Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1344

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“Brother Ye has such ambitions, it is the fortune of my human race.” Gu Tianlang seemed to see the ambitious ambitions flashing in Ye Yu’s eyes, and his expression suddenly sighed.

“By the way, what are the plans of Brother Gu next?” Ye Yu asked immediately after throwing away some distracting thoughts in his mind.

“My Master heavenly blade old man was conspired by the mysterious old man, body dies and Dao disappears, I am going to a place where many human powerhouses hide, called Million Copper Mountains, to find an old friend of my Master heavenly blade old man, Wu Yazi. “Gu Tianlang said aloud.

When the voice fell, Gu Tianlang saw Ye Yu stay silent, and could not help but suggest: “Brother Ye is alone in the Great Desolate outside here. It is very dangerous. Why don’t you go to the Million Copper Mountains with me and take refuge in Wuyazi.”

“It’s not necessary to take refuge. I just don’t have a place to go, so I will go with Brother Gu to see the Million Copper Mountains.” Ye Yu nodded said.

Nothing in the night.

On the second day, the sun rose high, and in Great Desolate, wild beasts and alien species were rampant, and Demon raged.

However, at this time, Gu Tianlang had recovered some of the cultivation base. Under the deterrence of his breath, the ordinary Demon did not dare to approach at all. Ye Yu was naturally safe, so there was no need to worry.

For half a month, 2 talents came to a barren land from that piece of Great Desolate.

In the distance, Ye Yu looked over and suddenly found a stretch of bronze mountain range, like a giant dragon, hovering at the far end of the earth, full of the meaning of vicissitudes of life.

“This is the place where the closed-door cultivation of countless human powerhouses exist in the legend?” Ye Yu expression showed a trace of yearning.

“Yes, Million Copper Mountains, where countless powerhouses of my human race lurks, are all closed-door cultivation in them, and they are always a few thousand years, a few 1000 years, even hundreds of thousands of years.”

Gu Tianlang’s voice made Ye Yu expression surprised.

As if he knew Ye Yu was surprised, Gu Tianlang continued smiling and explained: “The human race that can ascend to this truly Great Desolate, in the universe or dimensional plane before his ascension, is the existence of peerless Heaven’s Chosen, maybe In just a few years or more than ten years, it was from the cultivation of an unknown kid to the existence of Peak in that world.”

“But all of this does not exist on the Great Desolate land. You can find that there are countless human powerhouses and cultivation for several 100,000 years before they can make significant progress.”

“However, a few 100,000 years is considered fast. The cultivation speed of our human race is actually very fast. You have to know that the powerhouses of the powerful Demon, the gods and the Ancient Immortal Clan are more than a few million years, even a few 10,000,000. years of cultivation time.”

“So, in comparison, the cultivation speed of our human race cultivator is actually extremely fast on the Great Desolate land, and this is the only advantage of our human race against other 10000 races.”

Gu Tianlang’s voice fell, Ye Yu looking thoughtful and nodded, said: “Let’s enter first.”

“it is good.”

Gu Tianlang is very familiar with the Million Copper Mountains, because he used to cultivation with his old Master heavenly blade for a period of time.

Only now, his Master was killed by the old man Xuanmo.

After a while, the two people walked to the entrance of the Million Copper Mountains.

However, there is an array covering the entire entrance, like a small world portal.

“This array was arranged by a supreme powerhouse back then. It will not at all harm our human race. However, if some Demon transformed into human form, when crossing this array, they will be horribly killed.” Gu Tian Lang suddenly explained.

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