Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1338

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Ye Yu thought he had broken through the divine way, and after stepping into the realm of divine fire, at least he had the power to protect himself.

But now it seems that his current cultivation base is the lowest in this Great Desolate land.

This trifling is a golden giant eagle that does not know where it came from, but it can threaten his life.


Ye Yu moved towards the other direction, he didn’t want to cause trouble to the innocent person who raised the bonfire.


The golden giant eagle made a sharp neighing sound, like an invisible sword, piercing Ye Yu’s mind, making Ye Yu’s expression pale in an instant.

“evil creature, roll!”

Suddenly, a sound from all directions made the golden giant eagle body trembled.

But it refused to give up Ye Yu’s delicious food. The golden giant eagle neighed, and the sharp claw, as strong as an iron hook, moved towards Ye Yu again unwillingly to grab it.

“In front of me, dare to be so impudent!” The voice just now finally got angry. Next moment, Ye Yu only felt that a sword energy with a peerless edge came out of the sky, with a “pu” sound. Cut the golden giant eagle into half.

very terrifying sword energy! “

Ye Yu expression was surprised.


At the next moment, Ye Yu only felt that a powerful air-snapping force descended on his body. As the scene changed before his eyes, Ye Yu found that he had come to a clearing.

In front of him, a tall young man, wearing a black robe, full of vicissitudes of life, pupil light, breathtaking, sitting there, burning a bonfire in front of him, is barbecue.

The roasted meat is an ancient giant ape with a meaty aroma diffused around it.

“New Ascender, do you want to have a piece?” the young man said in a cold tone.

“of course.”

Ye Yu nodded, took a piece of giant ape’s meat, and took a bite. Not only was it delicious, but the Life Essence Qi filled with meat made Ye Yu full of energy and blood.

“Many new ascendants don’t eat Demon. They can’t make up their minds.” Seeing Ye Yu so direct, the young man said “unable to bear”.

“Demon eats people, and people eat Demon. If I don’t eat Demon, can I go with the most humble lives and eat the wild fruits on the tree?” Ye Yu smiled and said suddenly.

“Demon eats people, people eat Demon! Good!”

The young man’s pupil light lit up, and if Tianchen was shining, he suddenly covered Ye Yu’s head with his palm, and a huge skill was immediately instilled into Ye Yu’s body.


Ye Yu only feels that his birth defects within the body in the prison universe have all been breakthrough and repaired, and even the cultivation base has been improved.

“Thanks Senior.” Ye Yu immediately hugged cup one fist in the other hand.

“It’s okay, you brat has my appetite very much, I naturally want to give you a little benefit, hahaha.” The black robed youth man is obviously a powerhouse in the human race, and he has good fortune between his waves.

“I don’t know when Senior came to this Great Desolate land?” Ye Yu asked suddenly.

“I have soared to this Desolate Flood Continent 100 3 100,000 years ago. Although everyone can be immortality in the Desolate Flood Continent, without the guardianship of the temple, even the most powerful cultivator will have a life crisis at any time.” The black robed man said, his eyes showed a kind of vicissitudes, and he seemed to recall something.

But at this time, Ye Yu was expression horrified, and suddenly said: “What? Senior has been cultivation on the Great Desolate for 100 years before reaching this powerful realm?”

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