Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1342

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Looking for this time, Gu Tianlang and Ye Yu are in the green mountains below, deep in the breath, lurking, and not revealing the slightest fluctuation of power.

“Damn boy, the old man has been deceived one day!”

Above the sky, the old Xuanmo yelled angrily, and in that voice was full of unwillingness.




He moved towards the bottom with his big hand and pressed again and again, and suddenly an incomparable gigantic black handprint rushed out of in the sky, and the moved towards crashed down.



Countless mountains collapsed and the ancient wood broke.

However, the old man Xuanmo did not find any silhouette.

“If I run into it next time, the old man will smash your corpses for 10000 pieces!” After the old man Xuanmo smashed a piece of land again, he left unwillingly.

After a long period of calm, among the ruins of the mountains below, two figures suddenly appeared.

It is Ye Yu and Gu Tianlang.

They hid in the depths of the ominous beast’s lair, so they escaped.

At this time, the two people also knew each other’s name and identity.

At this time, Ye Yu knew that this Gu Tianlang had soared 3 100,000 years ago and entered this Desolate Flood Continent. After 3 years of cultivation in the temple, he entered the outer area and dimensional space, and he was apprentice Under the command of a powerhouse.

However, it is not so much an apprenticeship as a powerful backer.

“By the way, the longevity scroll you are fighting for should be a powerful cultivation technique, but I don’t understand it. When you first ascended, you should have entered the temple and looked for your own powerful cultivation technique. Why is it necessary to compete for other cultivation techniques circulated outside?” Ye Yu said, he was really curious about this.

For example, he chose “God and Demons Destroy the World”, and the road to cultivation in the future should be to specialize in this cultivation technique.

Of course, the Divine Demon Destruction Technique is an evolutionary version of the Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique that the white clothed beauty handed over to her. It should also be very inclusive, allowing herself to integrate any martial arts and cultivation techniques.

It’s like a melting pot.

At this time, when he heard Ye Yu’s question, Gu Tianlang smiled bitterly and said: “Although each of us ascenders can choose their own cultivation technique in the temple, you also know the cultivation technique in the temple. Technique, 1000 odd and 100 strange, counted as 100000000 million. In just 3 days, there was simply no way to choose a truly powerful cultivation technique. Therefore, the powerful cultivation technique circulated outside was naturally coveted by many people.”

“so that’s how it is.”

Hearing Gu Tianlang’s explanation, Ye Yu suddenly understood. He thought about it and it was quite reasonable.

After all, when he himself entered the temple to select the cultivation technique, it only took 3 days. If it weren’t for the Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique of his cultivation, he let his original aura sense the aura of the gods and demons. Let me directly find this taboo cultivation technique, I am afraid, it is really very difficult for me to choose, what kind of cultivation technique is the most suitable for me.

After all, not everyone is as lucky as themselves. When they come up, they find the most suitable and tyrannical cultivation technique.

Next, the two people talked for a while.

Ye Yu suddenly asked: “Our human race is like a trivial ant in Desolate Flood Continent, living in the cracks of the 10000 1000 Demon race. Why don’t everyone unite and fight against the powerful Demons together, because, I heard, our human race In the territory, there are many forces, such as the Frost God Palace in the snow domain, the Sword Domain, the ancient sky and fire country in Huo Province, etc., all of which are divided and ruled?”

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