Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1343

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That’s right.

Ye Yu was puzzled by this.

Since the human race is in such a dangerous situation, these Great Influences are still fighting within the race, isn’t this consuming the human race’s heritage?

“I heard that in our human race, there is a supreme powerhouse that can contend with the most terrifying and powerful Demons. They forced the Demons to sign the’Great Desolate Agreement’ with the human race, so that the human race can struggle on whilst at death’s door and survive. Come down, these supreme powerhouses, why not come forward and interfere with those a region’s Overlord, so that they don’t kill each other anymore and consume the human heritage because of internal fighting?” Ye Yu continued to ask, knowing that the human race is in this real Great Desolate land. He was so weak, he didn’t know why, there was an inexplicable anger in his heart.

“At the first soaring, my thoughts were exactly the same as yours, but in the end, I saw countless clansman of different forces killing each other, but there was no supreme powerhouse coming out to stop, I gradually began to understand why Those supreme powerhouses don’t come out to interfere.” Gu Tianlang said, his expression was silent.

“You mean, those supreme powerhouses are aware of the fighting within these tribes, but they don’t stop them. They are acquiescing to this kind of infighting behavior.” Ye Yu eyes flashed, slowly.


Gu Tianlang glanced at Ye Yu in surprise, he didn’t expect, Ye Yu understood some of the truth so quickly, he was nodded, and slightly sighed: “Only by fighting can we create true powerhouses, those supreme powerhouses of our ethnic group. We urgently need to cultivate a true new supreme powerhouse that can stand shoulder to shoulder with them. In this way, my human race can have hope to break the danger of until now. It is like raising Gu, through the default fight. Choosing the most powerful Gu is cruel and bloody, but it is the most effective way.”

“What level is the strength of supreme powerhouse?” Ye Yu continued to ask.

“The supreme powerhouse is the existence that can fight the most powerful demons. Their realm is called the realm of’Supreme’. However, the supreme powerhouse of the realm of’Supreme’, in the long history of my human race, only There have been four of them. They overwhelmed 4 races and gained space for our human race to breathe and survive. They are the spiritual pillar of all races. Nowadays, it is difficult to exist in this kind of’Supreme’ realm. It is almost impossible. Therefore, what we call the supreme powerhouse now is not a real’Supreme’ realm, but a True God powerhouse of second only to Supreme Realm.”

“True God, Supreme?”

Ye Yu said silently, was silent for a moment, and said: “The 4 Peak Realms exist, what are they called?”

“The age is too old, and it’s so long. Now few people know their names. I only know the name of one of them. He is called Xuanyuan and he is known as the’Xuanyuan Great Emperor’.” Gu Tianlang said, his eyes turned With a piety from the heart.

The Xuanyuan Great Emperor, even though it has disappeared in the vast river of history, but its reputation resounds throughout the entire human race, and even the entire Desolate Flood Continent.

Back then, by the strength of oneself, he suppressed 10000 1000 Demon, killed the gods, punished Ancient Immortal, and killed the demon ancestors, and made great contributions to the survival of the human race. His achievements are not an exaggeration to praise 10000 ancient times.

“Xuanyuan Great Emperor!” Ye Yu expression was shocked.

“Now, where are the True God-level supreme powerhouses of my human race?” Ye Yu asked again.

“Perhaps fighting in a different-dimensional space with a powerful Demon, or lurking in the depths of my human race, suppressing a family’s luck.” Gu Tianlang smiled bitterly and said: “These are not what we need to pay attention to. Our biggest goal is continuous cultivation. Breakthrough, do our part for the survival of our human race. “

“For the human race!”

Ye Yu’s eyes brightened, but at the same time, he only felt that the pressure on his shoulders was heavier by 10000 Jun.

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