Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1336

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This movement immediately caused many cultivators on the surrounding bluestone square to open their eyes.

They looked at the young azure clothes sitting in the middle of the Spiritual Qi storm not far away, and their eyes were surprised.

This boy, so young, has such a domineering cultivation cultivation technique.

Moreover, this kind of cultivation situation is simply too scary.

Countless cultivators felt that the surrounding forces were absorbed by Ye Yu and plundered them directly. They immediately lost the energy source for cultivation.

This makes many people look angry.

They looked at the azure clothes boy and almost wanted to stop his cultivation.

Finally, the movement here attracted the attention of the two white haired old men at the entrance of the temple.

They opened their eyes one after another, and suddenly moved towards Ye Yu and looked in the direction where they were sitting cross-legged.

The two old men have terrified looks in their eyes, and they have been guarding here for nearly endless years.

But they have never seen a young cultivator who has just soared up, with such terrifying potential.

Moreover, his cultivation technique, two white haired old man guarding the temple, have never encountered.

Could it be that those taboo cultivation techniques hidden in the deepest part of the inheritance martial arts space?

However, looking at the Spiritual Qi storm intensifying on Bluestone Square, a white haired old man finally made a move. He grabbed it with a big hand and immediately suppressed the endless storm.

“what happened?”

Feeling the Spiritual Qi storm around him disappeared, Ye Yu opened his eyes suspiciously.

However, what came into his vision were countless horrified eyes on the surrounding bluestone square, and a white haired old man standing in front of him.

This white haired old man just led Ye Yu into the temple to select the protector of the inheritance.

At this moment, Ye Yu was placing doubtful eyes on the white haired old man.

Seeing Ye Yu like this, the white haired old man also knew that Ye Yu didn’t know what happened just now. He laughed and said, “Your cultivation technique is a bit weird. I’m afraid I can’t cultivation here anymore. I’ll take you to Saint The jungle outside the temple, although the environment there is a bit worse, but within 3 years, it is still in a protected area, there is no powerful alien Demon to hunt you.”

“it is good.”

Ye Yu listen to this, nodded.

“Don’t you want to resist it?” The white haired old man was surprised to see Ye Yu promised so simply.

“No need.”

Ye Yu shook the head and said: “The temple gave me the technique of cultivation, and it has guarded me for 3 years. I have nothing to resist.”

“Not bad.”

The white haired old man nodded, with a hint of relief on his old face, said: “Your cultivation technique is terrifying. If you can successfully cultivation, you may not be able to contribute to my human race in the future and become the pillar of the human race.”

The voice fell, Ye Yu nodded, straight down the mountain.

In the same place, another guardian old man silhouette of the temple flickered, looking at Ye Yu’s leaving back, and said: “This child out of the ordinary, his cultivation technique is probably the legendary forbidden cultivation technique. It’s called “Divine Art” in ancient times, and it was also called “Divine Art” in the ancient times. Every turn is a life-and-death crisis. I don’t know, this kid can survive a few rebirths.”

“This kind of taboo technique of cultivation hardly requires cultivation to Peak. As long as this kid can cultivation to 6 or even 7 turns, he can become the backbone of my human race. Before the next Great Desolate agreement is signed, he can help my human race. , Get some more rights, otherwise, those fairy demons who glare like a tiger watching his prey will cast aside all considerations for face and completely annihilate my human race.”

“Ai, I hope he can rise, the supreme powerhouses of my human race, disappearing and disappearing, falling down, the whole group is in danger.”

The Protector of the two temples sighed, and then returned to the temple to continue to guard.

At this time, Ye Yu came to a mountain forest.

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