Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1340

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At the moment when the purple-robed boy’s words fell, he suddenly looked towards Ye Yu’s hiding direction and said: “Brother in front, I was chased by this old thief, can brother help me down?”

Obviously, this purple-robed boy has discovered Ye Yu’s hiding place.

However, Ye Yu expresses doubts.

Although his current cultivation cultivation technique, the overbearing and tyrannical cultivation technique, has been achieved within 3 years of cultivation within the scope of the temple, it is probably incomparable to any human cultivator on the Great Desolate land.

After all, according to the Temple Protector, this Desolate Flood Continent has hundreds of thousands of years and no new soaring clansman.

In other words, even the human cultivator that soared last time, now I am afraid they all have the skill of hundreds of thousands of years.

Therefore, he should be the weakest existence in the human race, but this purple-robed boy actually wants to ask for help?

What Ye Yu didn’t know was that neither the purple-robed boy nor the black robed old man could sense his breath.

And those who can walk in the Great Desolate in the middle of the night may be extremely scary powerhouses. Therefore, the purple-robed boy and the black robed old man all think that Ye Yu is the kind of Great Expert who hides the cultivation base.

Therefore, the purple-robed boy spoke to Ye Yu for the first time and wanted Ye Yu to help him.

The black robed old man, also known as the mysterious old man, is obviously also somewhat dreaded to Ye Yu. He doesn’t know whether Ye Yu is the Great Expert that hides the cultivation base. He looked from a distance and didn’t chase him. It threatened: “Boy, if you dare to help Gu Tianlang, the old man must kill you!”

The purple-robed boy seemed to be called Gu Tianlang.

Ye Yu expression was slightly silent, what the old man Gu Tianlang and Xuanmo were doing was probably the shining thing that Gu Tianlang held in his hand.

At this time, Gu Tianlang walked towards the deep water pool where Ye Yu was located. Ye Yu only saw that the aura in his hand was a bamboo book on which the 3 characters “Eternal Life Volume” were engraved with a pen. Vigorous, grand and magnificent.

It seems that it is some kind of extremely precious secret technique.

But at this time, watching Gu Tianlang coming, there is a mysterious old man glare like a tiger watching his prey not far away, Ye Yu expression does not move, still looks indifferent.

He is pretending!

That’s right, Ye Yu knows very well that if he reveals something strange at this time, I am afraid that not only this Gu Tianlang will die, but the old Xuanmo will kill himself when he is angry.

However, at this time, Ye Yu pretended to be calm and unwavering, which really surprised the old mysterious magical man not far away.

He couldn’t see the depth of Ye Yu and could only watch from a distance.

Because, if Ye Yu is really that kind of extremely terrifying powerhouse, I am afraid that if he provokes him, he will be killed instantly.

“This Little Brother, if you can capture this Gu Tianlang, I would like to share the “Eternal Life Scroll” with Little Brother.” The old man Xuanmo said, seeming to be testing Ye Yu.

But how dangerous Ye Yu has gone. Even though his cultivation base is weak at this time, it’s just that he has just arrived at that’s all. His mood is definitely deeper than anyone else.

Therefore, at this time, I heard the voice of the old man Xuanmo, Ye Yu expression did not wave, but said indifferently: “I am not interested.”


Hearing what Ye Yu said, looking at his calm and unwavering eyes, the old man Xuanmo showed a trace of hesitation.

However, he gritted his teeth secretly, ready to test it out to see if Ye Yu is the kind of powerhouse that plays the pig to eat the tiger.

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