Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1337

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Outside the temple, on a towering mountain, an azure clothes silhouette sits on it.

He closed his eyes tightly, sitting cross-legged on a strange stone with a few feet of dust on his body.

Obviously, I don’t know how many years the cultivation has been here.


And at this moment, suddenly, this azure clothes silhouette opened his eyes suddenly, two divine lights shot out from his within both eyes, burst shot 3 meters, “pu chi” and “pu chi” penetrated the hard blue stone in front of him .

And at this time, this azure clothes silhouette seemed to be aware of something. He stood up, scattered all the dust, turned and looked towards a certain direction.

call out!

In that direction, an old silhouette shot from here, a white haired old man, deep and unmeasurable.

The expression on the old man’s face was unwavering, but his tone was dignified, saying: “At the end of the three-year period, you must now leave the protection of the temple and enter the truly dangerous Great Desolate land outside. This is the human race and others. The compromise of the 3 clan, the temple cannot protect you forever.”

“I know, Senior.”

The azure clothes silhouette made a sound, the expression was no wave, and he stepped directly moved towards the distance and flew away.

This azure clothes silhouette is not someone else, it is Ye Yu who has been cultivating for 3 years on the great mountain outside the temple.

At this time, receiving a reminder from the Temple Protector, Ye Yu chose to leave directly.

In the past 3 years, Ye Yu cultivation, cultivation base has made great progress. He has now condensed the innate divine fire and stepped into the divine fire realm above the divine way.

However, Ye Yu knows that his cultivation base is absolutely nothing in the world outside the guardian of the temple.

Therefore, leaving the temple at this time, Ye Yu chose to fly at low altitude.

ten thousand zhang high In the sky, there is a huge bird wandering with a huge laugh. The golden giant eagle, the blazing dragon, etc., are all brutal and inexplicable, and on the ground below, there are continuous mountains standing and mountains. In the wilderness, there is an ancient and majestic giant beast. Wherever it passes, the ancient wood breaks and the ground shakes.

All in all, I told Ye Yu that after leaving the guardian of the temple, he might have a murderous opportunity at any time.

However, the benefits are also huge.

During these days of wandering outside, Ye Yu concentrated on the remote mountains and marshlands and found a lot of heavenly materials and earthly treasures, such as the Spirit Fruit that is divine light for 3 days, the sword intent grass that exudes the sharpness of gold, etc. Wait.

And it was the third day when Ye Yu walked on this dangerous land.

It was night, the sky was pitch black, and a crescent moon hung the sky, sprinkling silver.

In the distance, Ye Yu saw a campfire burning.


Ye Yu expression was surprised. In this dangerous Great Desolate, the best way to avoid disaster at night is to hide in the dark.

But in the distance, someone took the initiative to start a fire?

This is undoubtedly the same as courting death.

But Ye Yu walked for so long and finally met someone of his own clan. Naturally, he was unable to bear curious, and moved towards the direction where the bonfire was lit.


But just when Ye Yu stepped on, there was a sharp neighing sound, like thunder blowing in the void.


In an instant, Ye Yu felt a kind of Ominous Fiend Qi, inherited from behind.

He turned around abruptly, and suddenly saw the golden-yellow giant eagle, whose roots were made of gold and iron, cold and hard.


Ye Yu grabbed the palm of his hand and immediately condense a huge spirit strength palm, but it was crushed by the golden giant eagle with a “hong long” claw like an iron hook.

“Not good, this demon eagle is too powerful, I am not its opponent at all!” Ye Yu expression was surprised.

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