Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1334

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Soon, Ye Yu followed the old man and came to the front of the temple.

Ye Yu suddenly saw that there were two senile old men standing in front of the temple, all with white hair mopping the floor and very old.

However, when one of the old man opened his eyes, Ye Yu suddenly felt it.

Those eyes, like two dazzling ten thousand zhang celestial stars, suddenly made the entire sky burst into infinite light.

“Good horror cultivation base!”

Ye Yu was shocked.

He immediately understood that these two white haired old men were absolutely terrifying existence guarding the temple.

“Executive officer, this is the clansman with outstanding genius you are looking for?” The white haired old man opened his eyes, and his tone was unwavering.


The old man nodded with Ye Yu said: “This youngster, from a prison universe, broke the imprisonment with his own strength, and soared here.”

“I understood.”

The white haired old man grasped with a big hand, Ye Yu suddenly felt a change in the scene, he had already come to the white haired old man’s body, two old eyes that looked like stars, like a scanner, shot his whole body up and down. through.

“The foundation is really good, but if you want to survive on Desolate Flood Continent and open up territories for my human race, you need a stronger and ancient inheritance.” The white haired old man said, looking towards the one who brought Ye Yu here. The old man said: “Go back, this clansman, leave it to me.”

“Many thanks Protector.”

The old man who led Ye Yu here bowed, then moved towards the distance and stepped away.

At this time, the white haired old man looked towards Ye Yu and said: “Now, follow me.”


Ye Yu nodded, following this white haired old man, entered the temple behind.

Inside, is a small, dark, confined space, surrounded by various ancient walls, like a castle space.

However, at this time Ye Yu looked around and suddenly saw this small, dark, confined space, which is actually not small.

In the deepest part of this temple, there are countless cracks excavated, densely packed, piled up with ancient books.

These ancient books seem to be the inheritance in the temple.

“In every rift, there is a set of inheritance left by my human powerhouse. It has great power. You have 3 days to choose the inheritance that suits you best. Remember, there are only 3 days. After 3 days, , I will move it out of this temple space.” The white haired old man said, as the voice fell, he directly sat cross-legged on the ground at the door of the closed chamber, seemingly no longer caring about Ye Yu.


Ye Yu walked in.

Various inheritance gaps are stored around, and there are 1000 to 10000. If you want to complete the tour in 3 days, it is simply impossible.


The divine sense radiates, Ye Yu prepares to use his most primitive Martial Dao induction to find the most suitable cultivation technique.


Two days later, Ye Yu opened his eyes suddenly, and he sensed a kind of breath fluctuation that seemed familiar but unparalleled.

He flew away, and suddenly saw an ancient formula engraved on the deepest wall of the temple.

“The Gods and Demons Killing the World”

The 5 quaint Chinese characters, like having gone through the vicissitudes of millions and millions years, lurked in the deepest part of this temple, but it was this day that Ye Yu found them.

“The formula that Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique sensed, could it be that this “The Demon’s Devil’s Art” is the complete Legacy Cultivation Art of Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique in this real Desolate Flood Continent?” Ye Yu’s eyes lit up, and he was here immediately. Sit down facing the front of the wall and begin to comprehend the engraved ancient formula.

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