Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1332

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At this moment, everyone looked at the silhouette of the young man stepping on the sky, all expressions showed boundless shock.


This azure clothes boy, so young, but has such a shocking strength.

God Dao Realm powerhouse!

This is incredible.

At this time, even Zhan Potian came on foot. He looked at Ye Yu standing there, with a shock of expression, and said: “Little Brother, I don’t know where it came from, it inherits such a terrible power.”

“I come from a remote place, and I am not so familiar with this land. I wonder if Senior can tell me?” Ye Yu said, hugging the cup one fist in the other hand.

“Little Brother just call me Old Brother, senior, it’s breaking me.” Zhan Potian said, his expression was solemn.

Obviously, he has long regarded Ye Yu as being equal to himself.

Next, Ye Yu and Zhan Potian entered the small town below and started discussing things about this strange land.

Through Zhan Potian’s description, Ye Yu also understood.

On this Desolate Flood Continent, the human race is weak and oppressed by 10000 races.

Many Monster Race, Demon Race, ancient immortal clan, etc., various bloodline creatures, all survive in this vast expanse of land.

Although the Human Race has produced many powerful existences, in the end, it is only a weaker existence among the 10000 races.

Therefore, many races have seen human races, and they are all kinds of bullying and killing.

The gathering places of the various human races are guarded by the powerhouse.

Otherwise, it may turn to ashes overnight.

And Ye Yu also learned from Zhan Potian that in the entire human race, the most powerful forces are many, but the real powerhouse controlling power of many human races is an existence called the “temple”.

In the temple, there are powerhouses among countless human races.

It is the hope of all races, and many powerhouses come out of it. Fight against 10000 clan.

The temple also has the status of Supreme.

It is equivalent to the leader of the entire human race.

On the Desolate Flood Continent, the cultivator level is also redefined.

Shendao, Shenhuo, Shenpu, Didi, Kaitian, and then can be called king, emperor, emperor, and then, legendary Demi-God, virtual god and True God.

After Ye Yu knew this, his expression was shocking.

He didn’t expect that on the Desolate Flood Continent, as the cultivator of Divinity Dao Realm, it is just a relatively low-level existence.

In the eyes of those real mortals, it is powerhouse.

Ye Yu spent the next few days in this small town.

And on the 3rd day.


Suddenly, a terrifying coercion came.

Those were three young men wearing white clothed men. They descended into this town, fought and greeted them immediately, and said respectfully: “Welcome to the temple messenger.”

“Temple messenger?”

Ye Yu also walked out and looked at the three young men in white clothed with a look of surprise.

He could feel that the powerful aura surging in these three white clothed young men absolutely surpassed him countless times.

The strength of this temple is really deep and unmeasurable, worthy of being the core temple that leads the entire human race.

“Elder has detected that there is a lower bound cultivator here to break the confinement of the universe and enter this Desolate Flood Continent. Who is that person?” A messenger said, his tone of voice was indifferent.

“It’s this Little Brother!”

With an excitement in Zhan Potian’s expression, he immediately pulled Ye Yu over and said: “You also know that the messenger, Heaven Warping Genius, like Ye Yu, who breaks the confinement of the universe, is definitely a blessing to my human race.”

“You are right, so the three of us are here to bring this human genius into the temple.” A white clothed envoy said immediately.

“Ye Yu, this trip to the temple, must seize the opportunity, you must know that the ancient techniques of cultivation of all races are in the temple.” Zhan Potian reminded Ye Yu.

“Well, I am understood.”

Ye Yu nodded, then looked towards the three white clothed messengers, and said: “Let’s go.”

“it is good.”

A white clothed messenger nodded suddenly took out a jade talisman from his sleeve and crushed it instantly.


A group of spatial vortex suddenly appeared, forming a spatial door.

Weng weng weng!

Ye Yu followed a few people among them, and his field of vision changed instantly.

Before his eyes, a great hall of ancient vicissitudes had appeared.

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