Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1339

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“100 to 300,000 years, in your opinion, may be very long, even a little unimaginable, but in the Great Desolate, many ancient gods, fairies, and demons, etc., are cultivation several 10,000,000 years of terrifying powerhouse. The history of my human race may not be as long as the powerhouse cultivation of those ancient races.” The black robed man said, shocking Ye Yu’s heart.

“You are just a newcomer that’s all with 3 years of cultivation. There is still a long way to go.”

black robed man shook the head, saying: “If you want to cultivate faster, don’t rush to leave the human survival area. In this human survival area, some of the Great Desolate Demon you see are just the lowest weak The Demon, such as the golden giant eagle you encountered just now, is the weakest Demon. If you step out of the Terran region and encounter the truly powerful Demon outside, it will be even more dangerous.”

“However, there are many powerful inheritance forces in my Terran region, such as the Frost God Palace in the snowy area. It is such a Great Influence. Its controller claims to be an ice god and can compete with the most powerful Demon on the Great Desolate. There is also the sword emperor and sword emperor of the Sword Domain, and the immortal 10000-year-old country standing on the Huo Province, there is a Skyfire Great Emperor, which is also the Peak powerhouse of my human race, able to counter the most powerful and terrifying Demon.

“However, although my human race has a lot of Peak powerhouses, there is no real supreme powerhouse, that is, there is no human race supreme powerhouse of the level that signed the’Great Desolate Agreement’ with many gods and demons.”

The black robed man said, sighed sharply, then stepped into the darkness.

The black robed man is very mysterious. He said so much to Ye Yu, but Ye Yu still doesn’t know who he is, where he comes from, what purpose he has, and how powerful the cultivation base is.

But Ye Yu knows all of this. When his cultivation base sets foot in Peak, everything is qualified to know.

In the middle of the night, Ye Yu stayed away from the campfire, because the heat of the campfire could definitely attract a powerful Demon.

But as expected, Ye Yu was lurking in a deep pool not far away holding his breath, and suddenly heard the roar of demonic beasts in the middle of the night, trampling and crushing the bonfire.

“I’m afraid, only a powerhouse of the level of black robed man can dare to make a barbecue in the Great Desolate at night.” Ye Yu smiled bitterly, his current cultivation base is still too weak.

Knowing that on the Great Desolate, Ye Yu had been cultivating for several 100,000 years, even several million years of powerhouse, and Ye Yu was silent for a while.

It seems that I still have a long way to go.

Otherwise, don’t talk about looking for the white clothed beauty, I am afraid that I have been buried in the belly of Demon before I can find it.

Throwing away the distracting thoughts, Ye Yu continued lurking in the deep water pool, closing his eyes and cultivation, not letting the slightest time to improve his strength.

After all, if you have a cultivation base now, you have more security.

However, just when dawn is about to break.


In the distance, there was a terrible shock.

Ye Yu was awakened. He emerged from the deep water pool and suddenly saw two figures flying from a distance.

It was a young man wearing a purple robe, his expression was urgent, he seemed to be holding a piece of aura shining in his hand, and behind him, was chasing a black robed old man.

At this time, the young man angrily roared and said: “Old Xuanmo, you really want to kill me and cut off the inheritance of the Heavenly Blade Sect created by your old friend?!”

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