a mix-up.

10000 1000 races, merged into one furnace, survive and fight on this ancient Desolate Flood Continent.

“War breaks the sky!”

And at this time, not far away, the dragon head human body monster stepping high in the sky made a sound again. He smiled coldly and said: “Zhan Potian, if you don’t come out again, this small town will all be destroyed. All human races will die!”

“Barbarian demon, go, slaughter this human town!” The big demon said suddenly.


After the words fell, that stalwart monster behind the big demon directly strode towards the town and roared away, full of boundless terrifying power.


Finally, a kind of terrifying wave, like a vast sea, shot out from the depths of the town.


It was a heroic and majestic middle-aged man. He was covered in blood-colored armor and held a long spear of weeping blood in his hand. At this time, his eyes contained divine light, staring at the brutal demon not far away, and suddenly shouted: “Taigu Gun-killing!”


With a roar, the middle-aged man burst into an infinite divine light. The long spear in his hand also stabbed the brute demon from the sky, and directly shook it back a few steps, blocking its offensive.

“Zhan Potian, your cultivation base seems to have grown a lot, but this time, I got a shinto-level brute from Barbarian Race High Priest. You are dead! The human town you guard, It will also be completely destroyed!” The big demon with the head of the body was surprised at first, and then said with a smile arrogantly.

The middle-aged man wearing armor and holding a long spear of weeping blood is the Protector of the human race in this town.

“Hmph, what if you brought a help this time, but a brutal demon that’s all without the slightest sense of reason, it is not enough to kill me.” Zhan Potian said solemnly.

Although his tone was tough, many people in the towns below expressed concern.

Because the big demon and the wild demon were united, there was a great possibility that they would kill the human Protector of Zhan Potian.

Then when the time comes, their entire town will fall into a crisis of destruction.




At this time, under the dim sky, three powerful creatures fought together.

Zhan Potian roared, fighting intent all over the sky, fighting with the big demon and wild demon.

The tragic murderous aura, breakthrough 9 Xiao.

But finally, he could not one against two.


At a certain moment, Zhan Potian let out a miserable cry, and his chest was crushed to pieces by the big demon, almost crushing his heart.

“Zhan Potian, hahaha, you and the human race you guard, both will turn into our blood!” The big demon with the head of the body suddenly said with a big smile.


Zhan Potian’s expression was ugly, his eyes sunk to the extreme.

“weng! ”

But at this moment, an extremely powerful aura suddenly burst into the air from somewhere in the town below.

“What? In this town, there is actually another powerhouse of the Shinto-level human race hidden!”

Sensing the breath, the big demon on the opposite side suddenly expressed surprise.

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