Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1333

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At this time, looking at the Boss Gu Hall in front of him, Ye Yu expression showed a hint of surprise.

He didn’t expect that these three temple messengers had such an incredible space to shuttle jade talisman.

Almost in an instant, a space channel was opened, and he was directly in front of the temple.

Weng weng!

At this time, the space behind was shaking, Ye Yu found that the spatial door behind had disappeared.

And the three temple messengers, also disappeared, seem to have gone to another place and continue to execute their orders.

Step on!

Ye Yu moved towards the temple, and suddenly saw an old man sitting there.

“Welcome newcomers from the universe of 10000 1000 prisons to my Desolate Flood Continent. You are the 30 90000 9000th human race genius imprisoned by the broken prison universe in 88 trillion years. Old man is your temple guide. If you want to survive in this Desolate Flood Continent full of infinite dangers, you need more powerful inheritance.” The old man suddenly said.

He stood up, his old eyes looked at Ye Yu and said, “If you have any questions, you can just ask.”

“What kind of land is this Desolate Flood Continent?” Ye Yu asked immediately.

“Desolate Flood Continent, vast expanse, survives 10000 1000 races, including Demon Race, Monster Race, Angel Race, Fairy Race, etc., but our human race is one of the most low-level races, always facing the crisis of being exterminated. Therefore, in the Great Ancient Era, the human race Supreme established a temple to guide the human races from various prison universes, accept the ancient inheritance, and help the human race to survive on this Desolate Flood Continent.” Old man explained.

“The human race is weak, living in a crack?” Ye Yu expression was taken aback, and then he showed a pensive expression.

“You know the truth, then follow the old man to select martial arts in the temple. This is the welfare of the outstanding human geniuses who have just ascended up. You only have 3 years, under the protection of the temple. Cultivation, after 3 years, you will be driven out of the protection of the temple, enter the extremely dangerous Foreign Domain, and face the danger of being chased and swallowed by powerhouses of all races at any time.”

The old man said, grabbing with a big hand, grabbing Ye Yu’s shoulder, and flying directly towards the center of the temple.

“You have a good foundation. It seems that in the prison universe of the lower realm, you have cultivated a very powerful cultivation technique. Yes, the deeper the foundation, the greater your potential for future explosions.”

As the old man said, two people quickly moved towards one direction and flew away.

Ye Yu only discovered at this time that the place where the old man would take him was not the great hall he saw before, but the “Holy Land” as the old man called it.

Along the way, Ye Yu saw a lot of wild jungles that only existed in ancient times.

Among them, there are countless ancient beasts fighting and biting each other, appearing barbaric and cruel.

After half a day, two people arrived at their destination.

It is a huge peak that penetrates the sky, with ten thousand zhang high, penetrating into the sky, imposing manner, grand and magnificent.

On this huge peak, there is also an ancient temple standing.

This temple should be where the real temple is.

Ye Yu and the old man stepped down, and he immediately saw that on the bluestone square outside the temple, there were many silhouettes. There were men and women, old and young, all sitting cross-legged on it, with eyes closed for cultivation.

The arrival of two people caused some cultivators to open their eyes.

But they just glanced at it slightly, and then continued the cultivation.

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