Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1331

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At this time, the sudden appearance of the tyrannical aura made the expression of the big demon in the sky very ugly.

He never thought that in this small human town, there was a powerhouse of Divinity Dao Realm hidden.

“Hey, there is still a powerhouse in the town I guard. I haven’t found it all the time?” At this time, Lian Zhan Potian was surprised by expression, apparently he didn’t expect this situation.


In the trembling eyes of countless people, an azure clothes silhouette slowly stepped from the town to the sky.

It is Ye Yu.

At this moment, he looked at Zhan Potian to be killed, naturally no longer hiding.

At this time, Ye Yu also discovered that on this Desolate Flood Continent, it seemed that the human race was weak, and the powerful creatures of other races were attacking the gathering place of the human race. There was no taboo at all.

If there is no powerful existence guardian in that human race gathering place, it may lose of life, and all races will become the blood food of other races.

“Little Brother, didn’t expect you to be the powerhouse of a god Dao Realm.” Zhan Potian’s injuries were not serious, and he stepped to Ye Yu’s side at this time, expressing a sense of relief.


Ye Yu nodded, looked towards the two figures on the opposite side, and said: “We should kill these two alien races first.”

“Impudent boy, even if you are God Dao Realm, I can feel your breath, it is very weak, you should have just been promoted to Shinto 1 Heavenly Layer that’s all, I can kill you by turning my hand!”

The big demon with the dragon head and human body said, he jumped and grabbed it directly with his big hand. In an instant, his palm turned into a strong dragon claw, and the sky was buzzing, and he caught Ye Yu in an instant. Before you.

“Fuck off!”

But Ye Yu gave a violent shout, he punched out, trembling in the void, and the dragon claw was directly shattered to pieces.


The big demon made a horrible howling of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering. He expressed horror and looked at Ye Yu and said: “Impossible! Impossible! The breath in you is obviously so weak, but your fleshy body is so powerful.” ,how is this possible!”

“In this world, there is nothing impossible.”

Ye Yu didn’t have any moves, and he grabbed it with a big hand, and suddenly a big hand that covered the sky fell from 9 days, full of endless terrifying pressure, and instantly covered the big demon in his palm.

“ka-cha !ka-cha !”

The extremely tyrannical pressure crushed this great demon to pieces.

“Ah! Impossible! You are not the human brat of Shinto 1 Heavenly Layer, how could you kill me!!!”

The big demon roared in pain, but it was of no avail. Under Ye Yu’s big hand, he was directly suppressed and killed.

“weng! ”

And at this time, the Great Devouring Technique burst out, and Ye Yu instantly swallowed the original power of this Great Demon.

“What a mighty original force!”

Ye Yu expression was overjoyed. He found that he had devoured the life source of this great demon, and he was able to continuously enrich and strengthen his original power within the body.

It seems that inheritance from the white clothed lady’s big swallowing technique is really extraordinary.

“very powerful!”

At this time, countless residents in the towns below all showed terrified look.

They didn’t expect that this azure clothes teenager hidden in the crowd has such terrifying strength!

“hong long”

At this time, not far away, the long spear of blood in Zhan Potian’s hand suddenly fell, finally piercing through the head of the wild demon, suppressing and killing it.

In an instant, the two Great Desolate alien races all fell.

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