Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1341

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But at this moment.


Along with a strange space fluctuation, a huge and unmatched illusory shadow suddenly rose up behind Ye Yu.

That is a towering illusory shadow with a height of ten thousand zhang, and it is full of Fiendgod Aura.



Wei An!

this is one the will of the gods and demons with the mighty power.

At this time, it manifested behind Ye Yu, full of endless pressure.

“What? The will of the gods and demons? You actually refining the will of the gods and demons?!” In the distance, the old man Xuanmo’s expression changed drastically, and he cried out: “Senior is an ancient existence that participated in the battle of gods and demons before endless years. ?”

When the voice fell, the old man Xuanmo suddenly bowed, and said, “Junior was reckless just now. Please also Senior for atonement, I will go now!”

At this time, the old mysterious demon was completely frightened by Ye Yu’s sudden manifestation of the will of the gods and demons. He screamed and immediately moved towards the distance to escape.

No matter how precious the longevity scroll is, it is not as precious as one’s own life.

As soon as the old man Xuanmo left, Ye Yu suddenly sighed in relief.

The illusory shadow of the will of the gods and demons just now is just a kind of aura that’s all that is hidden in the body’s origin inspired by the Secret Art of the Gods and Demons.

To put it simply, it is the horror of the imposing manner, used to bluff, simply without any offensive.

However, Gu Tianlang couldn’t see it. He came to Ye Yu’s face immediately, showing respectful expression, saying: “Thanks Senior for helping me. I don’t know, where is Senior from? Senior, have you really experienced it? Was that the extremely tragic battle between gods and demons before endless years?”


But at this time, Ye Yu did not have Gu Tianlang’s surprise, and directly took him moved towards the distance and flew away.

“What’s wrong, Senior?”

Gu Tianlang’s expression showed a surprised look. He didn’t understand why Ye Yu hurriedly pulled him moved towards the distance and fleeing.

“I should call you Senior.” On the way away, Ye Yu expression explained with a wry smile: “Actually, I am a newcomer who has just ascended up recently. I have been guarding the temple for 3 years a few days ago. Step into the ground outside this midterm.”

“What? Are you a newcomer?” Gu Tianlang expression showed a terrified look, but he was very close to Ye Yu at this time, and he immediately sensed that Ye Yu within the body, not at all, is too powerful.

This means that Ye Yu is really a newcomer.

“Then the will of the gods and demons just now?” Gu Tianlang asked suddenly.

“My cultivation is a taboo cultivation technique. Although I have just started to comprehend a trace of superficial knowledge, it can inspire a trace of the will of the gods and demons, but not at all, any Power of Slaughter is just a simple scare that’s all. “Ye Yu explained.

“So that’s how it is, the old man Xuanmo was deceived by your imposing manner!” Gu Tianlang showed a slight surprise in expression, and immediately said: “However, I want to use the old man Xuanmo’s wily old fox. I’m sure that something is wrong soon. Let’s go!”


As Gu Tianlang said, he directly pulled Ye Yu and moved towards the distance and shot away.


But at the next moment, a long roar full of anger suddenly came from a distance, grandiose.

“Not good, the old man Xuanmo has found something wrong and has chased it back!”

Gu Tianlang’s expression changed, his expression was anxious, and he immediately pulled Ye Yu moved towards lurking in a rolling green hill below.

2 people lurked in the lair of an ancient ominous beast, concealing their life fluctuations with the breath of ominous beast.

Sure enough, at the next moment, accompanied by a strong wind hitting from a distance, the silhouette of the old man Xuanmo appeared above the sky above the green mountain, and his expression was full of surprised and angry.

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